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ISB allows R1 applicants to submit their GMAT scores by Oct 31

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ISB has allowed its applicants for the 2021 admissions to submit their GMAT scores by Oct 31 if they are applying in Round 1 whose deadline is in a week i.e., Sep 20, 2020; 11:59 PM.

This decision resulted from the fact that many applicants were finding it difficult to take the GMAT due to uncertainties and limitations in the availability of the GMAT appointments due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

isb admission 2021

What’s the procedure to get the extension?

According to a mail accessed by us from the ISB admissions team, ISB has decided to extend the test score submission deadline to Oct 31, 2020. Such an extension would be granted by special approvals by the admission authorities on a case to case basis, to applicants who request for it. You should be able to substantiate your request with a screenshot of the confirmed test schedule date notification.

Once you get the approval, you should

  1. Submit your application by Sep 20. Fill the score section of the application with a blanket score such as 800.
  2. Once you take the GMAT, share your unofficial score report to
  3. In case you’re not able to submit your scores by Oct 31, your application will be transferred to Round 2.

For more information/clarifications please write to

What’s the benefit of this extension?

The result was that most candidates weren’t able to prepare well for the GMAT and took it in haste eventually resulting in low GMAT scores making their application less competitive.

Read what is the importance of GMAT score in ISB admissions process

This decision will help all those candidates who were struggling to prepare for the GMAT due to anxiety caused by a hectic admissions process.

What should you do now?

Focus on writing your ISB essay

First, focus on writing a killer essay for your ISB application. Prashant Tibrewal from ISBmantra, who has helped thousands of students in the last 10+ years with their ISB application, has written a great article on ISB essay tips with inputs from ex ISB admission officers. Read this article to make sure you follow the correct guidelines and write an impeccable essay.

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Prepare for the GMAT

GMAT free questions

Once you’re done with the qualitative components of the ISB application, prepare for the GMAT, if you’ve not already taken the GMAT. Kickstart your GMAT prep and get access to 400+ free questions.

GMAC has also allowed 2 attempts for the GMAT Online exam

How much should you score on the GMAT for ISB

Make an assessment on what GMAT score will make your application the most competitive it can become. You don’t have to score a perfect 800 to make your application competitive.

Read this article to know what is a good GMAT score for ISB based on data from past successful candidates.

Tips to score 700+ on the GMAT

Once you know what’s your target score, take a look at this article at how to score a 700+ on the GMAT. This will help you make a fool-proof study plan for your GMAT prep.

Make a study plan

We know all of you are working professionals and you all must be struggling on a daily basis to balance work and prep. Here is an article on GMAT study plan for working professionals that’ll help you keep focus. You can also write to us at for more guidance on study plans.

How to prepare for the GMAT at home

If you find it difficult preparing for the GMAT at home, here are a few helpful tips to help you prepare for the GMAT at home in a better manner.

Keep up your enthusiasm

Lastly, keep up the enthusiasm while preparing for the GMAT. The best way you can do that is through some motivating stories of other successful students. Here are two stories of people who made to ISB:

  1. Anupriya – GMAT 760 – ISB admit
  2. Sanchit – GMAT 750 – ISB admit

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