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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. How to start and plan your preparation
  2. Live session related queries
  3. OG practice questions related
  4. Scholaranium- How and when to use?
  5. Score Improvement Guarantee- Terms & Conditions

Study Plans – Package Courses


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Study Plans – Individual Courses

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Live Sessions Calendar

Verbal Live Prep- Oct 07 Batch
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Quant Live Prep – Oct 07 Batch
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Note: GMAT Live Prep students can attend the live sessions in any of the Verbal and Quant batches.

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Verbal Workshop

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This workshop is designed to bridge the gap between your true potential and your performance on the real test. The purpose is plain and simple – to help you put your best foot forward as you appear for the test. Those who have prepared thoroughly will find that this workshop will give them that one last push they have been looking for – whether it’s taking a leap from a V32 to a V35 or from a V38 to a V40 or from a V40 to a higher score.


What is the format of the workshop?



The workshop will start with a timed (70 minutes) mock test containing 36 questions. Each question on the test has been carefully handpicked by e-GMAT experts. As soon as you complete the quiz, you will receive a detailed score report containing detailed analytics and a recommendation plan based on your performance in the quiz. We have recently implemented an intelligent neural network, TUTOR, to help you work on an action plan targeted to get you to your target Verbal score. After the test, our experts will discuss a few score reports and highlight key pointers that you need to keep in mind to put your best foot forward on the GMAT.

How is this workshop conducted?



This workshop will be conducted using Adobe Connect – the world’s leading online classroom platform– and our quizzing tools. We will use advanced polling, annotations, personalized chat, and a host of other features to ensure that this workshop is super effective for all.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for students who have completed all concept files in SC, CR, and RC section, and have 70% or higher accuracy on difficult OG questions. Ideally your verbal score in your most recent mock test should be more than a V32 (on a scale of 60). Students, who score less than a V30 on their mock tests, may find the questions discussed in this workshop too challenging.


Click here to check the next Verbal Workshop schedule.

TUTOR Feedback Example – Student with 75 percentile

Posted On: February 8th, 2017 by Sai

Alright let’s look at one of the reports generated by TUTOR Neural network for one of our students on the Verbal Workshop. The report contains three sections:

  1. Overall feedback
  2. Sectional feedback and recommendations – one each for SC, CR, and RC
  3. Action Plan

Overall Feedback

This section highlights your score, percentile, projected score on the GMAT, time taken and feedback on your performance on the quiz.


The above student is a 76 Percentile student and is well placed to score a V35 if he writes the GMAT right away. However, TUTOR rightly predicts that there are few gaps in his understanding and indicates that he needs to look at the sectional feedback to understand how he can improve. So, let’s look at his sectional performance.


Sectional Feedback and Recommendation

We at e-GMAT believe that in order to get to your target score, there are two things that you need to ace:

  1. Sound understanding of Concepts
  2. Proper application of Process

TUTOR engine calculates the student’s ability in each of the three sections – SC, CR, and RC. The TUTOR engine runs various parameters through a neural network to identify the gaps and their respective severity to understand the factors that are limiting the individual’s scoring ability.


Sentence Correction

TUTOR identifies that this student is unable to score well in SC due to “Poor application of the 3-step process”.

Tutor makes this determination both by analysing the questions that the student answered correctly and incorrectly.


If he wants to increase his ability from 57% he needs to work on the application of the e-GMAT process. Since the student has no concept gaps, TUTOR recommends that the student only revisits the Application Quizzes (it is not necessary to revise concept files as his conceptual understanding is strong).


Critical Reasoning

TUTOR correctly points out that the student has lot of conceptual gaps and also severe process gaps in CR. The student is recommended to go through the concept files first and then solve the application quizzes to improve his performance.


If you notice carefully, the student has lower ability in SC compared to CR but the severity of gaps in CR is worse than that in SC. That’s the level of detail which TUTOR captures. It considers multiple dimensions to pin-point your weakness. TUTOR picks the gaps exactly like a private TUTOR.


Reading Comprehension

This student has 93% ability in RC section and it is very easy to overlook the gaps in such a case, but the TUTOR engine intelligently predicts the gaps in this case too. It highlights that the student has concept gaps in specific areas due to which he got some simple questions incorrect. TUTOR guides the student to revisit the relevant concept file to improve his performance further. At the same time TUTOR looks at the process followed by the student to solve questions and highlights that the student has a high variance in time spent on questions, correctly identifying process gaps.

