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Launch of OG-Scholaranium | GMAT Prep

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The success of e-GMAT students is powered by three things – personalized study plans, learning proven methods, and more than 500-points of data-driven insights for each student. We always strive to make learning more efficient and structured for our students.

In the same spirit, we are pleased to announce OG-Scholaranium. All the OG quizzes have now been moved out from the respective courses to Scholaranium. With OG-Scholaranium, you now get the insights provided by the world’s highest-rated assessment tool -Scholaranium for more than 2000 official questions.

What does it mean for you?

You now get the best of both worlds – Official Questions and Scholaranium insights! Here are a few things that you will be able to do with OG Scholaranium.

1. Create mixed quizzes:

Let’s say you that you are in the last stage of preparation and have just revised parallelism, and modifiers in Sentence Correction and Bold Face questions in Critical Reasoning. You can now assess your performance on these topics. You can even choose the difficulty level of questions for these topics and decide whether you want to push yourself or pace it out. Want to add more topics, just select them in the custom quiz builder tool. With Scholaranium’s flexible quiz builder, you can now create 10,000 kinds of quizzes for official questions.

2. Track accuracy for Easy/Medium/Hard Questions:

Students who score a V40 or Q50 answer more than 80% of medium difficulty questions and more than 65% of hard questions correctly. OG Scholaranium now tracks your accuracy across these questions. If this is your first time attempting these questions, and you hit those accuracies, you can be confident that you are well on your way towards that 90thpercentile score.

3. Simulate fixed mocks:

Creating non-adaptive mocks with OG Scholaranium is easy. Just select all topics, choose difficulty level as “medium and hard” questions, and allocate the right amount of time and you have an approximate mock test.

4. Get all of Scholaranium’s analytics:

How long do you take to answer easy, medium, hard Bold-Face questions, do you perform worse in passages involving sciences than in Humanities. Are difficult weaken questions your achilleas heel in CR. Get all these insights and more by looking at your skill data section in Scholaranium. This probably is the world’s easiest to build and most insightful error log.

Now if you are wondering about the quizzes you have already taken as a part of the course, don’t worry, all your attempt data is safely preserved.  Any OG quiz that you attempted can still be accessed using Scholaranium’s attempts tab.

Just scroll down to the previous attempts table and select the respective quiz. You will find all your attempts, your bookmarks, and notes intact. Please note that the questions you have already attempted are not marked as attempted in the main Scholaranium interface. This is done to enable you to maximize the utility of OG Scholaranium – i.e. create mixed quizzes.

Being in the top 5-10 percentile of test-takers requires precise data-driven insights at every step of your preparation. Your e-GMAT course already provides 500 such insights that power your success.

With OG Scholaranium, we have now added another 100 points to the same. Let’s use this power of data to personalize our learning further and aim higher. We are sure that these insights will help many more of you to reach the top scores on the GMAT.

Good luck and happy learning!

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