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GFE 705 – 150-point improvement journey powered by Perfect Quant Score 

GFE 705 – 150-point improvement journey powered by Perfect Quant Score 
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For many MBA hopefuls, the journey to GMAT success is fraught with challenges. Maria’s GMAT Success Story stands out as a beacon of achievement, having improved from a score of 555 to an impressive 705 (99th percentile), featuring a perfect Quant score (Q90, 100th percentile), a Verbal score of V82 (80th percentile), and a Data Insights score of D83 (96th percentile) in just two months.

This article delves into the strategies, study habits, and sheer determination that propelled her to the top 1% of GMAT scorers worldwide.

Starting Point – A Tale of Initial Scores and Inherent Strengths

Embarking on her GMAT journey with a score of 555, Maria faced a daunting task. Her initial scores revealed a stark contrast in her abilities: a bad Quant score (Q78)  made a Q90 seem a distant dream. Yet, her Verbal prowess shone through, placing her in the 65th  percentile (V82), with her Data Insights at a respectable 60th percentile. Recognizing her strengths and weaknesses laid the foundation for her tailored study plan.

Quant Improvement Plan and Strategy

Maria’s approach to conquering Quant was strategic and methodical. Adopting e-GMAT’s personalized study plan, she focused on transforming her weakest area into her strongest asset. Her diligent study habits, including comprehensive note-taking (discussed in video) and consistent revision, were pivotal. Maria closely monitored her performance metrics within the e-GMAT Quant course, celebrating each milestone reached and identifying areas for further improvement.

One of her key strategies was tackling problems one at a time, allowing her to build her abilities systematically. Maria’s GMAT Success Story exemplifies the power of e-GMAT’s personalized study plans.

“Every question I got right bolstered my confidence, and each mistake became a learning opportunity,” Maria recalls, emphasizing the importance of understanding over memorization

DI Strategy and Achieving the 96th Percentile

For Data Interpretation, Maria turned to the e-GMAT course to sharpen her analytical skills. Through targeted practice, she learned to quickly interpret complex data sets, a skill that proved invaluable in achieving a score that placed her in the 96th percentile for this section.

“The e-GMAT course provided not just the practice, but the insights I needed to understand how to approach each question effectively,” she explains, highlighting the role of data insights in her preparation.

Verbal Preparation: Practice Makes Perfect

Even with Verbal as her strength, Maria knew that to maintain and possibly improve her score, practice was essential. She dedicated a significant portion of her study time to tackling a wide range of practice questions, which helped her score an impressive V82 (80th percentile). This relentless practice regimen ensured her Verbal skills were honed to near perfection.

Fixing Timing and Perfecting the Approach

One of Maria’s final challenges was mastering her timing. Initially struggling to pace herself, she adopted a focused approach in the final stages of her preparation. “I realized that being strategic about how I allocated my time was as crucial as mastering the content,” she shares. By engaging in timed practice sessions and adopting a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) regimen focused on Quant and DI, Maria was not only able to complete the Quant section ahead of time but also excel in it.

Focus and Precision

Through a blend of strategic study, disciplined practice, and a focus on overcoming weaknesses, Maria’s journey from a 555 to a 705, featuring a perfect Q90 in Quant, is a testament to what can be achieved with determination, a well-structured preparation plan, and the right resources. Her story is an inspiration to all GMAT aspirants, showing that with the right approach, even the most challenging obstacles can be transformed into stepping stones for success.

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