Tech Companies that thrived during the pandemic hiring MBAs in record numbers

A 4 minute read

Coronavirus pandemic has hit businesses hard and consequently affected their hiring. According to a survey of nearly 100 business schools by industry group MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance it has been a lackluster recruiting season at business schools as nearly half reported an overall decline in opportunities for students. According to an article by

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Value of GMAT in a ‘GMAT optional’ world

A 6 minute read

Dipinty Ghosal (real name) scored a 730 on the GMAT on her second attempt. An engineer by profession, she pivoted to a career as a branding executive in a fast-growing European firm after working for Infosys. She considered her 730 score a safe bet, even an advantage since two of her four target schools (Ross,

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GMAT Study Plan

GMAT Study Plan – How to study for GMAT 760 efficiently?

A 8 minute read

Have you ever wondered as to “how to study for GMAT efficiently” or “How can I score a 760 on the GMAT?” Many students ask us for study plans to ace the GMAT. We believe that general study plans are not efficient as every student is different and hence we believe in Personalised Study Plans.

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GRE Exam Pattern 2021

GRE exam pattern, test format, and sample questions in 2021

A 10 minute read

Taking the GRE can be stressful, and the first step towards your preparation should be getting yourself familiarised with the GRE exam pattern and syllabus for 2021. There are two types of GRE – GRE General test and Subject test. GRE exam pattern – General test The GRE General Exam is offered in two formats:

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Average GMAT score for top business schools in the US and Europe

A 3 minute read

Taking the GMAT is essential to getting to a top business school. A high score is an indicator of your academic readiness and assures the business school that you can get through the rigorous MBA program. So, how much should you score on the GMAT? Well, it depends on the average GMAT score of your

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e-gmat review

e-GMAT Review: How do we stack up in 2021, and what’s in our future?

A 6 minute read

e-GMAT was founded 10 years ago – in September 2011 – by a researcher/educator duo who, in order to build the company, overcame a trifecta of challenges: unfamiliarity with content, inexperience with technology, and no external funding. Over the past decade, e-GMAT – founded using $10,000 in personal savings – has become the most successful

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Best gmat books 2021

6 Best GMAT prep books and online resources 2021

A 9 minute read

Most people believe that a typical MBA journey starts with acing the GMAT. But what if I tell you there is one step before acing the GMAT, which will impact your career trajectory for years to come. That step is choosing the right GMAT preparation resource. These resources could be GMAT books or online courses.

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