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Top 10 MiM programs in the world | What makes them the best?

Top 10 MiM programs in the world | What makes them the best?
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MiM or Masters in Management has become a sought-after postgraduate program for recent graduates and professionals with up to 2 years of work experience. In our previous article, MIM vs. MBA, we compared various aspects like work experience and age, course duration & curriculum, cost of education, choice of specializations, employment opportunities, and scope of MiM.

Top MiM Programs

In this article, we will discuss the top MiM programs in the world.

Top 10 MiM programs in the world

  1. MA in Strategy and International Management (SIM), University of St. Gallen
  2. MSc in Management, HEC Paris
  3. MiM, London Business School
  4. MSc in Management, Essec Business School
  5. Master in Management (MiM), ESCP Europe
  6. MSc in International Management, Bocconi University
  7. MSc in International Management, University College Dublin: Smurfit
  8. MSc in International Management, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
  9. Master’s in Management (MiM), IE Business School
  10. MSc in International Management, Esade Business School

We will discuss top MiM programs based on FT Masters in Management 2018 rankings. Rankings are calculated based on the information provided by 104 schools spanning across 27 countries and their alumni who graduated in 2015. We recommend you read about the ranking methodology to understand better about different ranking criteria.

MiM ProgramLocationMiM Program NameRequire Academic background in business or economicsMiM Program LengthMiM Tuition FeeWeighted Salary (US$) after 3 years of graduation
University of St GallenSt. Gallen, SwitzerlandMA in Strategy and International ManagementYes18 MonthsCHF 9978108,621
HEC ParisParis, FranceHEC MSc in ManagementNo18 months€3970096,249
London Business SchoolLondon, EnglandMaster’s in ManagementNo12 months£3250089,801
Essec Business SchoolFrance/
MSc in ManagementNo18 months€4090093,461
ESCP EuropeFR / UK / DE / ES / ITESCP Europe Master in ManagementNo24 months€4300080,346
Bocconi UniversityMilan, ItalyMSc in International ManagementNo24 months€1400077,452
University College Dublin: SmurfitDublin, IrelandMSc in International ManagementYes12 months€1920068,400
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus UniversityRotterdam, NetherlandsMSc in International ManagementYes18 months€2700078,922
IE Business SchoolMadrid, SpainMaster’s in ManagementNo10 months€3820079,784
Esade Business SchoolBarcelona, SpainMSc in International ManagementNo10 months€2910081,615

Here is a list of MiM Scholarships available at top business schools

University of St. Gallen – MA in Strategy and International Management

St. Gallen MiM program

University of St. Gallen started offering MA in Strategy and International Management (SIM) in 2004. SIM program has been ranked #1 MiM program by Financial Times for eight consecutive years since 2011. This 18-month program aims at graduates with a degree in BA, Economics, or any equivalent degree.

SIM program has a strong focus on academic research and practical knowledge. With an average class size of 50, students have an opportunity to interact with their faculty. SIM faculty consists of award-winning academic scholars and senior lecturers in the field of management. A large number of industry and academic guest lecturers and executives are also part of their faculty members.

SIM program gives high priority on building student’s practical knowledge and international exposure.

  • SIMagination Challenge is a vital part of the Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management curriculum. Students are required to independently plan, fundraise, and execute an international social initiative which aims at leaving a positive and sustainable impact in the society.
  • SIM International Project is a compulsory international internship every student must complete during their course. The purpose of the internship is to prepare students with the necessary skills and experience to manage complex problems in international settings before their graduation.

SIM students have an opportunity to explore a broad spectrum of their educational and intercultural goals by opting for International Double Degree programs or SIM-MBA double degree. Dual degree programs offered by St.Gallen are:

  1. CEMS MIM (Global alliance of 31 leading business schools across the globe)
  2. DM2 Double Degree Programmes (Partnership with HEC Paris, ESADE Barcelona, RSM Rotterdam, and FGV-EAESP-Brazil)
  3. FGV-EAESP Double Degree Program
  4. International Exchange Term (from any 200 partner universities across the globe)
  5. SIM-MBA Double Degree MBA (Partnered with Nanyang Business School in Singapore or INCAE Business School in Costa Rica which will help students to earn an MBA degree along with SIM degree)

The SIM program has close ties to many international companies that act as corporate sponsors to the SIM program. This cooperation includes interactive workshops, lectures, invites to visit their sites, and international internships offer.

