How to Prepare for the GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section

10 Tips to ace the GMAT Integrated Reasoning (IR) section

A 9 minute read

The GMAT integrated reasoning section was introduced in 2012 with the aim of testing skills that are important for success both in business school and in real-life business situations. In the contemporary data-driven world, employers value business leaders who can sort through large amounts of data, determine what is most relevant and incorporate that into

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OGVR ’16#37

A 3 minute read

As a result of record low temperatures, the water pipes on the third floor froze, which caused the heads of the sprinkler system to burst, which released torrents of water into offices on the second floor. Meaning Analysis As a result of record low temperatures, the water pipes on the third floor froze, The sentence

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How to prepare for the GMAT at home

How to prepare for the GMAT at home after Covid-19 outbreak

A 7 minute read

Attending classroom coaching for GMAT preparation used to be one of the biggest challenges for an MBA aspirant especially if they were full-time working professionals. But, after the Covid-19 outbreak classroom coachings have become redundant, and preparing online at home is the new normal. Not only preparing but taking the GMAT at home has become

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What causes success on the GMAT

GMAT exam expert advice – What causes success on the GMAT?

A 16 minute read

Read the statements below.  And if you agree with at least 1 statement, then spend the next 10 minutes reading this article.  If you do not agree with any of the statements, then also read this article till this section so that you solidify your belief further.  Positive reinforcement of one’s beliefs is always welcome!

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Collection of GMAT Verbal articles

A 2 minute read

In this article, we have shared links of a few GMAT Verbal articles on our blog. Sentence Correction Modifiers A primer on Noun phrases and Noun Modifiers – Click here. Noun Modifiers can Modify slightly far away noun – Click here. Various Functions of Verb-ing Words – Click here. Usage of  Verb-ing Modifiers –  Part I –

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gmat enhanced score report analysis

3 Steps – How to analyze a GMAT Enhanced Score Report (ESR)

A 9 minute read

The GMAT Enhanced Score Report (ESR) is an important tool to assess your performance and understand your strengths and weaknesses. The primary purpose of an Enhanced Score Report is to help you improve your GMAT score when you retake the test. To do that you should have a sound understanding of the various elements of

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12 GMAT prep tips

12 GMAT preparation tips for a successful attempt or reattempt in 2020

A 5 minute read

GMAT preparation tips not just include tips for preparing the subject matter of the GMAT but also understanding the overall design of the test. To ace the GMAT you should, of course, know the concepts and application of concepts but also know how to structure your preparation. In this article, we talk about 12 GMAT

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