Action Plan

Now that the student has a clear idea about how to improve in each section by following a step-by-step approach, TUTOR highlights the right sequence that the student should follow to reach his target score.

If the student follows the recommendations in the above sequence, he will be able to achieve a V39 from his current performance (V35). Such a targeted effort always helps in maximising the return from the time invested in preparation.

H-1B Visa changes – A Potential Boon for MBA Applicants

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H-1B proposed Changes – Could be a Boon for MBA Applicants

Over the last few days, a number of you have written to me about the proposed changes to the H-1B Visa reform and its impact on your ability to secure a job post your MBA in USA. Hence, we did some research, the findings of which are presented below.

Summary of findings

Since this is a pretty long article, I have added a short summary here. In essence, the proposed changes (if implemented) can be extremely beneficial for most MBA candidates because of the following reasons:

1.      Proposed changes may lead to higher chances of securing H-1B Visa: The H-1B visa program is severely abused and hence oversubscribed. Even with a sponsor, an MBA currently has a 33% chance of securing the H1B visa. The proposal in the senate intend to address the abuse and in turn drastically increase the probability of securing a Visa.  (Most Post MBA jobs offer $100K+ salaries)

2.      Minimum salary is not a must: The $130K number proposed by Zoe Lofgren is only for exempt filing process, that too for software engineers. It is completely possible to secure an H-1B visa while drawing a much lower salary by following the non-exempt process.

3.      Faster Green Card processing: A part of Zoe Lofgren’s proposal requires that Employers file for immigration paperwork for H-1B Visa holders within 3 years. Currently  very few employers do the same.

4.      Probably higher intake by B- Schools: Quota for H-1B is one of the things holding back B-schools from admitting deserving qualified applicants. As the chances of securing H-1B visa improve, schools may admit more international applicants. 

1. Background – What is H-1B Visa?

Why is it important to understand the purpose of H-1B Visa.. because it lays the foundation of the abuse of this Visa instrument as described later on in this document.

H-1B provides an instrument to US employers that allows them to hire foreign workers to bridge qualified and skilled labor gap in certain business areas. Essentially if there is a job for which suitable of sufficient local talent is not available, an employer may bring in a foreign worker to fill that gap. Technically, the only condition required is that skill gap be demonstrated and the foreign worker be paid fair wages.

 Note, H-1B Visa is not just for IT/Tech professionals. Any kind of skill shortage can be fulfilled using this instrument. In 2015, the H-1B visas were awarded to functions in 18 occupations including social sciences, arts, law etc. If fact, the first lady Melania Trump came to USA on an H-1B Visa for 6 years to work as a model.

1.1 How many H-1B visas are granted every year? (Source Wikipedia and


There are 3 categories in which Visas are granted each year. Please see the table below for the same:


Visa Cap (##)




Anyone can apply under this category, even those with Master’s degree



Applicants with master’s degree or higher

Special – non profit etc.

No cap (unlimited)

Only for work at universities, non-profit research facilities associated with universities, and government research facilities.[7]


Due to these unlimited exemptions and roll-overs, the number of H-1B visas issued each year is significantly more than the 65,000 cap, with 117,828 having been issued in FY2010, 129,552 in FY2011, and 135,991 in FY2012.[8][9]

However, MBAs are primarily concerned with the 65,000 + 20,000 = 85,000 quota. From now on, we will talk just about this quota.   

1.1      How is H-1B Visa granted?

There are two methods by which H-1B is granted.

1.1.1       Nonexempt filing

This is the “original filing” method for filing an application for H1B Visa. Under this process, you need to demonstrate that there is a shortage of a certain kind of skilled worker that the H1B hire will not directly replace a current position (within 120 days) in the parent company or any other company that the parent company has a relationship with.  The technical terms associated with this process are non-displacement, recruitment, and hiring and are explained in Appendix 1.

Employers following this route do not have minimum salary requirements i.e. they can pay any salary that is deemed reasonable for this position.

