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You can now retake the GMAT Online exam starting September 23

You can now retake the GMAT Online exam starting September 23
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There is some great news for people planning to take the GMAT Online or not satisfied with their previous GMAT Online scores. In a recent update, GMAC said that they’ll allow every test-taker 2 attempts on the GMAT Online starting September 23. Previously, test-takers were just allowed to take the GMAT Online once. Take a look at this 4-min video to learn more.

Latest updates on GMAT Online

GMAT Online retest will be available starting Sept 23, 2020, 12:01 am Eastern time i.e. 9:31 am IST. There will be a few changes after Sep 23:

  • GMAT Online attempts will count towards the yearly and lifetime quota (attempts prior to Sep 23 will not count towards it)
  • The price of GMAT Online will now be $250 which earlier was $200.
  • For Indian test-takers, the price will now be $250 (including GST) which earlier was $236 (including GST)
  • Reschedule and the cancellation fee will be reinstated

Here are a few GMAT Online success stories:

  1. Jinna Yang’s 760 on GMAT Online
  2. Astitva’s GMAT 770
  3. Gaurav GMAT 730 (Q50, V39)

Previously GMAC had allowed a retake for only those people who either had a technical issue or who took the GMAT Online before the physical whiteboard was allowed.

Here is the information about the last announcement (not relevant now)

For test takers who took the GMAT Online exam before the ability to use a physical whiteboard (June 11, 2020) was made available, we are offering the option to take the GMAT Online exam an additional time. We are waiving the one-time limit on the GMAT Online exam, so you now have the option to take the GMAT Online exam an additional time.

When can you schedule your GMAT Online retake?

Starting the end of September you’ll be allowed 2 attempts on the GMAT Online. The exact date is still not out.However, we’ll update this article as soon as we receive news from GMAC on the starting date.

How will your score be recorded?

Higher Score on the Additional Attempt

If you score a higher GMAT Total Score on your retest GMAT Online exam attempt, your score will be available to you within 7 business days in your account.

Your new, higher score will replace the prior score displayed in your account. If you previously selected any programs to receive your first GMAT Online score, your new, higher score will be automatically sent to these programs. You will also have the option to send your new score to additional programs at no additional cost.

Important note: Although your higher score will be sent automatically to your schools (previously selected for your prior GMAT Online Exam score), we recommend you follow up directly with your schools. Notify your schools that you have an additional higher GMAT Online score to ensure that this score is factored into your application.

Equal or Lower Score on the Additional Attempt

If you score an equal or lower GMAT Total Score on your retest attempt, the higher score from your prior exam will be retained. Your lower, retest attempt score will not be displayed in your account and your record will not be updated. Neither you nor any programs you previously selected will receive this lower score. We will notify you that your prior score is being retained. No additional action will be required on your or the school’s part.

Please read and review the GMAT Online exam policies and procedures here.

Learn more about the physical whiteboard that you can use while taking the GMAT Online

Schedule your GMAT Online Exam Again

Go to GMAT Online to register for your new GMAT Online exam and select your appointment date and time. As a reminder, appointments can be made anytime–24 hours a day, 7 days a week–to fit your schedule.

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