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Yale School of Management – Yale MBA Program Class Profile | Employment Reports | Notable Alumni

The first students of Yale School of Management arrived in 1976, full 5 years after the University received a bequest from Frederick W. Beinecke for creating a management related program. Their mission was clear from day one – educating leaders for business and society. The faculty and board of Yale SoM are following a three-pronged strategy to reach this objective – closer integration with the home university, creating and maintaining a reputation as a global U.S. B-school and striving to be recognized as the best source of leaders for all sectors.

Yale School of Management - Yale SoM MBA Program - Class Profile, Career and Employment Report

If Yale School of Management (SOM) is your target business school, this article will help you in researching the class profile, and career prospects its full-time MBA program can offer you.

Here is a brief outline of this article:

General Information about Yale School of Management

Location –

Yale School of Management
165 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511-3729

Admissions Office (mailing address) –

Yale School of Management
Full-Time MBA Program
Box 208200
New Haven, CT 06520-8200


Social media – FacebookTwitterYouTubeLinkedIn, Instagram

Yale School of Management MBA Program – Class Profile, Cost of Attendance, Median Salary

Below are the details of the Yale School of Management full-time MBA program’s class profile, cost of attendance, median salary. Here is the list of the total cost (tuition fee + living expenses) of top MBA programs across the world.

S. No. Yale School of Management Numbers
1 Average GMAT 720
2 Average GPA 3.66
3 Class Size (enrolled in the class of 2020) 345
4 GMAT Range (middle 80%) 680 – 760
5 2019-20 Tuition & Fees $74,560
6 % Received Job offer post graduation 92.4%
7 Median Base Salary $130,000
8 Median Signing Bonus $20,000

Yale SoM MBA Program: 2021 Incoming Class Profile

Here are the detailed statistics on Yale SoM incoming class of 2021.

Enrolled 345
GMAT Score Range (Middle 80%) 680 – 760
Undergraduate GPA 3.66
Undergraduate GPA Range 3.34-3.92
% of women in the class 42%
% of international citizens 44%
Countries represented 47

Pre-MBA Industry of Yale SoM: Incoming class of 2021

The Financial Services industry sent the most number of students to Yale SoM – 19.8%. This was followed closely by Consultancy at 18.8%. breaking away from the usual MBA trends Non-profit (14.9%) and Government sectors (7.9%) accounted for a fifth of the pre-MBA experience of the students.



Pre-MBA Industry – Yale SoM incoming class of 2021
Industry Percentage
Consulting 18.8%
Financial Services 19.8%
Consumer Packaged Goods 3%
Energy 5%
Government 7.9%
Hospitality 1%
Manufacturing 6.9%
High Technology 1%
Non-profit 14.9%
Transportation & Logistics 6.9%
Health Care/Pharma/ Biotech 5%
Retail 2.0%
Real Estate 2.0%
Entertainment & Media 4%
Others 2%

Yale School of Management: MBA Application Deadlines (2019 – 2020)

Yale SoM requires a 4-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited US institution or an international equivalent. The candidates must apply online and attach all the required documents. These are – transcripts from the college, 2 recommendations, complete video questions, GRE/GMAT scores, and the application fee. The shortlisted candidates are invited for the final interview.

As always, the competition is fierce, and it is very important that you have your application ready by Round 1 or Round 2. Learn here why applying in Round 1 or Round 2 is important.

Yale SoM

Application Round

Application Deadline Admissions Decision
Round 1 September 10, 2019 December 4, 2019
Round 2 January 7, 2020 March 24, 2020
Round 3 April 14, 2020 May 19, 2020

Yale School of Management: Employment Report and Salaries 2019

The MBA graduates of Yale SoM find employment in a wide variety of industries. By far the largest number of graduates are hired in the Consultancy sector – 37.2%.  Assorted Finance companies (investment banking, investment management, Private Equity/VC and diversified financial services) and Technology come next with  19.3% & 12.8% respectively.