1.1.1       Exempt filing

 In 1998, a change was made that led to “Exempt filing” process. Under this process, the employer filing for H-1B visa did not have to worry about non-displacement, recruitment, and hiring as long as the H-1B worker

  • Receives $60,000 annual wages; or 
  • Has attained a master’s or higher degree (or its equivalent) in a specialty related to the intended H-1B employment. 

Note, this H-1B worker was deemed as Exempt H-1B Worker.

Here is the official statement. Read source here. Essentially if you pay someone $60K or higher, or hire someone who has a Master’s degree, you can displace American workers as long as that American Worker is not employed with the employer that is filing for H-1B. (Note this point as you read the Disney example later on)

3.0 How has the H-1B Visa been Abused?

The Exempt filing process gave employers an amazing tool to displace American workers using H-1B Visa. This is because of a major flaw with the 1998 bill. While the $60K wage requirement in the 1998 bill was consistent with the IT salaries then, this bill did not index wage requirements to keep pace with wage growth or even inflation. As a result, H1B employers got a legal method to displace higher earning American Workers by H-1B Visa holders.  The funny thing is that the $60K wage requirement in 1998 was set to protect the American workers from this scenario.

 Hence, as wages in IT sector grew, outsourcing companies found a means  to import engineers from India not to augment a skill gap but to replace already existing workforce, especially with the wage inflation in IT sector.

Non-Exempt process goes out of fashion

With passage of time the non-exempt filing process went out of fashion with IT employers because:

  1. It required more paperwork. You had to prove that local talent was not available.
  2. You had to pay the H-1B visa holder more (remember it required that employers pay competitive salaries which most H-1B employers don’t do. Read the section of abuse for more data on the same).

Essentially, very few people use the Non-Exempt H-1B process now.

3.1      What is the evidence that H-1B Visa is Abused?

 This is a very important question and there is a lot of data available that proves that H-1B visa has been severely misused/abused by a large number of companies.  There are two ways to prove the same:

  1. Anecdotal Evidence
  2. Statistical Evidence
3.1.1       Anecdotal Evidence

There are a few cases in blogosphere where entire departments in companies have been replaced by outsourced workers. In January of 2015, nearly 250 Disney IT workers were laid off, and were replaced by workers from HCL and Cognizant. HCL and Cognizant got away with it, claiming that American workers who were displaced by visa holders were not their employees. Hence, even though the judge did not entirely reject the idea that the Americans were “adversely affected” by being fired, there was little he could do legally

The article below provides another data point.

Now, I am not trying to question the ethics of the situation or whether something like this should be allowed as per the “free-market” economy. The point is that H-1B visa was not designed for this purpose and is clearly being abused by Outsourcing companies. Read the section on Statistical evidence for more details.


6 Brand New Application Files

Posted On: January 19th, 2017 by Sai

Q) My Quant is stuck somewhere.

Q) I understand the concepts but I am unable to solve questions.

Q) I am clueless about 600+ level questions.

Q) I could solve only the easy ones.

Q) I make silly mistakes.

Q) I spend too much time on some questions.


And the LIST is endless…….


If you can relate to any of these concerns, then WE ARE HERE TO HELP.


There is only ONE MEDICINE that can address these concerns:




To help you get an effective dose of this medicine,

  • We have designed 6 brand new application quizzes covering questions on Geometry, Time & Work, Distance & Speed. 
  • These quizzes contain questions that are conceptually loaded and are of moderate difficulty and can help you achieve significantly high ability level in these areas.






“Now I Know what to do”


Don’t know where you are stuck in your concepts???

These brand-new application quizzes will find it for you. These intermediate level quizzes are designed to help you achieve high scores in uber-difficult questions. So, our recommendation to you is that you strive for 100% accuracy in these quizzes. Even if you fail by a margin, you then know your plan of action – “I will revisit my concept file one more time to be 200% sure”. On the other hand, if your accuracy is 100%, it means that you are properly equipped with the conceptual and application knowledge and that you are ready to try out the advanced level questions.


NO “Monkey see. Monkey do”


These quizzes are designed to capture commonly tested concepts and common pitfalls in GMAT. These quizzes will train you and apprise you to be smart enough to identify and dodge these pitfalls while solving these questions


“I am hungry”


These quizzes aspire to fill your insatiable hunger for solving topic-driven and conceptually loaded questions. We supply you with 30 researched questions on important topics to fuel your preparation. This takes our total tally of questions to about 90 Questions on these topics:

  • Geometry: Rectangle & squares, Rectangular Solids, Circles, Coordinate Geometry
  • Word Problems: Time & Work, Distance & Speed


“Learning the Fun Way!”


