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[Announcement] Now take the GMAT Exam at Home | GMAC will start Interim GMAT exam

Due to coronavirus, many GMAT test centers are closed around the world, making it challenging for students to give the exam. To overcome this problem, Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) announced that they would soon be launching an online alternative to the GMAT Exam – The Interim GMAT Exam, which will let students take an online GMAT exam at home.


When Can You take the Interim GMAT Exam?


As of now, the Interim GMAT Exam is not available but should be offered by mid-April.  Details regarding the same will be coming soon.

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Who is Eligible for At-Home GMAT Exam?


The online GMAT test will be available in impacted markets, outside of mainland China. Thus, anyone who is not able to give the test due to COVID-19  is eligible for taking the GMAT Exam at home.

For test-takers in mainland China, GMAC is working closely with the Chinese government authorities to present an alternative solution.


How much does the Interim GMAT Exam cost?


The exact cost is not yet out, but according to GMAC, the interim solution will be at a lower price point as compared to the standard GMAT exam. The current GMAT registration fee is $250.

Geoffrey Basye, a GMAC spokesperson, states, “The organization is actively working on launching an interim online alternative to the GMAT exam, which will be used during the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of the current situation, this interim alternative will have a lower price point than our current exam.”


What is the structure of the Interim GMAT Exam?

According to GMAC, the test will offer a comparable structure, time, and scoring as the exam delivered in the test centers. The Verbal, IR, and Quant will have the same number of items and time for completion. This will allow GMAC to maintain the same score for both the section scores and Total Scores.

On significant change to the Interim online GMAT Exam is that there will have no AWA section.


How Will GMAC manage Test Integrity for At-Home GMAT Testing?


One of the major concerns while taking online GMAT exams at-home is ensuring the integrity of the online GMAT testing. GMAC points out that, to accommodate online delivery security protocols and check-in will be modified. In addition, to manage test integrity remote proctors will be used.

Although we are quite unsure about the specifics, we do know how GRE is approaching at-home testing. Thus, it might be no surprise if you are asked to record your face via webcam and share your screen while giving the GMAT exam at home.

According to Bayse, “GMAC focus is on maintaining a rigorous and valid assessment, with the relevant security protocols and practice in place, to evaluate a candidates’ ability to succeed in a graduate school business program.”

Thus, there will be specific measures and requirements to take the at-home GMAT exam.


Is the At-Home GMAT Exam Temporary?

As of now, GMAC suggests that the at-home option is temporary as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and due to test center closure. Although, there is no such news regarding making online GMAT testing at home permanent.

But, if the interim GMAT Exam goes well and GMAC can maintain the security protocol, isn’t it a better offer (with the price point and at-home GMAT exam offer taken into consideration)?


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