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$ 80000 1
Average reported scholarships of GMAT 740+ e-GMATers
$ 160000
Average salary of a top 20 MBA program
8X 2
Average salary increase (est.)
Mansi Dhiman
Mansi Dhiman
B-School Harvard
Scholarship $85,000
Employment M&A Vedanta
Viktor Makula
Viktor Makula
B-School Wharton
Scholarship $220,000
Employment Amazon
Valentin Fernandez
Valentin Fernandez
B-School Harvard
Scholarship $120,000
Employment (Studying)
Mansi Dhiman
Mansi Dhiman
B-School Harvard
Scholarship $85,000
Employment M&A Vedanta
1 Admitted to U.S. B-Schools | 2 Compared to pre MBA
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Like a top B-school that helps students create dream careers, a top test prep company helps students get into their dream B-schools. No other test prep company has helped realize as many dreams as e-GMAT has. Compare our outcomes with those of any other test prep company.
Crack Verbal
Crack Verbal
Crack Verbal
Crack Verbal
Crack Verbal
GMAT 700+ scores (from January'21 to July'21)
121 10 61 2 7 In 2021, e-GMAT has delivered 2X as many 700+ scores as TTP has.
Passionate video interviews on YouTube (# of interviews)
180 79 18 0 9 e-GMAT has delivered 10X as many video interviews as TTP has.
Reviews on GMAT Club and Beat the GMAT (from 2016 to July'21)
2216 46 617 365 23 Since 2016, e-GMAT as garnered 3.5X as many verified reviews as TTP has.
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2 Months
GMAT Online
Full Access,
Focused Preparation.
2-month access to everything
24-hour world-class support
For students with starting score of GMAT 620+ and aiming up to 120-point improvement
4 Months
GMAT Online
Full Access, Excel through 4
months of intensive preparation.
4-month access to everything
24-hour world-class support
For students with a starting score of GMAT 500+ and aiming to score GMAT 700+
6 Months
GMAT Online
Starting from basics, learn everything
you need to earn a 740+ score.
6-month access to everything
24-hour world-class support
For students with a starting score of GMAT 400+ and aiming to score GMAT 700+

Solution Details

Get everything you need from the foundation concepts to thousands of practice questions, from hyper-specific improvement plans to the world’s only GMAT like block-adaptive mocks, along with world-class support.

Getting Started
Study Plan
50,000 study plans created to date
Start with a personalized study plan
Onboarding Sessions
Attend weekly onboarding sessions to ensure that you utilize the solution in the most optimized way.
Foundation Concepts
Master Comprehension and Quant Basics – learn everything that you need to get started, whether it is something as basic as the difference between nouns and verbs or the order of operations of numbers.
35 hours
Core Concepts
Over three hundred carefully curated concept files will equip you to identify every dangling modifier, solve every work and rate question, and be at ease with every argument structure the test will throw at you.
8 courses = 150 hours
Application Files
Learning concepts is only half the battle. Successfully applying these concepts on full-length questions is the key to acing the GMAT. Learn this key skill through 130+ specially designed application files (an e-GMAT exclusive).
150 hours
Achieve perfection in the first go, whether learning a concept, mastering the application, or building that hyper-specific last mile push plan.
Learning Concepts
Mastering Application
Refining to Perfection
Assessment & Mocks
Practice Questions
Proper practice makes you perfect. GMAT Online provides you tons of realistic questions with detailed solutions. You will not have to look at any other resource for practice questions.
Expert Designed Quizzes
Want to estimate your sub-sectional ability without taking a mock test? Attempt an expert designed Cementing or Ability quiz and get an accurate estimate in about 30 minutes.
Custom Quiz Engine
Create test readiness quizzes, work on your weaknesses, decide which questions to practice and revise, simulate your best and worst performance, etc. If you can think of a quiz type, you can probably create it using our custom quiz engine.
Know which areas you are faltering in
Mock Tests
With a scoring engine similar to that of the real GMAT and ESR+ analysis, SIGma-X mocks will super-charge your journey towards a GMAT 750 score, providing direction to that next 50-point score improvement.
5 – GMAT Like
GMAT Club Tests
Get 25 Quant and 9 Verbal Tests – a total of 1,613 questions with timing and accuracy analysis.
3 Month access ($79 value)
World-Class Support

Study Plan Related

Not sure if you have the right study plan? Send your query and one of our 10+ dedicated strategy experts will review and fine tune your study plan.