  • We have added 50 mins of interactive video solutions that dissect every question and detail out great learnings and surprising takeaways.
  • These animated solutions just take the learning to a whole new level.






Excited about accessing these files and thinking how do I access them? Easy…


For Our Quizzes:

Just do this:


And for Our Video Solutions:

Although all our questions come with detailed text-based solutions, in order to access these amazing audio-visual solutions, all you need to do:

Still not sure??? Check out the following VIDEO:





Why E-GMAT cares?


What drove us to action?


What did we do?


Conclusion – ALL For YOU!

We constantly strive hard to ensure the maximum learning for our students – you – and these intermediate application files are a step in the same direction. We dream to see you apply a methodical approach with 200% conceptual clarity and we hope that these quizzes help you do the same and consequently help you reach your target GMAT score.


Launching Brand New TUTOR Engine

Posted On: January 19th, 2017 by Sai

Imagine you being sick and going to a doctor. The doctor runs several tests on you and diagnoses you with a terrible disease, but he neither prescribes any medicine nor gives you any plan for recovery, leaving you sick and confused on what to do next. Well that’s how mock tests, one of most commonly used tools, treat students. Mocks diagnose the problem, fall short on the remedy, and don’t even attempt to provide a plan for recovery. That’s when we realized that our students need TUTOR – a revolutionary product that will change the way students prepare for the GMAT. 

What is it?

TUTOR is a purpose-built Neural Network that sifts through 500+ scenarios and gives you precision insights that only a trained tutor can provide. It is an intelligent 3-dimensional neural network that looks at an array of parameters such as sectional accuracy, difficulty level, time spent, your current preparation level etc. to provide personalized insights and a customized improvement plan that is tailor-made specifically keeping your requirements in mind.

How does TUTOR work?

We at e-GMAT spent more than 500 hours to design TUTOR, making sure that it provides accurate, concise and personalized feedback. The TUTOR engine analyses your performance on a quiz and does the following steps to give you a concrete action plan.

  1. Estimates your current score 
  2. Creates Causal Linkage(s) by running multiple parameters through a neural network
  3. Identifies possible gap(s) in your preparation
  4. Defines Improvement Plan for each identified gap 
  5. Creates a custom Action plan highlighting the steps required to reach your target score 

Implementation on Verbal Workshop

We launched TUTOR recently in our Verbal Workshop. Why Verbal Workshop? The reason is simple – Verbal Workshop features questions that are handpicked by our experts to give our students a real feel of the GMAT Verbal section. The Workshop is a custom-designed quiz that tests the most important concepts from SC, CR, and RC in the right proportion and has been hailed by students time and again as one of the best quizzes to predict the student’s probable performance on the GMAT. When you add an intelligent product, TUTOR, on top of such an amazing quiz, wonderful insights regarding your preparation can be gained and implementable action plan to achieve your target score can be conceived.

A quick look at TUTOR

Let’s take you through the kind of reports TUTOR can generate for you. Watch the video below.


Student reactions

We conducted our first revamped Verbal Workshop powered by TUTOR and here’s some of the feedback that we received from our students.

  • “Depth of the report is very helpful in determining your weak areas. It pin points where you need to improve”

  • “I got a clear idea of what I should do next and I’ve already started working on my weak areas”

  • “The report is very thorough. It is clear that a lot of hard work has gone into creating so many scenarios. I’m very happy with the report. Thank you e-GMAT”

  • “I guessed a few questions while solving CR questions and the report was able to highlight them”

Sample report generated by TUTOR

Let’s look at a few reports generated by TUTOR to understand the kind of insights provided by TUTOR.



How to access TUTOR?

Currently, TUTOR is integrated with Verbal Workshop. Hence, in order to access TUTOR, you need to attend the Verbal Workshop as per your study plan. All the current students of Verbal Online, Verbal Live Prep, GMAT Online or GMAT Live Prep courses who have completed all course files of SC, CR, and RC sections can participate in this workshop.  Click here to know the pre-requisites for this workshop. Follow the batch calendar to know the date of the next Verbal Workshop.

