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How to prepare for the GMAT exam

GMAT Preparation 2024 – How to prepare for the GMAT exam

If you are an MBA aspirant who has decided to give the GMAT exam but has no idea how to prepare for the GMAT Focus or where to begin your GMAT preparation, you have come to...
GMAT vs CAT differences

GMAT vs CAT 2024: Key differences and which one to take?

GMAT vs CAT - After the announcement of this new exam pattern of GMAT exam - GMAT Focus Edition (GFE) - the primary difference between the GMAT and CAT exams lies in their...
GMAT quant tips score Q50 Q51

Tips to score a Q50+ in the GMAT Quant Section

Among the many elements of your MBA application, the GMAT is the one that you have a great chance of acing, even if you have had no business with it so far. This is...
MBA Admissions for international students

Are the MBA admissions odds stacked against international applicants?

Is GMAT 740 the new 700? International applicants account for over 40% of all applications to top MBA programs in the United States. Yet fewer than 30% of seats in a typical...

Tech Companies that thrived during the pandemic hiring MBAs in record numbers

Coronavirus pandemic has hit businesses hard and consequently affected their hiring. According to a survey of nearly 100 business schools by industry group MBA Career...

Value of GMAT in a ‘GMAT optional’ world

Dipinty Ghosal (real name) scored a 730 on the GMAT on her second attempt. An engineer by profession, she pivoted to a career as a branding executive in a fast-growing...
How to plan gre exam date

GRE Exam Dates – How to register and available dates in 2021?

The GRE exam dates for the general test are offered year-round in most countries, except Taiwan, Mainland China, Korea, and Hong Kong, where it is being provided up to three...

GMAT 735: A 260-point improvement to 100th percentile score

Achieving a 100th percentile on the GMAT is an exceptional feat; but rising from the 21st percentile to this peak is truly a tale of unprecedented determination and...

3 Ways to Understand Maximizing and Minimizing in Hard TPA Questions

Introduction In several Hard TPA questions, we are asked to find values such that a certain entity is maximized or minimized.  The manner in which you approach such...

Three Effective Strategies for Drawing Inferences in Difficult TPA Questions

Introduction Many a times, while solving Difficult TPA questions, you reach a point where you feel that you do not sufficient information to carry forward or you feel that...

GFE 705 – 150-point improvement journey powered by Perfect Quant Score 

Introduction For many MBA hopefuls, the journey to GMAT success is fraught with challenges. Maria’s GMAT Success Story stands out as a beacon of achievement, having improved...

Using essential features of the Execution Tracker

During your execution of the study plan, you may have to use a lot of essential features to adjust your Execution tracker depending on the challenges that you might face....

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