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Scholaranium – The Most Advanced Quizzing Platform in the World!

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At e-GMAT, our primary goal is to help you ace the GMAT. We always strive to provide the best tools and learning resources to our students. To ace the GMAT, you need to determine the areas in which you need to improve.  At e-GMAT, we have been working on such a tool for the last 6 months, and today we are proud to launch the same!

“The platform is easy to use and has a fantastic user interface. It sorts all kind of information on its own and gives me a summary of my skills at a glance.”  – Arjit (Beta Trial User)

Features of Scholaranium

  • A super-flexible quizzing platform
  • Ability to point-out and analyze your weak areas
  • Track your improvement in real-time
  • Highest quality questions
  • Advanced Analytics

“I am really impressed with the feature of scholaranium to show the weak area in skill data. It is helping me to identify which files I should go back to improve my basic concept and strengthen that area.” – Nishaant (Beta Trial User)

What can you do with Scholaranium?

There are some other neat things that you can do:

  1. Analyze Timing issues
  2. Isolate the impact of mixed quizzes on your overall performance

.. and many more…

“An Absolutely brilliant and Innovative tool from e-GMAT that is a must have for every serious GMAT aspirant… I am thoroughly enjoying this tool. Also the interface provides a really easy way to take notes of concepts tested in a question and also an easy way to bookmark questions that we would like to revisit… I am absolutely addicted to this tool… Kudos to the e-GMAT team for coming out with such a tool. It’s really a great offering.” – Vijay (Beta Trial User)

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