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Kellogg announces new STEM-Designated Major in Management Science

Kellogg announces new STEM-Designated Major in Management Science
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Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management has added a new STEM-Designated Management Science major to its MBA program. According to Kellogg, MBA candidates who chose this major would be well-prepared for careers in Finance, Consulting, and Entrepreneurship.

Kellogg's new STEM-Designated MBA Major

Kellogg one of the Highest Ranked Programs to Add STEM-Designated Major

Kellogg is one of the highest-ranked schools besides Wharton, CMU Tepper, UC Berkeley Haas, and Darden School of Business to add a STEM-Designation to their MBA Program/Major.

According to Matthew Merrick, Associate Dean of Degree Operations, following are just a few of the questions that the new Management Science Major aims to answer:

  • How to use big data efficiently to understand capital markets?
  • How to identify opportunities to apply analytical techniques and models to solve problems of business organizations?

The major is led by distinguished Kellogg faculty such as:

Kellogg does not require students to declare a major during the MBA program, however, those who take at least 4 qualifying courses will receive notice of the major on their transcript.

What are the subject areas and courses available in the Management Science Major?

Following are some of the different subject areas and the courses that can be taken by students pursuing the management Science Major:


  • Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis


  • Financial Decisions
  • Capital Markets
  • Derivatives Market

Strategy and Analytics

  • People Analytics and Strategy
  • Strategy and Organization
  • Analytics for Strategy

A full list of coursework and subject areas can be viewed here.

What kind of careers can students look forward to with the Mangement Science Major?

According to Kellogg, students who choose the Management Science major will be well-prepared for post-MBA jobs in a wide variety of fields including Consulting, Finance, and Entrepreneurship.

The career management center at Kellogg works directly with recruiters to identify particular job opportunities where students with the major would be a good fit.

Benefits of the Management Science Major for International Students

Since the Management Science major qualifies as a STEM-Designated field of study, international students that graduate with the major are eligible for the additional 24-month STEM-OPT extension to their F-1 visas. Thus international students can extend their stay and work in the U.S for a total of 36-months after they graduate from the MBA program.

Kellogg MBA Class Profile: Class of 2021

Following are some statistics of the class of 2021 at the Kellogg MBA program:

2021 Kellogg MBA Class Profile Number
Average GMAT 730
GMAT Range 620-780
Class Size 474
Average Age 27 Years
Average Work Experience 5 Years
Work Experience Range 3.5-7 Years
Average GPA 3.6
% of International Students 32%
% of Women 43%

Industry Backgrounds: Class of 2021 – Kellogg MBA Program

Industry Background Percentage
Consulting 27%
Financial Services 19%
Tech/Communication 14%
Govt./Education/Non-Profit 8%
Health/Bio 5%
Consumer Products 4%
Energy 4%
Manufacturing 3%
Military 3%
Others 13%

Educational background: Class of 2021 – Kellogg MBA Program

Undergraduate Majors Percentage
STEM 29%
Economics/Business 49%
Humanities 24%

2019-2020 Kellogg MBA Application Deadlines

Application Round Date
Round 1 September 18, 2019
Round 2 January 8, 2020
Round 3 April 8, 2020

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Source: Kellogg

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