HEC Paris – MSc in Management

HEC Paris MiM

HEC Paris Grande école Master in Management program has been consistently ranked #2 since 2014.  It is an 18-month program with an optional gap year after 1st year for students to professionally evaluate the industry in which they want to pursue their career.

Grande école Master in Management program is designed to give a student the flexibility to tailor the course based on his/her career ambition.  Over 20 different specializations are available in streams like Finance, Strategy, Marketing, etc. The program consists of two phases – Generalist Phase (Core Phase) and Specialization Phase. The Generalist phase comprises:

  • Core courses in Management like Business Performance Management, Company Law, Corporate finance, Strategy, Marketing, etc.
  • Elective courses covering – Business, Digital Strategy, International affairs, and Social innovation
  • Fact projects, Consulting projects, Live case studies and conferences

Specialization Phase focuses on specializations in management or obtains an International double degree. As a part of the Master Exchange Program, a student can choose to study one semester abroad within 20 partner colleges.

As being a student of HEC Paris, students get an opportunity to do certificate programs sponsored by companies during the Specialization Phase. The certificate program will give a true reflection of the business world for students. Different certificates offered are in,

  • Data for management
  • Digital entrepreneurship
  • Digital transformation
  • Energy &Finance
  • Excellence in client experience
  • Luxury
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Inclusive & Social business

In the 18-month program, HEC conducts different events for Career Roadmap, Job Market Workshops, Career Fairs, Meetings with Alumni, and Networking events. According to Grande école Master in Management last year placement report,

  • 96% of the students found employment within 3 months
  • Average starting salary – €63000
  • Post MiM job sectors – 37% Consulting and 28% Financial Services.

Teseo scored a 750 on the GMAT and made it to the HEC Paris MiM program. Read his GMAT journey or watch the video below.

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London Business School (LBS)– MIM

London Business School MiM

London Business School’s Masters in Management (LBS MiM) program started in 2009. It entered Financial time’s MiM top 10 rankings in 2014. LBS MiM is a 12 months program aimed at recent graduates who have less than two-year professional work experience. The program consists of 3 terms with an optional 4th term which includes a Summer internship or international exchange or electives.

LBS offers multiple masters program related to Management apart from regular MiM:

  1. Global Masters in Management – 2-year Global Master in Management (GMiM) in collaboration with the School of Management, Fudan University. In this program, student study 1 year in London and a further 12 months in Shanghai. In GMiM, the student will get a Masters in Management from LBS and a Masters in International Business from Fudan.
  2. Other Masters degree:
    • Masters in Analytics and Management: Program for people aspire for a career in business and data analytics.
    • Masters in Financial analysis: Program designed for people who target a career in finance

LBS MiM course curriculum includes Global Immersion Field Trips in 3 terms and LondonLAB in 3th term to engage students with real-world business challenges.

  • Global Immersion Field Trips focus on building skills and experience to work with organizations, communities, and different business cultures. The location of these trips includes Silicon Valley, Beijing, Cape Town, Medellin, Tel Aviv, and Kathmandu.
  • LondonLAB is a 6-week live business project based in London. In LondonLab, the student will engage their theory knowledge to tackle real-life business challenges of organizations such as Amazon, the Bank of London, the British Fashion Council, and Transport for London.

LBS has around 70+ student-led clubs supported by alumni which help students to follow professional and personal passions. Student clubs, conferences, summits, and forums provide MiM students with an opportunity to network with LBS MBA students who study in the same campus and leverage the influence of the LBS Alumni network.

LBS also offers its MiM students an active career service. LBS Career Centre conducts mock interview sessions, interactive workshops, and online training to make students’ job searches more focused and effective. According to 2018 stats, 45% of students chose the Consulting sector, and 26% of students chose the Finance sector with a mean base salary of £42,183.

