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London Business School LBS MBA – Class Profile, employment reports, and notable alumni

London Business School LBS MBA program, established in 1964 is a business school of the University of London and awards postgraduate degrees in management and finance, MBA and Ph.D. LBS MBA program is cosmopolitan in nature just like the city it is situated in. The latest incoming class of LBS MBA is comprised of 92% international students from 66 countries. LBS boasts its MBA program as the world’s most flexible MBA. An LBS MBA student has the option to complete the MBA in 15, 18, or 21 months.

The London Business School is also highly ranked. In 2019, Financial Times ranked it number two business schools in Europe, and Forbes ranked LBS as the number one 2-year international MBA program.

In this article, we’ll share some important information on the MBA program at the London business school. Here is the outline of the article:


General Information

Location – London Business School, Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4SA, United Kingdom, Tel: +44 (0)20 7000 7000, Fax: +44 (0)20 7000 7001

DeanFrançois Ortalo-Magné

Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn

Motto – To have a profound impact on the way the world does business

LBS MBA – Class profile, MBA Fees, Salary Report

Below are some important numbers of the London Business School MBA program. The numbers include class size, average GMAT and GPA, MBA fees, mean salary, etc.

S. No. London Business School Numbers
1 Average GMAT 701
2 Average GPA 3.5
3 Class Size 497
4 GMAT Range 600-780
5 Work Experience (Average) 5.5 years
6 Tuition Cost (full program) MBA 2020 £ 87,900
7 Average Age 29
8 % Employed after graduation 92%
9 Mean Salary Class 2019 £ 83,295


LBS MBA – Class Profile 2021

London Business School MBA class of 2021 is as diverse as it comes not just with respect to nationalities but also with respect to the age and work experience.

LBS class Profile 2021 Numbers
Enrolled 497
GMAT Scores (middle 80%) 600 – 780
Undergraduate GPA (middle 80%) NA
Work Experience (middle 80%) 2 – 15 years
Average age (middle 80%) NA
% of women in the class 38.0%
% International students 92%


Pre-MBA work experience of London Business School MBA Class 2021

The detailed numbers on the ‘pre-MBA work experience by industry and region’ of London Business School MBA Class 2021 are as follows:

LBS MBA: Pre-MBA industry


Consulting 31%
Finance/Accounting 26%
FMCG/Retail/Luxury goods/e-commerce 7%
IT&T/Electronics 6%
Manufacturing/Engineering 6%
Energy/Power Generation 4%
Public Sector/ Not-for-profit/Education 4%
Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology 3%
Defence/Military/Aerospace 3%
Law/Legal Services 2%
Marketing/Publishing/Media 2%
Real Estate 2%
Others 4%


LBS MBA – Class Profile 2021 by region

The incoming batch of 2021 has worked in the following regions before joining the MBA program at London Business School:

Region Percentage
North America 18
Europe (excl. the UK) 21
Central/ South America 14
South East/ East Asia 14
South Asia 14
UK 8
Middle East 3
Oceania 4
Africa 4




LBS MBA Requirements and deadlines


The application process for admission to the London Business School MBA program requires submission of the following:

  • Fulfilling the application criteria of having an undergraduate degree and a minimum of 2 years work experience.
  • Application essays
  • One-page CV
  • Names and details of two referees
  • GMAT score
  • Proof of English language ability
  • Application fee of £200
  • Copy of transcripts

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The application process is divided into four rounds. You may apply in the round of your choosing. However, applying in Round 1 or 2 is always advantageous.


Below are the LBS MBA deadlines of each round:

LBS MBA admissions rounds LBS Application Deadlines Interview Invites Decisions
Round One 11-Sep-20 16-Oct-20 1-Dec-20
Round Two 5-Jan-21 9-Feb-21 31-Mar-21
Round Three 4-Mar-21 14-Apr-21 25-May-21
Round Four 27-Apr-21 18-May-21 22-Jun-21


Learn more about Round 1 vs Round 2 – Which MBA Application Round should I apply in?

