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Star Instructors
Payal Tandon
Verbal Expert
Payal Tandon   Verbal Expert

GMAT Club’s top rated expert, Payal is e-GMAT’s master course creator. She is passionate about making learning effective for all and constantly invents innovative ways to help students succeed. She invented the meaning based approach in Sentence Correction, built the Prethinking approach, and designed the reading strategies for RC.

Rajat Sadana
Strategy/Verbal Expert
Rajat Sadana   Strategy/Verbal Expert

Rajat, author of 5 patents and GMATClub’s #3 rated expert, believes that technology, when applied to a well-defined problem, can lead to unbelievable results. He has helped grow Honeywell’s wireless business from $2M to $25M. At e-GMAT, Rajat sets the direction for the future fusion of learning with technology

Ashutosh Mishra
Quant Expert
Ashutosh Mishra   Quant Expert

Ashutosh, a subject-matter expert at e-GMAT, is always on the lookout to learn new things. He is extremely passionate about making the process of learning Quant a simple endeavour for test takers, the very reason that you’ll always find him immersed in researching the intricacies of various math problems day in, day out. According to Ashutosh, the key to success in any field is the magical combination of two traits: self-discipline and relentless practice. In his leisure time, you’ll find him either blogging or playing cricket.

Kanupriya Sharma
Verbal Expert
Kanupriya Sharma   Verbal Expert

A Gold Medalist in Chemical engineering from NIT Allahabad, Kanupriya works as a Subject Matter Expert at e-GMAT. Despite being a gifted creative genius, she firmly believes in the importance of hard-work – no wonder she has reached the top echelons throughout her academic and professional life. Bringing her impeccable subject matter expertise and a top-notch methodical mindset to the table, Kanupriya always ensures that her students get the required guidance at the right time. In her free time, you’ll find her dancing, listening to music, and exploring new places.

Krishna Chaitanya
Verbal Expert
Krishna Chaitanya   Verbal Expert

A top expert on GMAT Club, Krishna guides e-GMAT students towards success. At e-GMAT, he has donned multiple caps simultaneously including – but not limited to – Course Creation, Live Session Instruction, Student Support, Strategy Consultation, Marketing, and Operations. In his live sessions, students experience his amazing knack for simplifying any complex problem.

Piyush Beriwala
Subject Matter Lead
Piyush Beriwala   Subject Matter Lead

Piyush, a Product Manager at e-GMAT, strongly believes in enhancing the user experience to deliver the best online products for GMAT Preparation. He created TUTOR Neural Network Engine, a one of its kind tool that sifts through 500+ scenarios to provide detailed guidance to students to reach their target score.

Sandeep Reddy Govindgari
Quant Expert
Sandeep Reddy Govindgari   Quant Expert

Sandeep, a graduate from BITS Pilani, is a Subject Matter Expert at e-GMAT who constantly amazes his students with his knack for math. Sandeep believes that every problem has multiple solutions, yet – at the same time – he constantly strives to find the most effective solution for any problem, an endeavour that he passionately takes up in order to provide the best possible learnings for his students that encompass an intuitive approaches, and a logical analyses. In his free time, he likes to rejuvenate himself by playing cricket or carroms.

Saquib Hasnain
Quant Expert
Saquib Hasnain   Quant Expert

Saquib, a Subject Matter Expert at e-GMAT, loves playing with numbers and believes in simplifying the World of Quant for all aspirants. A 99+ percentiler in almost all MBA entrance exams, Saquib has trained more than 5000 students. At e-GMAT he is involved in enhancing and developing Quant courses.

Shraddha Jaiswal
Verbal Expert
Shraddha Jaiswal   Verbal Expert

Shraddha’s philosophy – Success comes to those who work for it diligently. A top-rated expert on GC, Shraddha has authored numerous articles, many of which have garnered 100+ Kudos. Once the most thanked expert on GC, Shraddha was adjudicated the winner in “Best GMAT expert” competition in 2012.

Sunita Singhvi
Verbal Expert
Sunita Singhvi   Verbal Expert

A proud Loreto Convent alumnus and topper, and currently, a Verbal expert at e-GMAT, Sunita has scored a consistent 99+% ile in the verbal section on the CAT for 5 consecutive years. She has successfully trained over 30,000 students so far. At e-GMAT, she interfaces with hundreds of students daily, amazing them with her reasoning skills and her problem-solving abilities.
An enthusiastic athlete and a voracious reader of crime-fiction, she finds relaxation in splashing water colours on a canvas. She defines herself through the famous lines “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”

Tamal Samanta
Quant Expert
Tamal Samanta   Quant Expert

A post graduate from IIM Nagpur and a member of the Quant team at e-GMAT, Tamal believes in doing Smart Work: he delivers the best output in the least amount of time. Teaching and mentoring MBA aspirants is his passion, and he firmly believes that mathematics has the power to explain everything in the universe. A constant learner, Tamal loves to read autobiographies of eminent personalities in his free time.

