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Chicago Booth MBA – Class 2025 Profile and Employment Report 2023

Chicago Booth MBA – Class 2025 Profile and Employment Report 2023
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Creating impact through bold ideas is The University of Chicago Booth School of Business core value. Also known as Chicago Booth, this business school follows a simple philosophy – turn ideas into meaningful action. The focus of Chicago Booth is creating ‘impact’ through groundbreaking ideas and boldness in action. If you are someone who is driven by curiosity, analytical thinking, and collaboration, and are action-oriented, then Chicago Booth MBA would be a perfect fit for you. In this article, we have discussed all the important information on the University of  Chicago Booth School of Business.

Take a quick glimpse of the MBA Class Profile 2025. Click on the slider to view the next screen.

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Chicago Booth MBA program

Chicago Booth School of Business – General information

Duration 21 months
Dean Madhav Rajan
Average GMAT Score 728 (GMAT Focus Edition – 675)
Class size 637
Average GRE score 320
Tuition Cost (per year/Single student) (2023-2024)$84,198
Admissions OfficeThe University of Chicago
Booth School of Business
5807 South Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637
Telephone: 773.702.7369
Fax: 773.702.9085
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, YouTube

Chicago Booth MBA – Trivia

chicago booth mba nobel prize winners
  • Founded in 1898, the University of Chicago – Booth School of Business is the second-oldest business school in the world.
  • The business school is named after David Booth, who donated an amount of $300 million in 2008. Before 2008 the school was called The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.
  • The School offered its first MBA in 1935.
  • Nine Chicago Booth faculty members have been awarded the Nobel prize in Economic Sciences.
  • It is the only US business school with permanent campuses on three continents viz. North America (Chicago), Europe (London), and Asia (Hong Kong).
  • Chicago Booth started the first PhD. Program in business in 1920, first Executive MBA program in 1943, and first weekend MBA program in 1986.

Chicago Booth MBA Application deadline 2024 – 2025

RoundApplication DeadlineDecisions
Round OneSeptember 19, 2024December 5, 2024
Round TwoJanuary 07, 2025March 27, 2025
Round ThreeApril 03, 2025May 22, 2025
Chicago Booth Scholars April 29, 2025July 1 , 2025

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Chicago Booth MBA Class Profile 2025

Here are the detailed statistics on the Chicago Booth MBA Class of 2025:

Applications received4,184
Average GMAT Score728 (GMAT Focus Edition – 675)
GMAT Score Range600 – 780
Undergraduate GPA 2.4 – 4.0
Average Work Experience 5 years
Average age 28
Tuition Cost (per year/Single student)$84,198
Median Base Salary$175,000
% of women in the class40%
% of international citizens37%
Countries represented57
5-Year Trend for Chicago Booth MBA Class Profile
S.NoChicago Booth School of Business20202021202220232024
1Avg GMAT731730724732729
2Avg GPA3.
3Class Size591593621620621
4Work Experience (Average)5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years
5Tuition Cost (per year/Single student)$74,919  $74,919  $77,841  $77,841  $77,841  
6% of students reported job received after 90 days92.897.7% 
7Median Base Salary$150,000$155,000  
8Median Signing Bonus$30,000$35,000  

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Pre-MBA industry of the incoming class of 2025

Consulting and Financial services are the dominant pre-MBA industry of the incoming class of 2025.

Consumer Products3%
Financial Services19%
Private Equity/Venture Capital7%

Chicago Booth MBA Employment Report 2021

Employment by Industry

Consulting and Financial Services hired the most number of Chicago Booth graduates. The highest median salary of $165,000 was offered by Consulting. The detailed employment numbers are in the table below:

IndustryPercent of HiresMedian SalaryMedian Sign-On
Arts/Media/Entertainment0.90%Insufficient data(1)Insufficient data(1)
Consumer Products4.40%$1,20,000$35,000
Education0.90%Insufficient data(1)Insufficient data(1)
Environment/Natural Resources0.20%Insufficient data(1)Insufficient data(1)
Financial Services27.00%$1,60,000$50,000
Government - International0.20%Insufficient data(1)Insufficient data(1)
Hospitality0.20%Insufficient data(1)Insufficient data(1)
Law0.40%Insufficient data(1)Insufficient data(1)
Manufacturing/Chemicals0.90%Insufficient data(1)Insufficient data(1)
Real Estate1.50%$1,25,000Insufficient data(1)
Retail0.70%$1,37,500Insufficient data(1)
Transportation Services/Equipment1.00%$1,32,500Insufficient data(1)

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Employment by Function

Consulting and Investment banking are the two functions that attracted 2021 Chicago Booth graduates:

FunctionPercent of HiresMedian SalaryMedian Sign-On
Analytics/Data Science(3)0.40%NANA
Business Development(3)2.80%$1,17,500NA
Corporate Strategy/Strategic Planning (3)6.50%$1,39,000$25,000
General Management(3)4.60%$1,30,000Insufficient data(1)
Information Technology(3)0.90%NANA
Operations - Production/Supply Chain Mgmt/Logistics2.40%$1,30,000$40,000
Product Management (Tech)(3)7.40%$1,44,000NA
Project Management1.50%$1,30,000NA

