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St. Gallen MiM Class Profile, Curriculum and Employment Report

University of St. Gallen MA in Strategy and International Management (SIM) is an 18-month Masters in Management (MiM) programme aims at graduates with a degree in Business Administration, Economics, or any equivalent degree. SIM programme is ranked #1 MiM programme by Financial Times for eight consecutive years since 2011. It’s a relatively small class of around 50 students makes the application process highly competitive. This article will be helpful for you to gain a quick understanding of St. Gallen University’s SIM programme and comprehend if this will be the right choice for your career ambitions.


St. Gallen SIM Curriculum, Class profile, Career


Here is the outline of this article:

General information on St. Gallen MA in Strategy and International Management

Location: Institute of Management, Dufourstrasse 40a, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland

Managing Director:  Prof. Dr. Omid Aschari

Admission Office: SIM Admissions, University of St. Gallen, Institute of Management, Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management, Dufourstrasse 40a, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland

Telephone: +41 71 224 23 67

Email: sim@unisg.ch

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

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St. Gallen SIM program – Curriculum, Class profile, Cost of attendance, and Application deadlines

Below are the details of St. Gallen SIM program’s class profile, cost of attendance, median salary

Details of St. Gallen SIM program
SIM Programme starts Autumn semester, September 14th, 2020
Duration Min 18 months (3 semesters)
Language English
Tuition Fee International Students – CHF 3326 per semester
Swiss nationals: CHF 1426 per semester
FT Global MIM 2018 Ranking #1
Application Window 1 October to 30 April (application deadline section for intermediate deadlines)
Admission evaluation criteria ·  GMAT or GRE score

·  Undergraduate degree certificate with the average grade

·  Curriculum vitae

·  Essay

·  Video Interview

Please see the Admissions section for more information

Loans & Scholarships Please see the loans & scholarships section


St. Gallen SIM Program Curriculum

SIM program has a strong focus on academic research and practical knowledge. With an average class size of 50, students have an opportunity to interact with their faculty.

A SIM student must complete the following requirements:

  • 5 compulsory core courses which are aimed to build a foundation in business and general management. SIM core courses consist of Strategic Management, Financial Management, International Management, Strategic Leadership, and Research in Management.
  • 3 core SIM electives: Core electives include of the Advanced Management Courses and Integratives.
    SIM students must select one out of two Advanced Management Courses – Marketing and Consumer Behaviour or Organizational Behaviour & Change.

A student must complete two out of ten SIM Integratives like Alliance & Network Strategy, Digitalization & Customer Centricity, Entrepreneurship, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Model Innovation, etc.

  • SIMagination Challenge – Students should independently plan, fundraise, and execute an international social initiative which will leave a positive and sustainable impact in the society.
  • SIM International Project – It is an international internship to prepare students with the necessary skills and experience to manage complex problems in the global background before their graduation.
  • SIM student must select one course from Contextual Studies courses and one from Independent Electives.
  • Master’s thesis


St. Gallen SIM incoming class profile 2018

Here are the detailed statistics on St. Gallen SIM program incoming class of 2018

Industry-wise employment of St. Gallen SIM Class of 2015
Industry % of students
Consulting 60%
IT/Telecom 10%
Industrial 10%
Consumer Products 5%
Finance/Banking 5%
Law 5%
Utility 5%

St. Gallen SIM employment and salaries

Current weighted salary, an average of salaries three years after graduation after adjustment for variations between industry sectors, of the class of 2015 is $108621. Below are employment statistics collected by Financial Times from the class of 2015.

St. Gallen SIM Employment by industry

Majority of St. Galen SIM students’ of 2015 class is working in the Consulting sector (60%). Find more detailed stats below:

St. Gallen SIM Employment by industry


Industry-wise employment of St. Gallen SIM Class of 2015
Industry % of students
Consulting 60%
IT/Telecom 10%
Industrial 10%
Consumer Products 5%
Finance/Banking 5%
Law 5%
Utility 5%

International mobility of St. Gallen Alumni

55% of students of St. Gallen Strategy and International Management class of 2015 found employment in a different country other than their home country.