Student Success Champions
Manas Sadana
Sales Lead
Manas Sadana   Sales Lead

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go” describes Manas’s personality. He always likes to experiment new things in life and takes every situation as a Sports match – you win some, you lose some, but you never give up.

Anish Sudarsanan
Marketing Manager
Anish Sudarsanan   Marketing Manager

Anish, a post graduate in Business Management, is a Marketing Manager at e-GMAT. He is passionate about being up-to-date with the latest technologies in the market and plays a crucial role in increasing the brand awareness of e-GMAT, enhancing its social presence.

Archit Bhargava
Operations Manager
Archit Bhargava   Operations Manager

Archit is not only extremely energetic but also equally enthusiastic a person. As a member of the operations team, he plays the crucial role of Customer Success Champion, and, with his flair for problem-solving, Archit ensures that students receive the right guidance at the right time.

Ashima Gautam
Sales Manager
Ashima Gautam   Sales Manager

An IIM graduate and an experienced Solution Provider, Ashima is a Strategy Expert at e-GMAT who abides by the words “Your life is a reflection of what you think you deserve.”, and as a result, is a firm believer of continuous improvement and a life-long pursuer of perfection. Sharp-focused and consistent with the quality of her output, Ashima is also passionate about Kathak, an Indian Classical Dance form, and brings in that elegance into her work as well.

Komal Shah
Sales Manager
Komal Shah   Sales Manager

Komal strives to chase efficiency and perfection as a GMAT aspirant chases the perfect 800 score! She believes in making a difference in the lives of students and in doing whatever it takes to make it a win-win situation both for the students and for the entire team she collaborates with. For anyone who asks Komal the secret behind her constant success, her reply is “Never Give Up!”

Shrey Gupta
Operations Manager
Shrey Gupta   Operations Manager

A relentless pursuer of perfection, Shrey constantly strives to provide support to e-GMATers in the most effective way. A logical drive and an eye for creativity are his key traits and the versatility in his approach to work always bring in an air of freshness and creativity to the table.

Sundeep Eddu
Sales Manager
Sundeep Eddu   Sales Manager

A post graduate from IIM Indore and a former banker who believes that nothing is impossible Sundeep sums up his outlook towards life in a simple – yet profound – statement: “Continuous improvement and learning is the essence of a quality life”. At e-GMAT, Sundeep loves to work closely with students to guide them towards success, identifying their problems, creating custom strategies & study plans, and helping them reach their target scores.

e-Learning Wizards
Atul Kumar
E-Learning Lead
Atul Kumar   E-Learning Lead

A post graduate from IIT Roorkee, Atul leads the ELE team groomed at e-GMAT. Using his seasoned project management skills, he has played a crucial role in the design and development of e-GMAT Quant, SC, and Master Comprehension courses, and is passionate about creating the next generation e-learning methodology.

Anish Chhabra
E-Learning Expert
Anish Chhabra   E-Learning Expert

Highly skilled in creative designing and enhancing e-Learning courses, Anish believes that prioritizing the tasks at hand is the key to getting things done. His love for nature and appreciation towards fine arts are an indication of the firing off of the neurons in his creative brain.

Bratati Roy
E-Learning Expert
Bratati Roy   E-Learning Expert

A core member of the e-Learning team, Bratati is an MBA graduate from IIT Roorkee. She puts her creative right brain to work along with her logical left brain to create world-class learning modules at e-GMAT using instructional graphics, helping numerous GMAT aspirants in achieving their goals.

Himanshu Gond
E-Learning Expert
Himanshu Gond   E-Learning Expert

Himanshu always strives for perfection in his products and firmly believes in the words “There is always scope for improvement. You just need to look for it at the right places.” He believes that focus on learning is the most important trait required to grow in both personal life and professional life. With his love for innovative and creative ideas, he constantly strives to build world-class products.

Lohit Sainath
E-Learning Expert
Lohit Sainath   E-Learning Expert

A post-graduate from IIT Roorkee, Lohith is a creative thinker who works as an e-Learning expert at e-GMAT. Lohith’s philosophy is “There is always a way to accomplish our goals. Let’s make it a fun one.”. He advocates that improvement in efficiency is achieved by competing with oneself and at work, you can see him constantly working towards the path of excellence.
In his free time, you’ll find Lohith playing cricket, indulging in some creative video editing projects or watching anime.

