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London Business School MiM Class profile, employment report, and curriculum

London business school needs no introduction to a management degree aspirant. London Business School started offering a Masters in Management (LBS MiM) in 2009.

LBS MiM is a 12 months program aimed at recent graduates who have less than two-year professional work experience. The program is popular among the young graduates as it offers a great fast-paced curriculum, the school’s brand, and a vibrant alumni network.

Inclusion & diversity has always been a cornerstone of LBS’s core values. True to that, 94% of the class of 2018 MiM students represent 40 different countries which make London Business School’s MiM one of the richest and culturally diverse MiM program in the world.

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If London Business School Masters in Management is your target MiM program, this article will help you in researching the curriculum, class profile, and career prospects. Here is the outline of this article:

LBS MiM curriculum, class profile, employment report

General information on LBS MiM Masters in Management


Location – London Business School, Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4SA, United Kingdom

Telephone – +44 (0)20 7000 7503


Social MediaTwitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog

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LBS MiM – Curriculum, Class profile, cost of attendance

Below are the details of LBS Masters in Management program’s class profile, cost of attendance, median salary

Aspects of LBS MiM program
Program starts September 2020
Duration 12 months
Tuition Fee (2019 intake) £32500
FT Global MIM 2018 Ranking #3
Application Window 01 August 2019 to 01 May 2020 (check Admissions section for details)
Admission requirements · University Transcript(s)

· GMAT/GRE score

· One page Curriculum Vitae

· Application essays

· Name & details of two referees

· IELTS/TOELF/ CAE/ Cambridge CPE/PTE Academic score (see admissions section for details)

Loans & Scholarships Please check loans and scholarships section

LBS MiM Program Structure

Curriculum structure of LBS MiM Program

London Business School MiM curriculum is fabricated to combine theoretical knowledge with real-life exposure to provide students with a deep understanding of business. LBS MiM course curriculum includes,

  • Core Courses & Integrated Modules: Core courses will give a broad business overview through the fundamentals of business and general management topics. Integrated modules are a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experiences. Integrated modules help to explore how various business functions & areas assimilate to meet real-life challenges and deliver value.
  • Electives: Student can choose 3/50 Elective Subjects from Finance, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Management Science & Operations, Organizational Behavior, and Strategy & Entrepreneurship to customize his/her learning experience. This will help students to deep dive into areas of interest.

Global Immersion Field Trips in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd term and LondonLAB in 3th term is a vital part of the curriculum to engage students with real-life business challenges.

  • Global Immersion Field Trips (GIFT) edifice skills and experience to work with corporations, communities, and diverse business cultures. The location of these trips includes Silicon Valley, Cape Town, Beijing, Tel Aviv, Medellin, and Kathmandu. The student should choose one from six Global Immersion Field Trip options.
  • LondonLAB is a six-week live business project based in London. In LondonLab, the student will engage their theory knowledge to tackle real-life business challenges of organizations such as Amazon, the Bank of London, the British Fashion Council, and Transport for London.

LBS Masters in Management graduating class of 2019/2020

LBS MiM class is known for its cultural diversity. 94% of the graduating class of 2019/20 are international students representing 45 countries. Here are the detailed statistics on LBS Masters in Management program graduating class of 2019/2020.

LBS MiM graduating class of 2019/2020
Total Students 251
International Students 94%
Countries represented 45
Female Students 45%
Average GMAT 681
Alumni 44,000+

LBS MiM -Diversity of class in terms of nationality

LBS mim class nationality by region


LBS MiM graduating class of 2019/2020 – Geographic distribution
United Kingdom 6%
Europe (excluding the UK) 46%
South East/East Asia 27%
South Asia 14%
North America 4%
Africa/Middle East 2%
Oceania 1%

LBS Master in Management – Students’ academic background

Presented below are the undergraduate study discipline data of the students in the graduating class of 2019/20 LBS MiM. 34% of the students have done under graduation in Business/Management, 20% Economics and followed by 12% engineering.

LBS Master in Management students background

Undergraduate study discipline of LBS MiM Class of 2019/20
Business/Management 33%
Economics 20%
Engineering 12%
Finance/Accounting 12%
Social Sciences 6%
Humanities 6%
Mathematics/Science 4%
Law 2%
Other 4%

LBS MiM – Employment and salaries of LBS MiM Class of 2018

45% of students of London Business School MiM class of 2018 found employment in the Management Consulting. Consulting firms like McKinsey, Bain, and BCG hired students by offering a mean salary of £44,965. 26% of the class accepted employment in the Financial Services sector, followed by 16% in Technology. The detailed employment numbers are in the following sections.