Subject Matter

Not sure of an explanation in the solution or a concept file? Post your query and get a response in less than a day. 100+ queries responded to every day.

Score Plateau

Stuck in SC or NP? Write to us and we will get to the bottom of the problem.

Mock Analysis

Need to know what to do next after taking a mock? Let us help you chart out a path.

Last Mile Push

Wondering how to get that last 50-point improvement? Drop us a message and we will help you create a hyper-specific improvement plan.

Realize 200X ROI
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Average Reported ROI
of a GMAT 740+ e-GMATer
Average Reported Scholarships
of a GMAT 740+ e-GMATer
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your GMAT journey​
Framework for Evaluation
We acknowledge you have options. We want to equip you to make the right decision to accomplish your dream.
The job of a preparation course is to deliver success. In 2021, on GMAT Club, our students have reported more 700+ scores than students from any other test prep company. Each of these scores has been verified using a live score report link from the GMAC. is a comparison metric showing the number of 700+ scores reported in 2021 (Jan – July).
A personalized study plan can save you up to 60 hours of preparation time. For many, this is the difference between a 700 and a 750 score, or between admission to a top 30 school or to an M7 school with a scholarship. In 2021, e-GMATers have created more than 10,000 personalized study plans, saving more than 600,000 hours of study time.
To score 700+, you need to excel on 100s of concepts, and to excel at a conceptual level, you need feedback. At e-GMAT, we have built proprietary technology that gives you real-time feedback on whether you have excelled on a concept. This feedback addresses conceptual gaps and helps you improve faster.
The only way to consistently solve 700-level (difficult) questions is by using sustainable methods such as the Meaning-Based approach in Sentence Correction, Pre-thinking in Critical Reasoning, Process Skills in Quant, etc. At e-GMAT, we invented many of these methods, and these methods help you solve every difficult question on the test within the scheduled time limit. On the other hand, tricks such as the splits approach in Sentence Correction, or back solving in qQuant, etc., may help you solve easy questions but are rarely successful for difficult questions. While choosing a course, ask yourself, what kind of methods does it teach? How proficient are the course creators in applying these methods? Are all questions solved using that method? Remember, the optimum method becomes second nature to you only if you consistently apply it onto all questions.
How do you decide when to transition from studying one subsection to the other? If you transition too soon, you may not get a chance to cement your learning. On the other hand, you may end up wasting time if you study longer than required. At e-GMAT, we offer “Cementing Quizzes” that act as a litmus test to help you decide when to move from one sub-section (such as NP) to the other (Algebra, CR, SC, etc.).
Only 1 in 5 people improve from a 690 to 740. Why,? Because improving from a score of 690 requires a targeted approach, that involves isolating your weakness, and then executing hyper-specific improvement plans. Scholaranium 2.0 is designed to create and execute such plans. When choosing a solution, ask yourself – does it provide such plans?.
Most solutions are linear. This approach means that regardless of your starting ability, they require you to go through the entire course. At e-GMAT, in addition to creating your personalized study plan, in Quant, we create custom learning courses. which is why, many of our students ace the GMAT in three months or fewer.
Mocks not only give you a test day experience, but a good mock also helps push your score by at least 20 points. Before choosing a solution, ask yourself- how realistic are the mocks? More 700+ scorers praise our SIGma-X mocks than any other mocks. These mocks are the only mocks in the industry that offer ESR+ analysis, helping you identify gaps in your preparation.