8 Brand New Application Files

Posted On: January 12th, 2017 by

Basic concepts, core skills, and a methodical approach are the 3 things that a student needs to Ace the GMAT Quant section. To help you develop core skills and a methodical approach we have launched 8 brand new application files on Geometry, Word Problems, and Number Properties. These quizzes go beyond traditional quizzes by not only testing your conceptual knowledge but also helping you gain more confidence and clarity on solving difficult questions.

Improved Application

A good coach is someone who pre-empts and plans things well for his student, knowing exactly what needs to be taught and when. These brand new application quizzes do exactly the same. Each question not only imparts a new learning but also helps you gear up for the next question, enabling incremental learning and ensuring that you have a smooth learning experience when you go through the course.

More Practice

These quizzes contain 39 brand new questions, taking the total number of questions in the 8 topics (listed below) to 111 questions.


More Questions… More Practice… More Opportunities to learn and improve… A step closer to your target score

Improved Accuracy in Difficult Questions

Enabling our students to reach their target GMAT score is our goal and these brand new questions are specially designed to help you improve your accuracy in 700+ level GMAT questions. In the past other students have benefitted greatly from the other Application Quizzes that we created in this series. Students saw improvement ranging between 12.6% and 34.7% in terms of accuracy after attempting one of the new application quizzes.



How to access these files

Excited about accessing these files and thinking how do I access them? Easy… Just log in to e-GMAT portal and open any of these Quant courses – Number Properties, Algebra, Word Problems, or Geometry – and there you go… You have the brand new application quizzes right after the various concept files on these pages. In case you are new to e-GMAT and wish to learn how to access our courses, go through the following video:



Amazingly Interactive AV solutions


The questions in these quizzes come with amazingly interactive audio-visual solutions. We have added 25 audio-visual solutions recently. The detailed solutions help you understand each step of the solution really well, making sure that you apply your conceptual knowledge in a methodical way to arrive at the solution. The methodical approach followed in these solutions not only helps you get clarity on the given question but also equips you to solve similar questions correctly with more confidence.



Clear Takeaways

It is very important to analyze each question to take learnings, which can be used to solve other questions. Hence, we have highlighted clear takeaways at the end of each solution to ensure that you learn how to apply these concepts in the context of GMAT. Once you develop this core skill we believe nothing can stop you from achieving your target GMAT score.

How to access these amazing solutions

Although all our questions come with detailed text-based solutions, in order to access these amazing audio-visual solutions all you need to do is open the student homepage and go to the relevant quiz. The following table summarizes the quizzes where you get these amazingly interactive solutions.


Master Comprehension – Course Launch

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Meaning, Logic, and Core Skills

Meaning, Logic, Core Skills – these are the three pillars of our offering on GMAT Verbal. One common thread – comprehension – connects all of them. To help you master comprehension, we have launched a dedicated course. Without comprehending a sentence, you will not be able to distill its meaning. When this happens, you fail to connect sentences logically, and consequently, your ability to pre-think, or your knowledge of grammar rules, or your understanding of strengthening or weakening an argument GOES TO WASTE.

Master Comprehension


How to access Master Comprehension?

Join us for the launch session to learn how to access Master Comprehension.

  1. Launch Session: Sunday, Jan 15

  2. Launch Time: 7:00 am Pacific

  3. Session duration: 20 minutes

Two Hours Can make a Difference

To improve your ability to comprehend, we created “Master Comprehension”, a 2-hour course that will teach you how to read and understand long sentences. After going through this course you will:

  1. Improve your Ability because of enhanced comprehension
  2. Save Time by avoiding re-reading
  3. Be able to apply Core Skills that you will learn in the core SC, CR, RC courses.


To help you improve comprehension.. we will start with the shortest .. simplest .. most basic sentence.. a -2word sentence with just a subject and averb..Then ..we build on it, extend it, add modifiers, clauses, phrases, prepositions … and make it a 30word sentence … the KIND OF SENTENCE you are scared of.. the kind that confuses you.. the kind that makes you read and re-read a sentence.. again and again..

How to read a 30-Word Sentence?