London Business School MBA Fees


The London Business School MBA fees for 2020 intake is £87,900. A non-refundable commitment fee of £3,000 and a reservation fee of £6,000 need to be paid within approximately one month of an offer.  These fees will be deducted from the tuition fees.

A Student Association fee of £240 is also levied to cover the student association subscription.

The LBS MBA fees are the same for both international and domestic students.

Tips to make your MBA pocket-friendly in 2020

LBS MBA Placement and salaries

The maximum number of LBS MBA graduates find employment in the consulting industry, followed by Finance and Technology. The mean salary for the outgoing class of 2019 was £83,295 excluding other compensation (joining bonus and other) amount of £36,423.

Below are the detailed placement figures of LBS MBA graduating class of 2019:

Industry Percent accepts Mean Salary Other compensation
Consulting 40 £87,880 £36,921
Finance 26 £84,590 £52,434
Investment Banking 8 £85,362 £56,761
Private Equity 5 £87,699 £65,612
Investment Management 4 £89,500 £56,000
Venture Capital 3 £74,336 £20,756
Finance-Other 6 £84,629 £44,421
Technology 20 £75,448 £23,560
Internet/e-commerce 7 £72,347 £35,741
IT Services 5 £71,614 £13,698
Technology – Other 9 £79,478 £18,453
Diversified 14 £80,583 £23,522
Consumer & Retail 2 £87,054 £32,473
Energy 2 £82,202 £13,793
Health/Pharma 2 £73,434 £14,435
Industrials 6 £77,221 £26,391
Diversified- Other 1 £93,097 NA





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LBS MBA – Employment by region

The majority (46%) of the LBS MBA graduating class of 2018 found employment in the UK itself. However, when it comes to mean salary, the USA/Canada offered the highest i.e. £107,375 followed by the middle east and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, etc.).

The table below consists of detailed numbers on LBS MBA placement figures based on region:

Region Percentage Mean Salary Other Compensation
UK 46 £80,926 £35,124
Europe (excl. UK) 14 £80,122 £27,876
Asia 13 £79,624 £38,244
USA/ Canada 10 £107,375 £43,529
Latin America 9 £67,063 £45,082
Middle East 4 £101,017 £35,311
Oceania 3 £87,894 £40,429


LBS MBA – Top Employers

As expected, the list of top employers is dominated by Consulting and Finance.

Consulting Finance Technology Diversified
McKinsey & Company Credit Suisse Amazon Kraft Heinz Company
Boston Consulting Group Partners Group Samsung Electronics Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance
Bain & Company PIMCO Uber AB InBev
Strategy& (PwC) Goldman Sachs Google
EY MetLife Mastercard
Accenture Stratergy Citi Wipro
Deloitte Morgan Stanley
OC&C Strategy Consultants
Roland Berger

London Business School – Notable


  • Tony Wheeler – Founder, Lonely Planet
  • Nisreen Shocair – President, Virgin Megastore Middle East & North Africa
  • Kumar Birla – Chairman, Aditya Birla Group
  • Simon Borrows – CEO, 3i Group
  • Ismail Ahmed – Founder and CEO, WorldRemit
  • Evelyn Bourke – CEO, Bupa
  • Wong Kan Seng – Former Deputy Prime Minister and former Member of Parliament Singapore Government
  • Cyrus Mistry – Former Chairman, Tata Group
  • Jim Ratcliffe – Chairman and CEO, Ineos Chemicals Group
  • Tim Kopra – Astronaut, NASA

Other MBA programs you should consider

The following are some other schools that are a close match to LBS in terms of GMAT and GPA, age and work experience. We have listed the programs by stretch, match, and safety. Note that these options are presented on the basis of the schools’ brand image and ranking status as a general yardstick.

Stretch Schools: INSEAD, HEC Paris, IMD

Match Schools: Cambridge (Judge), Oxford (Saïd)

Safety Schools: ESADE, SDA Bocconi, IE Business School

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