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What is a good GMAT Score for ISB?

What is a good GMAT Score for ISB?
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A leading business school in India renowned for its flagship Post Graduate Programme (PGP) , Indian School of Business or ISB continues to be a favourite amongst Indian aspirants. This business school has two state-of-the-art campuses, one in Hyderabad and one in Mohali.

Aiming to develop global leaders, the carefully crafted one-year programme at ISB integrates a rigorous, research-based curriculum clubbed with practical industry applications.  The school presents a lucrative opportunity for mid-career professionals to transform into global leaders ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Like any other international business school, the GMAT score is an important filtering criterion for ISB as well. You can read more about the weightage of GMAT scores in an application to top B-schools in the world in one of our previous articles.

good GMAT score for ISB

This article aims to help you determine a good GMAT score for ISB by analysing the latest available data from the candidates applying to ISB class of 2020.  For those planning to apply to ISB in the near future, here’s an 8-step guide to get into Indian School of Business.

You can also go through the admission pre-requisites and eligibility criteria here.

Here’s what you will read next:

Average GMAT score at ISB

The average GMAT score for the class of 2019 at ISB was 709. The average GMAT score for ISB has been hovering around 710 from the past few years, and hence, we can safely assume that this trend might continue in the near future.

At a macro-level, we employ a simple 5-step process to determine a good score for securing admission at ISB.  According to this process, we add 20 points to the average GMAT score of the latest batch to get a safe bet for any B-school. Going by this, 730+ seems a good GMAT score for receiving an interview call from ISB.

However, we will further look at the scores of applicants for the class of 2020 to empirically figure out scores which increase the likelihood of receiving an interview invite and thus increases the chances of securing admission at ISB.

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To be able to determine a good GMAT score for ISB, we will be taking into consideration the data of applicants, interviewees and finally admitted candidates from the applicant pool for the class of 2020.

This data is taken from the gmatclub decision tracker page for ISB where several candidates applying to ISB have updated their application status.

ISB gmat tracker

In this article, we will be considering the scores of the complete applicant pool for the class of 2020 including shortlisted, waitlisted and admitted candidates for our analysis.

GMAT Score Applications Interview Invites Admitted
770 1 1 1
760 5 5 2
750 9 9 7
740 11 11 9
730 21 18 14
720 35 31 24
710 58 52 35
700 25 19 7
690 33 25 12
680 19 14 10
670 6 3 0
660 5 4 1
650 9 9 4
640 3 1 0
620 3 2 1
610 2 1 1

gmat score isb 2019 21


What is a good GMAT score for ISB e-GMAT

  • A range of 710 to 740 saw a whopping 82 candidates successfully securing admission to ISB.
  • The highest number of applicants (58) and interview invitees (52) were registered for a score of 710
  • All applicants with a score of 740 or above received an interview invite and a majority also received the admission letter
  • A score of 740 witnessed the highest admit rate (82%) with 9 out of 11 applicants receiving an admission letter
  • A range of GMAT scores 690 to 740 witnessed a large number of interview invites (156)
  • While the invite rate for scores 680 and above is more than 70%, the admit rate for scores lower than 710 drops significantly
  • This year, even candidates with relatively lower scores secured an invite. As we can see, all 9 out of 9 applicants with a score of 650 received an interview call out of which 4 were admitted.
  • One candidate with a score of 620 and one with a score of 610 were also successful in getting admission in this coveted B-school



ISB good gmat score

  • The above observations indicate that a score in the range of 710 to 740 is a good GMAT score for getting an interview call from ISB
  • A score in this range will also be extremely helpful for getting the final admit offer, as the conversion ratio is more than 65% in this range
  • Once you score in this range, your entire focus should be on building an impressive profile and acing your interviews.

The fact that a number of candidates with scores below 700 have also been considered for interviews shows that even candidates with low scores stand a chance if they are able to work well on other parameters of the application process.

If your score is in the range of 710 to 740, the path to ISB becomes easier, but only if your profile also stands apart in a vast pool of applicants. Here are 10 ways to boost your MBA profile.

For a comprehensive view, we would also take a look at the GMAT scores of waitlisted candidates for the class of 2020 to see how many candidates were able to successfully get off the waitlist.

GMAT Score Waitlisted Admitted from waitlist
760 1 0
750 1 0
740 1 1
730 1 1
720 2 1
710 4 2
700 3 1
690 3 0
680 0 0
670 1 0
660 1 0
650 1 0
640 1 0

The list above reiterates the importance of scoring above 700 for being considered for admissions at ISB. No candidate with a score below 700 received an admit. 5 candidates from the waitlist were admitted with scores 740 (1), 730 (1), 720 (1), 710(2) and 700(1).

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What is a good GMAT score for ISB

710 or more good gmat score for ISB

While any score above 710 can help you get an interview call from ISB, a GMAT score of 730 or higher will increase your chances remarkably for receiving the final admission letter.

If you have a GMAT Score 730 or higher and have applied to ISB, you better gear up for the next stages of the application process.

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