Our goal throughout this journey is not to teach you clauses, phrases, prepositions etc… our goal is to teach you how to read this 30word sentence so that you comprehend it in JUST ONE READ. When you do that … you SAVE -TIME.. YOU IMPROVE YOUR ABILITY…. AND YOU SCORE MORE THAN 90 PERCENTILE ON GMAT VERBAL…

Read a sentence only once!


What you will learn in this course is “Pause Points” or Strategic Pausing. Strategic Pausing refers to key junctures where you should pause while reading a long sentence …..and infer. In addition to learning where to PAUSE.. you will learn assimilation .. that is ….combining inferences to get to a larger meaning READING IN A MANNER SO AS TO AVOID RE-READING..

Once you master this skill.. the next time you see a 30word sentence.. you will also see FIVE segments that you need to read and comprehend. You will know exactly where these 5 segments are… and how to comprehend them…-

Avoid re-reading

Not Teaching a concept.. but trying to inculcate a habit

New Habits

People say.. that to score 90 percentile on GMAT Verbal you need to be a Voracious Reader.. and to be a voracious reader.. you need to read Ten Thousand Pages…  In this course we are offering an alternative.. Strategic Pausing .. Strategic Pausing is not a concept.. it is a habit.. and Mastering a habit needs conscious effort..


Finish this course in a couple of days and put in 10 good hours mastering this habit.. and I promise you that it will help save countless hours of prep time.. and will help you excel on GMAT Verbal…

With that, lets take the next step and learn…. How to Master Comprehension…..


Posted On: December 31st, 2016 by administrator

Launch Presentation

Welcome to e-GMAT!

Posted On: December 23rd, 2016 by archit



All the information that you need to begin your preparation is given below. So, please go through this blog very carefully.


1. Access the “Getting Started” page.


2. Scroll to the section “Study Plans

  • Download the study plan pertinent to you

3. Scroll to the section “Session Recordings”

  • View the recording of the session “Define your GMAT Strategy Session 1″

4. Fill in your GMAT Test Date in the form here.


5. Access the “Help Videos” page to learn various “How To


The key to your success is careful planning of your study course and flawless execution of the same.


We look forward to your success story!


Payal Tandon


Official close of business for the new year

Posted On: December 21st, 2016 by archit

Our offices shall be closed from Dec 25 to Jan 01


The festive season is here! I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from the entire e-GMAT team.


2016 has been a very successful year for us and we hope for you as well. As 2016 draws to a close, our team will be taking some time off to plan for 2017. Hence, our offices shall remain closed from 25th Dec 2016 to Jan 1st 2017.


What does this mean?


Most of the things remain the same for you. Here is a list of things that change:


1. There will be no Live Sessions during the period Dec 25th, 2016 to Jan 01st, 2017. (evident from the Live Sessions calendar)
2. There will be very limited support to subject matter queries in forums from the experts.
3. There will be very limited support to other queries of students (only critical – Technology related – issues will be taken up)
4. No courses will expire between Dec 22 and Jan 8. If your course expiration date falls within this period, your course access automatically gets extended to Jan 9.


Does this affect you?


Well, it’s a Yes or No, depending on how you follow the content provided by us.


We understand that you may want to continue your GMAT preparation during this holiday season. So to minimize any issues you might face, we suggest that you follow the below best practices during this period to account for the limited support:


1. Queries not related to Subject Matter

a. Before mailing a query to us, please check if the related information is already provided to you via emails, help videos etc.- 99% of the queries we get are resolved through them.

b. Search for the welcome emails we sent you (when you purchased the course) and carefully go through them. (The contents of the welcome email can also be viewed from this link.)



2. Queries related to Subject Matter:

a. Before posting a query in the forums, please make sure to do a thorough search for similar queries already addressed in the forums. We have addressed 18,000+ queries in less than 3 years and there is very high probability that your doubt or a similar one is already addressed.

b. In order to make sure that the limited support during this period does not affect your preparation, it is highly recommended that you go through the best practices detailed out here.


3. Live Sessions:

As indicated by the Live Sessions calendar, there are no live sessions scheduled during the 25th Dec to 1st Jan. Live Sessions shall resume from January 07, 2017. You can check the updated calendar here.


Happy holidays and good luck with your GMAT preparation!