GMAT 760 journey of an IITian

GMAT 760 (Q51, V41) – The journey of an IITian

A 7 minute read

Many people would have settled for a score of 730 especially if it was achieved in their very first attempt itself, but not Sidharth. With sheer determination and an unwavering aim, he improved his score to a 760. Read on to know more about his journey or watch his video interview. Rajat: Congratulations on scoring

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GMAT 770

GMAT 770-Admits from Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg, and INSEAD

A 6 minute read

Scoring a GMAT 780 or a GMAT 770 is not an easy task, but inspiring others with your accomplishments is a rarity. Mansi is one of those rare people who become an inspiration for others. Her story revolves around one word – discipline. With the right resources and a methodical approach, she aced the GMAT

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GMAT 740 NIshant Columbia Admit

GMAT 570 to 740 – Columbia Admit – Most inspiring GMAT success story ever

A 6 minute read

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough – Og Mandino. Nishant’s story is a perfect example of how determination and perseverance through tough times can reward you with the sweetness of success. Even though he couldn’t achieve his target in his first four attempts, Nishant persevered to achieve an excellent

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gmat preparation and mba admissions blog for business schools

GMAT preparation and MBA admissions | One Blog to rule them all

A 9 minute read

This is the place where you’ll find the legendary work of the 3 elves of middle internet. These wise elves traveled to the deepest corners of the digital space and forged this blog post with their flair for creating useful content on GMAT preparation and MBA admissions. Moreover, they work tirelessly to create new and

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Haleemahs journey to GMAT 690 - 150-point score improvement

GMAT 540 to GMAT 690 – How Haleemah improved her score by 150 points

A 8 minute read

Haleemah’s success is a prime example of how perseverance and determination can change the course of one’s life. Her discipline and attention to detail helped Haleemah in achieving a score of GMAT 690. Read through the article or watch the video to learn more about Haleemah’s GMAT preparation journey. Congratulations on scoring a GMAT 690.

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