Employment by location

92.20% of the 2021 class found employment in the United States followed by Latin America and Europe. 27.2% of the class found employment in the Chicago area itself. Here are the details of location-wise employment:

FunctionPercent of HiresNumber of HiresMedian Salary
United States92.20%423$1,58,000
Latin America and the Caribbean2.60%12$1,10,000
The Middle East and North Africa0.40%2NA

Major Employers

Since the consulting industry was the biggest employer of Chicago Booth's MBA graduating class of 2021, major employers include the MBB (i.e. McKinsey, Bain, and BCG). Tech corporations such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Finance organizations such as JPMorgan Chase, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs Group are the other major employers of Chicago Booth graduates.

Major Employers Percent of Hires
Companies that hired four or more graduates 54.10%
McKinsey & Company, Inc.10.00%
Boston Consulting Group7.80%, Inc.7.40%
Bain & Company, Inc.3.90%
Credit Suisse 2.20%
Bank of America Corporation1.70%
Goldman Sachs Group Inc.1.70%
JPMorgan Chase & Co.1.70%
PwC Strategy&1.70%
Deloitte Consulting1.50%
Morgan Stanley1.30%
Pepsico, Inc.1.30%
Citigroup, Inc.1.10%
ServiceNow, Inc.1.10%
Wayfair LLC1.10%
Adobe, Inc.0.90%
Keystone Strategy, Inc.0.90%
The Kraft Heinz Company0.90%
Companies that Hired Two or More Graduates (24 Companies)11.80%
Companies that Hired One Graduate34%

Chicago Booth MBA Notable Alumni

Chicago Booth boasts an alumni base of more than 53,000 across 90+ countries. Here is a list of some of the notable alumni of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business:

chicago booth mba alumni
  • James O. McKinsey, founder of McKinsey & Company
  • David G. Booth, co-founder, and CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors
  • Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft
  • Dhiraj Rajaram, founder, and CEO of Mu-Sigma
  • Jon Winkelried, former co-president of Goldman Sachs
  • Eric Gleacher, the founder chairman of Gleacher & Co.
  • Susan Wagner, co-founder and former COO of Blackrock, board member of Apple Inc.
  • Jaithirth Rao, founder and former CEO of the software company MphasiS
  • Peter G. Peterson, founder, and chairman of The Blackstone Group
  • Eric Kriss, co-founder of Bain Capital
  • Eugene Fama, "Father of the efficient-market hypothesis", Nobel Laureate in Economics.
  • Bart Becht, former CEO of Reckitt Benckiser
  • Mary Tolan – Co-founder and Co-Managing Partner of Chicago Pacific Founders
  • Debra Crew, President, and COO of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
  • Patrick Doyle, CEO of Domino's Pizza
  • John R. Opel, former chairman and CEO of IBM
  • David Wells, former CFO of Netflix
  • Farhan Siddiqi, Global Chief Digital Officer of McDonald's

Other MBA programs you should consider

The following are some other schools that are a close match to Chicago Booth in terms of GMAT and GPA, age, and work experience. We have listed the programs by stretch, match, and safety. Note that these options are presented on the basis of the schools’ brand image and ranking status as a general yardstick.

Stretch Schools: HarvardStanford
Match Schools: Wharton, ColumbiaNorthwestern’s Kellogg, MIT SloanDartmouth Tuck
Safety Schools: Berkeley Haas, Duke Fuqua, Virginia Darden

Are you planning to enroll in the Chicago Booth MBA program? Let us help you conquer the first step of the process i.e., taking the GMAT. Take a free GMAT mock to understand your baseline score and start your GMAT prep with our free trial. We are the most reviewed online GMAT Prep company with 2700+ reviews on GMAT Club.

FAQs - Chicago Booth MBA Program

How long is MBA in Chicago Booth?

Chicago Booth MBA offers 24 months, full-time MBA program.

What GPA do I need for Chicago Booth MBA?

The average GPA range for the incoming class of 2025 is 2.7 – 4.0.

How much is an MBA at Chicago Booth?

For the incoming Chicago Booth MBA batch 2022-2023, the MBA tuition fee is $77,841. However, there are other costs such as accommodation and the cost of living that you incur. Know if an MBA is worth it in 2023.

What GMAT score do I need for Booth MBA?

You need at least a 700+ GMAT scores for top business schools like Kellogg. The average GMAT score for the Chicago Booth MBA class of 2025 is 728.

Which are the top business schools in the USA?

Some of the top MBA programs in the USA are:
1. Stanford GSB
2. Wharton School of Business
3. Harvard Business School
4. UC Berkeley
5. MIT Sloan
Planning to pursue an MBA in the USA? Here is a guide for MBA in USA.

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