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[Tech Update] Interrupted / Resumed Cementing or Ability Quizzes

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If a Cementing or Ability Quiz was intentionally or unintentionally interrupted, we allow you to resume the quiz.

The functionality to allow such a quiz to be resumed has been provided to save a student from losing their Cementing and Ability quizzes. This can happen due to various factors such as a transient network or DNS issue.

To maintain the fidelity of attempt data and the true essence of such quizzes, an interrupted quiz must be resumed as soon as possible. More than one interruption on the same quiz is allowed but must be avoided.

An interrupted quiz may ONLY be resumed within 10 minutes of the interruption.

Indication of Interrupted Quiz:

An interrupted Cementing or Ability Quiz is indicated in the xPERT and Raw Data views as below:

An interrupted Cementing or Ability Quiz is indicated on the chart hover over as shown below.

On the Attempts Page, a “Bold Orange” font on the Quiz Type indicates an interrupted quiz. In the expanded view, it is indicated that this quiz was interrupted.

We hope this was helpful. Should you experience more than one interruption on the same quiz session, please contact us at for additional help. You may simply need to restart your Wi-Fi network or reboot your router.

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