Here are complete details on the class profile and career opportunities for the LBS MBA program. Watch this video to know how to crack the LBS MiM application:

ESSEC Business School – MSc in Management

ESSEC MiM program

ESSEC Business school’s MSc in Management is an 18-month program that is known for its double degree partnership and strong apprenticeship program. The student will study one year from the French campus and another year from their Singapore campus, which makes ESSEC MiM a great way to amalgamate learnings of both east and the west.

In ESSEC, MiM students have the complete flexibility to tailor their curriculum based on their career interests. The program offers 47 specializations in the following topics:

  • Finance and Economics
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Managing Luxury Brands, Art & Culture
  • Digital Business
  • Health and Food
  • IT Data and Operations
  • Management
  • Public & Private Policy
  • Accounting & Management Control
  • Management & Society

All students must spend 9 months abroad either through an internship or through an academic partner. ESSEC has 105 international exchange university programs and 17 double degree partners. This extensive partnership with universities across 36 countries is an excellent opportunity for students to strengthen their field of specialization from the best schools.

ESSEC MiM program makes sure students get constant interactions with the business world. Gaining practical experience is mandatory during the program. A student must have at least 12 months of professional work experience through internships or apprenticeships or entrepreneurship or volunteer experience. Every year, ESSEC students get 21000 apprenticeship/internships/volunteer offers.

ESSEC MiM has one of the best apprenticeship placements. An apprenticeship is a 2-year contract between a student, ESSEC business school, and an employer. During this period, the student alternates between studying and working for the employer. ESSEC’s flexible curriculum paves the way for the student to work for 6 months and study for the next six months or allows the student to work part-time for 3 days and study for 2 days.  Employer covers all the tuition fee and pays a monthly salary to their apprentices. This helps the student to get financial support to manage tuition fees and living expenses.

According to ESSEC’s 2018 career report, 44% of students work in Consulting/Finance sector. The average starting salary of ESSEC MiM students is €55000, and the average starting salary of graduates working outside France is €65000.

ESCP – Europe Master in Management (Grande Ecole)

ESCP Europe MiM

Established in 1819, ESCP is the world’s 1st business school. Europe Master in Management (Grande Ecole) program is ESCP’s flagship 2-year program on which a student can attain up to 4 different international degrees without leaving the ESCP Europe campus. ESCP have their campuses in major European cities like Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Turin, and Warsaw.

ESCP MiM curriculum focuses on experiential learning. The 1st year of study familiarizes students with core intercultural management courses like Corporate Finance, European Business Law and Taxation, Economics, Human Resource Management, International Marketing, Operations Management, Strategy, and other management courses. In the second year, the student can choose 1 or 2 specialization topics like Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Consulting, Innovation & Digital. By the time of course completion, an ESCP student will have 10 months of work experience through apprenticeship or internship. As it is a part of the curriculum, if a student is inexperienced, he/she must take a gap year and complete internships.

ESCP has 130 exchange programmes partner universities and 33 dual degree partners across the globe. ESCP MiM student can earn up to 4 degrees without leaving their Europe campus:

FranceMaster in Management Grande EcoleESCP Europe
GermanyMaster of ScienceESCP Europe
ItalyLaurea Magistrale in EconomiaUniversity of Turin
PolandMSc in ManagementKozminski University
SpainMaster en Administracion y Direccion de EmpresasCarlos III University of Madrid
United KingdomMSc in ManagementCity, University of London

Like ESSEC business school, ESCP also has a strong Apprenticeship Track. Apprenticeship track combines in-company work experience with academic coursework. Each year, 110 students chose apprenticeship track and got a monthly salary between €1000 – €1600.

ESCP students must attend five thematic Seminars in addition to core courses, electives, and specialization. Each seminar focuses on a unique business topic and the noteworthy being the visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.  In this ‘Design Europe’ seminar, students roleplay negotiations as if they were a member of the European Parliament.

98% of the ESCP MiM class of 2018 students found a job within three months of graduation. Average annual starting salary of MiM class of 2018 is €50480. 35% of students chose Consulting, and 25% chose Financial Services.

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