GMAT 730 Success. Story

GMAT 730 | V25 to V39 | 120-point score improvement powered by e-GMAT

A 11 minute read

Success is the sum of small efforts that are repeated day in and day out.  Pratul surpassed his own expectations with a GMAT 730 (Q49, V39) in his second attempt. Given his engineering background, he was confident with quant but needed to improve significantly in verbal. He started his GMAT journey with a 610 (V25)

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A 5 minute read

IMPROVEMENT POWERED BY STRUCTURED LEARNING It’s not how we make mistakes but how we correct them that brings us success!  Before Marc hit his target score-, GMAT 740, he had already experienced two GMAT attempts with sub-par scores-, 670 and 690. Having a fair judgment of his performance during the test, he continued preparing for

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Saket-GMAT Success Story

GMAT 750(Q51, V40) | Methods and strategies that powered a 98%ile score

A 12 minute read

GMAT 720 or even 710 demands incredible hard work and commitment. These were Saket’s scores in his first two attempts, both of which he prepared using free resources. As he says, it gets exponentially harder to make every 10-point improvement after 720. Having GMAT 750 as his target score, Saket was determined not to settle

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eGMAT review - V45 - GMAT 770

GMAT 770 – V28 to V45 by leveraging data | eGMAT student review

A 7 minute read

Prashant, a 770 (Q50, V45) scorer, credits his success on the GMAT to a data-driven GMAT preparation process. Here is the GMAT preparation debrief of Prashant, where he walks you through his preparation strategy and how he improved his verbal score to a V45. You can also watch his video interview where he gives a

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GMAT Success Stories – e-GMAT Reviews

A 8 minute read

GMAT preparation is not just about learning and applying concepts. It is about a constant struggle with fear of failure, anxiety, hopelessness, and all those negative emotions which creep into your mind to convince you that you cannot ace the GMAT. It is during these times that we yearn for inspiration. We tend to search

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GMAT 740 in 3 months - Ace GMAT in first attempt

GMAT 740 on the first attempt | e-GMAT Review

A 4 minute read

To score a 740 on the GMAT on the first attempt is commendable. Many test-takers believe that breaking the 700-barrier requires a brute force approach and exhaust themselves during the test. However, Arjun was able to score a 740 on the GMAT by focusing on building ability by mastering the concepts and learning the efficient

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