Sujeev Kumar
E-Learning Expert
Sujeev Kumar   E-Learning Expert

A graduate from IIT Roorkee, Sujeev believes that teaching a concept should never be complicated. With this belief and his passion for creative design, Sujeev puts his heart into creating beautiful and interactive e-learning courses. Sujeev’s passion is to make learning an enjoyable experience for e-GMAT students.

Suman Mandal
E-Learning Expert
Suman Mandal   E-Learning Expert

An MBA graduate from IIT Roorkee, Suman is an e-Learning Expert at e-GMAT. He loves to create beautiful audio visual content that explains intricate and complex concepts with utmost elegance and ease. When asked about how he manages to teach complex ideas in such simple fashion, he says that his design philosophy is “Keep is simple, stupid.” In his free time, you can find him either playing cricket or reading a Sidney Sheldon novel.

Obsessive Technocrats
Shantanu Gera
Technology Head
Shantanu Gera   Technology Head

Shantanu – the technology wizard – leads the technology team at e-GMAT. A firm believer in the significance of technology in transforming the impact of online education, he personalized and gamified several platforms in order to help students achieve unparalleled insights into their preparation. Scholaranium platform is a well-known example for the same.

Abhishek Varshney
Software Engineer
Abhishek Varshney   Software Engineer

A graduate from VIT Vellore, Abhishek is responsible for creating the complex data management systems that are responsible for supporting e-GMAT’s website that is utilized by tens of thousands of students every day. Known for his in-depth knowledge of the subject and his unparalleled speed in building any application, Abhishek utilizes his skills towards his passion for building products that provide an amazing experience to e-GMAT’s students. When not busy building products, Abhishek routinely laces up his boots and either goes out for a jog or plays badminton.

Bharat Gora
Software Engineer
Bharat Gora   Software Engineer

A graduate from NIT Srinagar, Bharat is an experienced Web Developer and is deeply passionate about leveraging technology to improve user experience. Bharat excels in tackling the challenges of multi-device website development, ensuring websites look and work well on all the latest devices.

Ishita Rastogi
Software Engineer
Ishita Rastogi   Software Engineer

Ishita is described as a ‘silent assassin’ by her peers. True to her description, she rarely utters a word or partakes in unnecessary discussion, and is completely focused on writing some ‘killer code’ 24×7. ‘Strive beat your yesterday’s best’ is the advice she gives to anyone who asks her for her success-mantra. As a cinephile, she spends time on maintaining her Instagram blog, in which she provides film reviews, and engages with her audiences through polls and quizzes.

Keshav Kundal
Software Engineer
Keshav Kundal   Software Engineer

A graduate from NIT Srinagar, Keshav loves the art of programming to its core. He believes that improving one’s programming skills also improves one’s thought process. While working on designing any interface, he puts his heart and soul into making it simple enough for anyone to use and, at the same time, bringing in sophisticated beauty in it. When Keshav is not plugged into the Matrix, he loves to spend his time in traveling, hiking, and, if nothing else, getting immersed in the books in his library.

Nayeem Noor
Branding Expert
Nayeem Noor   Branding Expert

“Curiosity about all aspects of life is the key to a Creative Mind” defines Nayeem. He is the Creative lead and Branding expert who is responsible for branding and advertisement creatives. His creativity and avidity helped him to recognize, understand, and design fresh approaches to advertising and branding.

Sanchari Shome
Software Engineer
Sanchari Shome   Software Engineer

A highly motivated individual, Sanchari works as a full-stack developer at e-GMAT. Her dedication towards work drives her enthusiastic participation in every project taken up by the technology team. A pro-active problem solver and an avid tech enthusiast, Sanchari believes that technology – when utilized the right way – can do wonders to improve a person’s quality of life and efficiency in reaching goals. She always says – “Every experience is an opportunity to better ourselves.” In her free time, Sanchari loves to indulge in her hobbies such as sketching mandala art, dancing, and visiting new eateries.

A. P.
Co-Founder & CTO
A. P.   Co-Founder & CTO
A. P. is e-GMAT’s core architect. He constantly looks for means to provide more targeted learning and practice to our users. Abhi is a serial inventor. His recent invention - an automated curtain control system for 20-feet tall curtains – was built using parts from a toy car
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Co-founder, e-GMAT
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