Your concerns addressed

1. How do I know how to plan my studies?
Create your personalized study plan using our study planner tool. The planner defines the sequence in which you study and gives you a time estimate by sub-sections. Also, write to our support team when in doubt.
2. How do I know if I am studying properly?
xPERT AI evaluates every activity that you attempt. You are learning properly if you score 80% or higher on a learning activity. If you score less, make sure that you revise your mistakes and take appropriate notes. If you score lower than 60%, we recommend that you revise most of the activity.
3. How do I get my doubts clarified?
Every learning activity and every practice question on the portal has a dedicated forum. You may ask your doubts in these forums. Since our experts have responded to 30,000+ doubts, you will find ready answers to most of your doubts. In addition, you may write to our GMAT strategy team at if you have any questions about your study plan. Note, our official SLA for query resolution is one (1) business day, even though we address 80% of the queries within 12 hours.
4. What if I am not able to improve?
Please write to us. In our experience, students who do not improve either do not follow our methods (i.e., resort to tricks) or have low scores in learning activities. Write to us, and we will help diagnose the issue and provide you with a path forward.
5. How close are your questions to actual GMAT Questions?
Extremely close. We take utmost care while creating questions. Every question is validated by three experts and is tested with a select group of 100+ students for accuracy and difficulty before we add the same into our course. These questions test the same concepts and reasoning skills tested by the GMAT.
6. How effective is e-GMAT for Native English Speakers?
The short answer is – very effective. The GMAT is a test of reasoning rather than grammar, and those who follow our strategies excel on the GMAT. E-GMAT was founded in the USA (Phoenix, Az) in 2010. 20% of all e-GMATers are students from the USA
7. Is GMAT Online Focused ineffective for students with a starting score of 400?
For students with a starting score of 400, GMAT Online focused is just as effective as GMAT Online 360. The reason we recommend GMAT Online 360 for students with a starting score of 400 is because these students need about 400 hours to improve their score to 700+, which translates to about five (5) months of effort for working professionals.
1. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept most major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc. You may also pay using a debit card if authorized to make payment in US dollars. In some cases, especially if you live outside the United States, you may have to request your bank to authorize the transaction.

We accept PayPal as well.
2. Do you store my credit card information?
No, we do not. All transactions are securely encrypted and are processed by Stripe - our payments processor.
3. What is the difference between GMAT Online Focused, Intensive, and 360? Do I have access to the same content?
GMAT Online Focused, Intensive, and 360 give you access to our excellent Quant and Verbal courses, Scholaranium, mocks, and our highly rated support teams. In other words, there is no difference among these courses in terms of the content and support we offer. These courses only differ in their duration. GMAT Online Focused is valid for two (2) months, Intensive for four (4) months, and 360 for six (6) months.
4. Can I ask for a refund if I don't like the course?
Absolutely! Just write to us ( within seven days of purchasing the course (3 days for courses sold with shorter than six months of access). Note that you will not be eligible for a refund if you have done any one of the following.

  1. You have accessed the course for more than 7 hours (note that in 7 hours, you can easily watch 16 learning activities).

  2. You have attempted more than one SIGma-X Mock Test.
5. What if I need access for longer than the duration of the course?
We offer monthly extensions at a nominal price (currently $79). You may extend your course at any time up to 30 days after your course expires.
6. Do I get both GMAT Quant and GMAT Verbal in all the plans?
Yes, you do. All the solutions contain both our excellent Quant and Verbal courses.
7. e-GMAT is known for Verbal. How effective is the Quant course?
Quant 2.0 (released in July 2021) is a game-changer. Even though we started releasing the new Quant course in Jan 2021, it has already delivered more Q49+ scores than any other course on the market. Click to view the stats. Click to hear what students say about Quant 2.0
8. Can I upgrade from GMAT Online Focused to GMAT Online Intensive by paying the difference?
We do not allow students to upgrade from GMAT Online Focused to Intensive or from Intensive to 360 by paying the difference. You may extend your subscription with the purchase of a monthly extension.
9. Why did you stop offering Verbal Online and Quant Online? I just need a Verbal or a Quant course?
Great Question! Short answer – because we want to maximize your chance of success on the GMAT while making sure that you only pay for what you need ($199 vs. $249).

Long Answer: For the longest time, we offered Verbal Online and Quant Online for $249. However, students who purchased these courses did not get access to Scholaranium Platinum – the best version of Scholaranium and our SIGma-X mocks. As a result, they were not able to make the most of their e-GMAT subscription. With GMAT Online Focused, you not only get a solution that is cheaper ($199 vs. $249) but also get access to the best tools anywhere.
10. Can I get a discount?
At e-GMAT, our goal is to offer the most effective courses and to price them such that most of the test-taking population can afford the same. Since founding e-GMAT, we have spent $10M+ in R&D, which has led to innovations such as xPERT AI, Scholaranium, SIGma-X Mock, and hundreds of hours of learning and thousands of questions that we offer. Hence, we do not entertain requests for discounts. While you may find cheaper courses, you will be hard-pressed to find one that delivers even half the success.
Payal Tandon
Co-founder, e-GMAT
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