MBA Admissions for international students

Are the MBA admissions odds stacked against international applicants?

A 9 minute read

Is GMAT 740 the new 700? International applicants account for over 40% of all applications to top MBA programs in the United States. Yet fewer than 30% of seats in a typical incoming class are reserved for these applicants. The fierce competition among international applicants is compounded by the fact that candidates from just two

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Tech Companies that thrived during the pandemic hiring MBAs in record numbers

A 4 minute read

Coronavirus pandemic has hit businesses hard and consequently affected their hiring. According to a survey of nearly 100 business schools by industry group MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance it has been a lackluster recruiting season at business schools as nearly half reported an overall decline in opportunities for students. According to an article by

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Value of GMAT in a ‘GMAT optional’ world

A 6 minute read

Dipinty Ghosal (real name) scored a 730 on the GMAT on her second attempt. An engineer by profession, she pivoted to a career as a branding executive in a fast-growing European firm after working for Infosys. She considered her 730 score a safe bet, even an advantage since two of her four target schools (Ross,

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GMAT Success Stories – e-GMAT Reviews

A 8 minute read

GMAT preparation is not just about learning and applying concepts. It is about a constant struggle with fear of failure, anxiety, hopelessness, and all those negative emotions which creep into your mind to convince you that you cannot ace the GMAT. It is during these times that we yearn for inspiration. We tend to search

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how to get a Q51 on the GMAT

How to get a Q51 on the GMAT

A 14 minute read

Among the many elements of your MBA application, the GMAT is the one that you have a great chance of acing, even if you have had no business with it so far. This is obviously not true for most other elements, such as having good work experience or having good undergrad grades. Those elements are

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10+ Tips and Best Practices to Improve GMAT RC

A 12 minute read

How to Ace GMAT Reading Comprehension We are the best in the industry in finding out the best processes to learn and develop core skills to ace any sub-section of the GMAT. Not that we love to blow our trumpets. We present facts backed by humongous amounts of data since our inception. Our revolutionary 3-step

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GMAT RC - An overview

GMAT Reading Comprehension – A comprehensive look

A 9 minute read

GMAT RC – An overview  Mention this very special subsection – “GMAT Reading Comprehension” (RC) and watch most GMAT test takers cringe. But at e-GMAT, we transform this “cringe” to “crush.” It does not matter whether one possesses a low starting ability as did Rafaella (30th percentile) or a high starting ability as did Jim

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GMAT Critical Reasoning Overview

GMAT Critical Reasoning – An overview

A 9 minute read

“Magic (on the GMAT) cannot happen without logic (reasoning).” – Your friendly, neighbourhood e-GMAT Verbal Expert Critical Reasoning (or CR, as it is ubiquitously known) is arguably the subsection of GMAT Verbal that best exemplifies the importance of logical thinking on the test. Many of you are aware of it. Some of you love it.

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how to prepare for GMAT Verbal

How to prepare for GMAT Verbal?

A 10 minute read

So, you’ve decided to do an MBA to catapult yourself into the big league, but you’re staring at this daunting obstacle in your path: the GMAT! You have absolutely no idea as to “How to prepare for GMAT Verbal?”, “Which resources to refer to?”, “What study strategies to follow?”, or, in fact, “How to start

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Columbia Business School MBA Program - Class Profile _ Employment Reports & Salaries

Columbia Business School MBA Program 2022-All you need to know

A 7 minute read

Columbia Business School is the business school of Columbia University. Located in Manhattan in New York City, it is one of the oldest business schools (Established in 1916). It is also one of the six Ivy League business schools and one of the most selective top MBA programs. In this article, we take an in-depth

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