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Importance of GMAT score in ISB admissions process

Importance of GMAT score in ISB admissions process
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We all aspire to get into a well-reputed and top-ranked business school, and GMAT is a stepping stone towards it. When it comes to ISB (The Indian School of Business) admissions process, GMAT is one of the components that you get evaluated on.  There is no fixed weightage oGMAT scores in ISB admission process however, the average GMAT score for the past few years has been 710.  

Importance- of-GMAT-Score-in-ISB

In this article, we will analyse the ISB admission process and understand the importance of GMAT score in it. This article will cover the following aspects:  

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ISB Admissions Process: How does it work?

Like any other B school, ISB has eligibility criteria which consist of: 

  • Bachelor’s degree (in any discipline)  
  • GMAT or GRE scores 
  • Work Experience  
  • TOEFL/ IELS (only required if English was not a medium of instruction during undergraduate) 

Once you meet the above criteria, you need to fill out an online application form, which includes Essays, letters of recommendation, transcripts and many more.   

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After submitting the online application, the shortlisted candidates come for an interview process. 



There are three rounds of intake this year 

  1. Round 1 (September to November) Application deadline: September 04, 2022   
  2. Round 2: (December to February) Application deadline: December 04, 2022   
  3. Round 3 (January to March) Application deadline: January 29, 2023 

You will be given ten days to accept or decline the offer in the above three intakes, respectively.  

Importance of GMAT score in ISB admission process

GMAT is a standardized test that is accepted by most of the B-Schools; thus, it plays an integral part in your ISB application. But, it’s not the only parameter for evaluation. 

Let’s have a look at what Mr. Aditya Atreya, Associate Director of Admissions (ISB) has to say about the importance of GMAT in ISB admission process.  

Video reference: (8:40 – 11:14)

By taking reference from the video, we can say that a test is not everything. If you have a low GMAT score, you can leverage other parameters such as your work experience or academic credentials.  

Let’s look at the viewpoint of current ISB students regarding the importance of GMAT score in ISB admission process:  

For your convenience, we have also described the key takeaways from this video. Here are 6 points on the importance of GMAT in ISB admissions according to GMAC:

  1. GMAT is an essential part of the ISB application process, but the score that you get is not the only thing ISB evaluates. It takes into consideration the overall profile of a candidate and the diversity factor that you bring to ISB
  2. GMAT reflects your analytical capabilities and helps you prepare for the rigorous academic program, and thus, it’s an important criterion to get into ISB
  3. A good GMAT score adds value to your application, and it’s the first thing that will make you stand out among other applicants 
  4. GMAT scores will provide an idea about your academic readiness to the Adcoms, and they can then objectively compare you to other applicants
  5. Aim for a GMAT score that compliments your background and work experience and leveraging that in your admission process is essential
  6. GMAT is a preliminary test and think of it as a filtration criterion

In essence, be aware that GMAT is one of the many areas that you need to focus on to get into ISB. Therefore, it’s important, but not only criterion.  

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Weightage of GMAT score in ISB admission process

Before getting into the weightage of GMAT score in ISB admissions process, let us first look at the various components of the ISB online application process: 

Components of ISB application:

  1. Academics: Evaluated based on your past academic scores or through GMAT scores
  2. Work experience: Evaluated based on your career progression and your experience in your field
  3. Awards & Achievements:  Evaluated based on past recognition
  4. Extracurricular activities: Evaluated based upon what sets you apart from your academics scores
  5. Essays: Evaluated based on how well you can communicate. Tips for writing ISB Essay.
  6. Letter of recommendations: Evaluated based on your past performance and recommendations
  7. GMAT Scores  

If you look at the above components carefully, you can see that you have control over a few of the elements. For instance, you cannot change your academic scores or even your work experience for that matter. But when it comes to GMAT scores, you have control over it.   

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What we mean is, GMAT is one of the components that you can work on while you are applying for your MBA application. Thus, the GMAT score is a crucial component when it comes to the ISB application. 

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Components of ISB application

There are various views on Quora, regarding the weightage given to the multiple components of the ISB application form.  Llewellyn DeSouza, former head of admission at Indian School of Business (2004-2011) has similar views. He highlights that the selection is on subjective parameters; there is no fixed weightage to any of the components.   

Abhishek Chawala, MBA Finance & Strategy ISB, stated that ISB follows a holistic view of your application. Unlike IIMs and other Indian B-schools, there is no fixed weightage given to each component of ISB application. 

Which score is preferred: GMAT or GRE for ISB?

Most of the business schools accept GMAT as a standard score, but GRE scores have also gained popularity in MBA admissions. Following a similar trend, ISB has also started taking GRE scores as a part of its admission process from the year 2016.  

GMAT/GRE- For-ISB-Application

Even the ISB Adcoms do not differentiate between the two. But just so you know GMAT and GRE are two different tests with different scoring scale, and format.

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If you are applying to schools other than ISB, it would be a wise choice to choose GMAT over GRE because most of the B school accepts GMAT scores. Also giving GMAT would open more options for an MBA aspirant to enroll in various programs. 


GMAT cut-off score for ISB

 There is no set cut-off GMAT score for ISB. The GMAT score for 2022 admissions was 580-780. Similarly, for GRE, the range is from 311-335.


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GMAT score progression of an applicant who received an admit from ISB


 You might now be at 640 scores or even less, but GMAT is all about practice. Getting into ISB doesn’t have a cut-off score, but looking at the average, it’s clear that having a high score is undoubtedly an advantage.  

To give you some perspective into how you can increase your GMAT scores here is a video of Mr. Sanchit who scored 750 in GMAT and got an admit from ISB. 

The video talks about how Sanchit showed progression in his GMAT score from 680 to 750! 

  • 6:19 – 8:19: Sanchit talks about his initial preparation for GMAT  
  • 12:15 – 13:42: GMAT score progression from 680-650-640-750  
  • 15:15 – 15:55: Sanchit be consistent 680 scores don’t get disheartened  
  • 20:29 – 21:17: Sanchit talks about the timing strategy while preparing for GMAT  

Tips from the video : 

  • Get to know the format of GMAT first, its different from other tests that you might have given such as CAT/ GRE. 
  • Focus on developing verbal skills by reading novels, which will, in turn, help with your reading speed. 
  • Give mock tests and make the notes. Revise through notes while preparing for GMAT.
  • Sometimes instinct also plays a part while giving the GMAT exam. 
  • Revisit your mistakes. 

 Key Takeaways

  • GMAT is important but not the only criteria that ISB evaluates.
  • GMAT is a changeable component when it comes to ISB application. Thus, you can work towards increasing your score and leveraging the same.
  • Both GMAT and GRE are taken into consideration in the ISB application.
  • There is no set cut-off score for GMAT in ISB.

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