International mobility of St. Gallen Alumni


We have requested St. Gallen SIM admission office to share the detailed employment report of the class of 2019 SIM program. We will update this section as soon as we receive details from St. Gallen University.

St. Gallen MiM Selection Process

Being the best MiM program in the world, and small class size, the admission process of St. Gallen SIM program is very competitive.  We will discuss different criteria evaluated during SIM admissions process.

  • Undergraduate Studies average grade: Applicant must submit their Degree Certificate in Business Administration, Economics, or any equivalent degree during the application process. Average grade score during undergraduate studies has 20% weightage during the selection process. If you are yet to receive your final degree certificate at the time of application, you can apply with a current transcript.
  • GMAT or GRE score: Your GMAT/GRE score has 20% weightage on during your selection process. For assessment, complete GMAT score is taken into consideration, while for GRE scores of both Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal sections are decisive.

    It is safer to have a high GMAT score to increase your chances of admission. You can read this article to learn how to score well on GMAT. You can follow these 7 steps to score 700+ on the GMAT

    St. Gallen MiM Selection Process


  • Extracurricular activities and work experience: Applicant must submit a curriculum vitae which list down their activities outside studies and work experience such as internships along with proof of the same. SIM request their applicants to provide the curriculum vitae in their standard template. Extracurricular activities and work experience hold 20% weightage during the selection process.
  • Video Interview: It is one of the vital elements of the selection process with 30% weightage. Within 5 days of online application submission, SIM admission committee will send a link to record the interview.
    As you need to record the interview using your personal computer, make sure you have a good quality microphone and webcam. Always make sure you chose a well-lit and less noisy place to record the interview and don’t forget to do multiple mock interviews before submitting the final video interview.
  • Essay: Applicant must submit an essay in English on a topic given by the admission committee. The Essay has 10% weightage during the selection process. The essay topics vary from year to year.
    Essay topic given to applicants of September 2020 intake is –
    Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”
    This statement was penned by Leo Tolstoy. What are your reflections on it? Share your concluding viewpoint and argue thoroughly.
    Applicant must write on this topic with a word limit 600-800 words.

St. Gallen 2019-2020 SIM Application Deadlines

Class size of St. Gallen’s SIM program is around 50. The admission process is very competitive, and we recommend applying early in round 1 or latest by round 2. Below is the application deadline for Autumn Semester 2020

St. Gallen 2019-2020 SIM Application Deadlines
St. Gallen SIM admission rounds Application Deadlines Decisions
Round 1 25 November 2019 20 December 2019
Round 2 31 January 2020 29 February 2020
Round 3 31 March 2020 28 April 2020
Round 4 30 April 2020 31 May 2020

Loans & Scholarships provided by St. Gallen University

The tuition fee for the SIM program is CHF 3,326 per semester for international students and CHF 1,426 per semester for Swiss nationals. Scholarships and loans will help you to reduce the financial burden that will incur during your SIM program.  Below mentioned are the different scholarships, loans, financial supports available for a SIM student.

  • HSG Foundation Global Shapers is a scholarship initiative of the World Economic Forum. St. Gallen joined a partnership with WEF.Loans & Scholarships provided by St. Gallen University
  • Starr International Foundation Scholarship Fund is provided to students with a bachelor’s degree from a recognized foreign university.
  • Gallen has a Loan and Scholarship Fund managed by the University with the purpose to provide scholarships and loans at favorable interest rates. This fund offers financial backing for students will not be able to continue their studies without financial assistance.

A SIM student can also take up corporate project works offered by SIM Management Unit. SIM students from outside the EU require a work permit to work in Switzerland. International SIM students are allowed to work 15 hours/week. You can learn more about other Masters in Management scholarships around the world in this article.

MiM Programs Consideration Set

If you are looking for different opportunities to apply in Masters in Management, following MiM programs offered by HEC Paris and London Business Schools are a close match to St. Gallen’s SIM program in terms of educational experience and career opportunities.

  1. MSc in Management, HEC Paris
  2. Master in Management, London Business School

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