Here’s a detailed look at the employment statistics by industry, job function, and location.

Yale SoM MBA Program: Employment by Industry

Consulting companies recruited the maximum number of Yale MBA graduates. They accounted for more than a third of the jobs taken on by the students. They were also the best paid with median base annual salaries of $145,000.

Below is the detailed employment report of Yale School of Management graduating class of 2019.




Percentage Median Base Annual Salary ($)

Median Sign on Bonus ($)

Consulting 37.2% 145,000 30,000
Investment Banking 10.6% 150,000 50,000
Investment Management 4.7% 130,000 40,000
Private Equity/Venture Capital 4% 110,000 NA
Diversified Financial Services 4% 125,000 30,000
Technology 12.8% 127,000 30,000
Retail E-commerce 3.6% 130,000 70,000
Retail Others 1.8% 132,000 NA
Healthcare/ Pharmaceuticals 5.1% 120,000 25,000
Consumer Packaged goods 2.6% 115,000 35,000
Non-Profit 2.6% 75,000 NA
Media/ entertainment 2.2% 91,000 NA
Manufacturing 1.8% 125,000 25,000
Law 1.8% 190,000 NA
Energy 1.5% NA NA
Real Estate 1.5% NA NA
Transportation 1.1% NA NA
Architecture 0.4% NA NA

Yale SoM MBA Program – Employment by Function

Breaking all trends Yale SoM graduates overwhelmingly chose Consulting job profiles – 48.9% of the graduates took up internal and external consultancy roles. Finance/ Accounting job functions made up for 21.9% of the employment offers.




Function Breakdown Percentage Median Base Salary ($) Median Signing Bonus in ($)
Consulting External 37.2 145,000 30,000
Consulting Internal 11.7 120,000 25,000
Finance/Accounting 21.9 125,000 40,000
General Management 11.3 125,000 30,000
Law 1.8 190,000 N/A
Marketing / Sales 10.6 120,000 30,000
Operations/Logistics 2.2 138,740 N/A
Real Estate
IT 1.1
Other 2.2 93,000 N/A

Yale SoM MBA Program: Employment by Location

92.4% of the students received a job offer three months after graduation 2019, and 91.4% of students accepted these offers. 79.9%of full-time hires were within the US, and 20.1% were international.

Hires by US Region

Region Percentage Median Base Salary by region ($)
Northeast 50.5% 130,000
West 29.8% 135,000
Mid Atlantic 6.4 148,000
Midwest 6.0 135,000
Southwest 6.0 151,000
South 1.4 NA

Yale School of Management – Notable Alumni

Yale School of Management - Yale SoM MBA Program - Notable Alumni

Following are some of the notable alumni of the Yale School of Management:

  • Ken Ofori-Atta, Finance Minister of Ghana; Co-founder, Databank
  • Martha Finn Brooks, Board Chair, CARE
  • Shirley Yeung, Founder & Managing Partner, Dragonrise Capital
  • Rebecca Lilly Brooks, Private Wealth Advisor, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management
  • Max Ventilla, Founder and CEO, AltSchool
  • Adam Blumenthal, Founder and Managing Partner, Blue Wolf Capital Partners
  • Xerxes Mullan, CEO, Avestar Capital
  • Wendy Davis, CEO and Founder, GestVision
  • Elon Boms, Founder and Managing Director, LaunchCapital; Lecturer in the Practice of Entrepreneurship
  • Kelly Smith, Corporate Vice President, New York Life Insurance Company
  • Christine Bader, Former Director of Social Responsibility, Amazon
  • Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo
  • Matt Rogers, Senior Partner, San Francisco, McKinsey & Company
  • Colonel Rich Morales, Head, Department of Systems Engineering, West Point
  • Donald Gips, Former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa
  • Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President, People Operations, Google
  • Claire Hughes Johnson, Vice President, Google Offers, Google
  • John Shrewsberry, President, Wells Fargo Securities
  • Fred Terrell, Vice Chairman of Investment Banking, Credit Suisse

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