What is a STEM MBA program | Business Schools offering STEM MBA in 2021

A 5 minute read

STEM MBA programs are getting more and more popular owing to more benefit it offers to international students. No wonder business schools are jumping onto the STEM MBA bandwagon with NYU Stern and Columbia to be the latest business schools to get their full-time MBA program STEM-designated. As staying back to work in the US

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how to register for the GMAT

How to register for the GMAT in 7 steps (Explained with pictures)

A 8 minute read

Taking the GMAT is an essential part of the business school application process. The first step starts with GMAT registration. The GMAT registration process is quite simple. Just log in to and keep essential information ready and you’ll be done with the GMAT registration in less than 15 minutes. In this article, we’ll run

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What is a good GRE Score

What is a good GRE score? How to calculate it?

A 6 minute read

A good GRE score depends on the business school you are targeting. You first need to figure out the average GRE score range for your targeted Business school. Based on that, you can decide – what is a good GRE score for you? The total GRE score ranges from 260 to 340, for general test.

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GRE Exam

What is GRE? Full form, registration, cost, syllabus, eligibility, and more

A 12 minute read

The full form of GRE is Graduate Record Examinations, and Educational Testing Service (ETS) conducts it. It is accepted by many graduate and business schools worldwide and is a standardized computer-based exam with multiple-choice questions. You can either take the computer or paper-delivered testing at the GRE Exam centers. Latest Update on GRE 2021 Due

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since vs from

Since vs From – What’s the difference and how to use?

A 2 minute read

The words since and from both are used to denote the starting time of an action. Yet, these words are used in very different contexts. Use of Since The word since is used to present the starting time of an action that continues in the present till this date. For example: Simple Example 1 Mr.

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GMAT 760 in first attempt

GMAT 760 (Q51, V40) – Focused Prep powers Success on GMAT

A 6 minute read

Acing the GMAT in the first attempt is a dream come true, but it cannot be achieved without the right kind of resources. Nithya, who scored a 760 on the GMAT, spent a reasonable amount of time before she decided to buy the e-GMAT course. She took quite a few free webinars of e-GMAT on

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GMAT Verbal If Vs When

If Vs. When

A 3 minute read

In conditional statements, ‘if’ and ‘when’ can be used interchangeably – but only in certain cases.  In certain other cases, using ‘when’ instead of ‘if’ will result in an idiomatically incorrect sentence. In this post, I will explain when ‘if’ and ‘when’ can be used interchangeably and when they cannot be. When in conditional statements can

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Kellogg Vs. Booth – Which Business School is Better for MBA in 2021?

A 11 minute read

Initially, Kellogg was known for marketing and Booth for Finance. Today, Kellogg is much more than a marketing school and Booth, more than just a finance school. In fact, the majority of the recent MBA graduates from both schools got placed in consultancy function. Kellogg and Booth offer world-class facilities, academic education, and placement opportunities.

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