Employment by industry

LBS MiM Employment Industry – Class of 2018
Industry % of Class Mean Salary Other Compensation
Consulting 45% £44,965 £9,027
Finance 26% £44,234 £18,967
Investment Banking/Brokerage 13%
Investment Management 4%
Private Equity 3%
Hedge Funds/Alternative Investments 2%
Finance – Other* 4%
Technology 16% £34,086 £32,332
Internet/E-Commerce 7%
Information Technology and Services 4%
Technology – Other** 5%


13% £37,957 £5,270
Consumer Products 5%
Industrials 4%
Diversified – Other*** 4%

The below image also summarizes LBS MiM Class of 2018 sector-wise employment

LBS MiM Employment Sector – Class of 2018

*Finance – Other includes Private Wealth Management, Commercial Banking, Retail banking, and Services & Products
**Technology – Other includes ProTech, FinTech, Telecommunications, and Media/Entertainment
***Diversified – Other includes Government/Public Administration, Energy, Law/Legal Services, Real Estate, Retail, and Leisure/Travel/Tourism

Employment by location of LBS MiM class of 2018

A considerable number of the LBS MiM graduates found excellent job opportunities within the United Kingdom, 49% of the students, were recruited locally with a mean salary of £39,206. 26% of the graduates found job other countries in Europe and followed 20% in Asia.

Employment by location of LBS MiM class of 2018

Location Mean Salary Other Compensation
Overall £42,183 £10,194
United Kingdom £39,206 £10,141
Europe (excl. UK) £51,023 £8,002
Asia £36,378 £10,761
USA/Canada* £37,163

*insufficient data points for ‘other compensation’ of USA/Canada location

LBS MiM Application process and 2019-2020 Application Deadlines

The application process for admission to the LBS MiM program needs submission of the following:

  • GMAT/GRE Score – Average GMAT score of the LBS MiM graduating class of 2019/2020 is GMAT 681. It is better to have a GMAT score above 700 to increase your chances of admission. You can follow these7 steps to score 700+ on the GMAT.
  • Copy of University Degree transcripts – The degree transcripts should include a complete record of courses completed, grades, and the class of degree received. If the student is yet to complete the degree, you should submit a transcript that is recent at the time of applying.
  • IELTS, Cambridge CPE, TOEFL, CAE, or PTE Academic score as a proof of your English language ability.LBS MiM admission
  • One Page Curriculum Vitae – Applicant can create a CV in his/her formatting. But, LBS admission committee recommends submitting in their standard template.
  • Application Essays – Essay is an opportunity for aspirants to elaborate more about their values, goals, interests, teamwork & leadership evidence, motivation to pursue LBS MiM, and what value addition you will bring to LBS community.
  • Name and details of two referees – LBS MiM admission committee prefers one referee from academic and one professional.

After shortlisting based on application review, candidates will get an invitation for the interview. If the applicant is in the UK, he/she will be asked to travel to London Business School campus for the interview. If a candidate is unable to travel to London for the interview, members of the alumni community conduct it by based on the preferred location selected by the candidate. In a few cases, if face to face interview is not possible, the interview will be conducted through skype.

Below is the application deadline for Masters in Management class commencing in August 2020. You may apply in the round of your choice. Still, applying on Round 1 or Round 2 is always beneficial.

LBS MiM Application Deadlines of the class commencing in 2020
LBS MiM admission rounds Application Deadlines Decisions
Rolling early admissions 1 August – 30 September Updates published in 2-4 weeks
Round 1 23 October 2019 28 November 2019
Round 2 08 January 2020 28 February 2020
Round 3 04 March 2020 07 May 2020
Round 4 22 April 2020 11 June 2020

Loans and Scholarships available for LBS MiM Program

Tuition fee for LBS MiM 2019 intake was £32,500. If a student opts for 4th term, there is an additional fee of £7,500. In addition to the tuition fees, a student will pay a Student Association Fee of £120. University will publish fees information of LBS MiM 2020 intake in late 2019.

You can fund your LBS MiM studies through loans and multiple scholarships available. We will brief about different options to finance your Master in Management program at London Business School.

Loans for LBS MiM program

There are multiple loans available for LBS MiM students.

Loans available for LBS MiM students
Loans Eligible Nationals
Prodigy Finance Loans Available for 150 nationalities
Professional Career and Development Loan EU national residents in the UK
US Federal Student Loan scheme US Citizens
Loan schemes specific to geographical areas Asia and the Middle East
Europe and the UK
The Americas

LBS MiM loans and Scholarships

Scholarships for LBS MiM program

Scholarships – London business school provide multiple merit-based and bursary scholarships available for Masters in Management students.

On average, 20% of LBS MiM students receive a London Business School Scholarship. A student who receives an admit will automatically get considered for all merit-based scholarships. The student must give an application for bursary scholarships. You can learn more about other Masters in Management scholarships around the world in this article.

MiM Programs Consideration Set 

Other top global Masters in Management programs that are a close match to LBS MiM in terms of competitiveness of brand image, selection process, rankings, and employability image are:

  1. MA in Strategy and International Management, the University of St. Gallen
  2. MSc in Management, HEC Paris

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