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GMAT 770 (Q49, V46) – How to get 99th Percentile in Verbal?

Fahad started his GMAT Prep by familiarizing himself with the GMAT exam structure, after which he joined a local coaching center. Within a few days, he realized that there must be a better way to prep for the GMAT. He came across e-GMAT’s Free trial and liked how each question was explained in detail.

Compared to the other explanations I had, e-GMAT’s explanations were the best. It helped me gain clarity on the concepts.


This article highlights critical areas of improvement that helped Fahad score a 770 on the GMAT. You can even watch his video debrief below. 

00:00 How did the prep start?
2:16 Study Plan that helped Fahad reach the GMAT 770 score
4:10 e-GMAT Sentence Correction course vs. the Center Fahad had joined
5:20 How Fahad fared in the SC course?
6:10 Utilizing Scholaranium to pinpoint the weak sub-sections in verbal
6:55 How the answer explanations to the questions helped Fahad get clarity on concepts
8:22 Issues at Test Center
9:45 e-GMAT’s support
11:28 How to ensure the quality of your test center?
14:20 Business schools Fahad is planning to apply to
15:10 Fahad’s reasons for doing an MBA
19:40 Rajat’s advice on the areas of employment where Fahad should focus

Key aspects that helped Fahad strategize his GMAT Prep

Here are four key areas that helped Fahad strategize his GMAT Preparation to score a 770 on the GMAT:

  1. Following a structured Study Plan
  2. Getting clarity on concepts
  3. Using Scholaranium to analyze weaknesses
  4. Support from e-GMAT experts
GMAT 770 - Key strategies

Let’s take a look at each in detail

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Following a structured Study Plan

With e-GMAT’s personalized study planner, Fahad created a structured plan in July. He was able to put in three to four hours during weekdays and a bit less during weekends. By the end of September, he was able to take the GMAT.

Here is a brief overview of how e-GMAT’s platform allows you to create a focused study plan:

Personalized GMAT Plan
GMAT 770 Study Plan

Learn how you can also create a personalized study plan to reach your targeted GMAT score.

Getting clarity on concepts

The depth of explanations to every answer made learning easier than a local classroom course

– Fahad

Fahad: E-GMAT course helped in visualizing the concepts and understanding them clearly. There were times when I would go to the center for GMAT coaching. They would teach me some concepts, and I would come back and learn them through the E-GMAT course. Learning through e-GMAT made me understand the concepts at their core.

Fahad completed 70% of the course and spent a reasonable amount of time on the concept and application files.

Using Scholaranium to analyze weaknesses

Fahad spent a fair amount of time in Scholaranium, which allowed him to focus on his pain points.

Fahad: Scholaranium helped me to know my weak spots and where I should be focusing on to get a good return on investment.

I used the Skill data section on e-GMAT’s platform to point out my weaknesses and work on them. Here is a snapshot of how the Skill data section looks like:

e-GMAT platform - Skill data

Along with Scholaranium, the depth of solutions helped improve Fahad’s Verbal ability.

Fahad: What sets Scholaranium apart is the quality of answers and the discussions below it. Even if the answer solutions did not make sense to me in the first place, I would go through the discussion forum below. I would see my thoughts typed down by somebody else in those forums, which would have been answered already. I would not even have to make a query about it.

Support from e-GMAT’s experts

After scoring a 720 in his first attempt, Fahad wrote to e-GMAT’s team.

Fahad: Once I wrote to the e-GMAT team, they asked me to send my ESR. They analyzed where I was going wrong and what I should be focusing on. I realized that I was not focusing on my Quant section. My algebra and geometry scores were low. So, the e-GMAT team gave me a plan. It was during this time that I had a look at e-GMAT’s Quant course.  

Here are 3 Steps to help you analyze a GMAT Enhanced Score Report (ESR)

The advice that helped me the most was on the GMAT RC and SC section, which took my verbal score from 37 to 46.

Strategies like following pre-thinking and meaning-based approach helped Fahad to score the 99th percentile in Verbal.

Clear directions from e-GMAT’s team on which areas to focus on and which areas to not concentrate on helped Fahad improve his score within weeks.

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GMAT test center Experience: How to ensure the quality of it?

Fahad faced issues with the GMAT test center for his first attempt and ended up scoring a 720.

GMAT Test center experience

Fahad: The test center was a big problem because I did not know what I was getting myself into. I made the mistake of not going there personally and checking the test center. Even the questions seemed a bit different from what I was practicing the whole time. There was constant tapping on the keyboard, and people were going in and out of the test center. The outside noise and background made my whole experience worst and got me nervous too.

So how to ensure the quality of the test center?

Before you book a test center, you should go there yourself and see the quality of the center. Do check out the best center options available to you.  

– Fahad

For his second attempt, Fahad went to the UAE Academy GMAT test center. The rooms were soundproof, and it was very spacious as compared to the previous one. Learn how to select the GMAT test center.

Did you know that you can now take the GMAT at home? Check the details here.

Business schools Fahad is targeting with a 770 on the GMAT

A Q49 and V46 puts Fahad at a reliable spot for pretty much any business school. He can apply to Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, Wharton, Chicago Booth, and more with a high Quant score.

Check out the 2021 top business schools in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, and India.

GMAT 770 - Business schools Fahad is targeting

Here is a conversation between Rajat, e-GMAT’s CEO, and Fahad about which business school he should target and what employment opportunities he should focus on.

Fahad: I wanted to go into the real estate industry and was thinking of targeting Chicago Booth. However, I would require some advice on how to position my profile. While going through employment reports of top business schools, I could hardly find employers in my area of interest. Which areas of employment do you think will be available to me?

Rajat: Firstly, why don’t you tell me why you want to pursue an MBA?

Fahad: I want to join a company in my industry and learn the best practices. But the main reason I want to do an MBA is to take over my family business, which is in the construction and building material industry.

Rajat: When you think about the MBA, it is a horizontal degree. You get to learn more industry-specific traits, but one of the big things you learn when you do an MBA is leadership.

And the second thing that you learn is, how do you build your strategy? How do you make an industry structure, and how that impact profitability? You learn the core concept of a strategy and how should you invest in a long-term strategy?

Those are the things that an MBA will give you which you will not get anywhere else. We go to school to learn things that have been invented in the same way. Pursuing an MBA is like going to school to understand the business aspects so that you don’t have to reinvent them.

Take a look at our article on Why MBA in 2021 and is it even worth it?

Fahad:  I was thinking of focusing more on the strategy and operations course. Many b-schools also have programs like navigating a family business and scaling operations to take it overseas. So, those are the relevant courses that appeal to me. Also, could you give me advice on areas of employment that I need to focus on?

Rajat: You want operational knowledge, so you want to get a role in managing a ton of people, whether it is real estate or supply chain management. It is about setting up new processes where you have a high chance of failure and interacting with people.

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