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What is a good GMAT Score for Chicago Booth School of Business

What is a good GMAT Score for Chicago Booth School of Business
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Since 1898, the Booth School of Business in Chicago, Illinois has yielded leaders and ideas that resulting in shaping businesses all around the world. As of today, it motivates out-of-the-box thinkers and ever-questioning minds to delve deeper, achieve breakthroughs and help plan a better future. The distinctive intellectuality of the culture and the core values are revered as it comes under the renowned umbrella of the University of Chicago.

Booth School of Business has an acceptance rate of 23.5% and a yield rate of 52.9%. The college constantly focuses on practical learning turning ideas into solution, which is why the opportunity to be amongst the talented batch of students who make it to this B-school, is indeed prestigious. Who doesn’t get goose-bumps imagining being a part of an institution, which prides in having nine Nobel laureates as its faculty members!

what is a good GMAT score for chicago booth school of business

Considering all this, one can understand the importance of GMAT score as the first filtering criteria for getting admission in Booth School of Business. The discussion in one of our previous articles revolves around the weightage of GMAT scores in an application, thus giving a perspective on how to crack the entrance of the top B-schools of the world.

What follows in this article will help candidates decide on a good GMAT score for Booth School of Business by providing a detailed analysis on past trends along with the latest data available on Booth’s current application pool.

Complete application process of Booth School of Business is perhaps the first thing a candidate must go through in order to begin the application process.

Here is what comes next:


5-year GMAT score trend report of Booth School of Business

Let us begin by analyzing the average GMAT scores of the Booth School of Business in the last five years to come to understand the overall trend:

Year 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Chicago Booth GMAT Score 731 730 726 726 724

As it can be observed that the ascent of scores has been fairly consistent from the year 2014 to 2018 because of the growing competition and an increase in the number of applications from across the world.

An article on a simple 5-step approach in order to determine the B-school of the candidate’s choice was published previously.

The article asks the candidates to further add 20 points to the average GMAT score of the last batch.  Since the average score for the class of 2018 was 731, 750+ seems a good score for making the cut for Booth School of Business.

But our analysis does not stop here. To help you figure out a target score for Booth, we will further dive into analytics to provide a promising perspective. To do this we will examine the data that is available at present from the applicant pool for the class of 2021. Derivations and observations have been looked upon in order to decipher an appropriate GMAT score for Booth School of Business.

If there are other B-schools that the other candidates are aiming for, here’s a 5-year GMAT score trend report of 50 top US and European business schools.

GMAT score for Chicago Booth

The article will look at the scores of various applicants including those who were interviewed and those who finally got admission at Booth School of Business. We will also analyze the data retrieved from the waitlisted candidates in order to estimate the conversion chances and also to figure out the importance of the GMAT score in the application process.

gmat score for chicago booth


For this article, we have referred to the gmat club decision tracker page to get access to some real-time data of applicants for Booth’s MBA class of 2021. The gmatclub decision tracker is where many applicants update their status as they move forward in the application process.

To find out a good GMAT score for Chicago Booth, we will be taking a closer look at the scores corresponding to applications, interview invites, waitlisted candidates and the final converts.

GMAT Score Applications Interview Invites Admitted
800 1 1 0
790 1 1 1
780 6 6 4
770 27 21 15
760 24 19 11
750 30 22 9
740 31 25 14
730 27 21 13
720 33 19 8
710 25 18 8
700 22 15 5
690 2 1 0
680 2 2 0
670 2 0 0
660 2 1 0


Good GMAT score for score Chicago Booth School of business e-GMAT

  • We witness a wide range of 710 to 770 receiving an appreciable number of interview invites
  • For a score of 700, while 15 out of 22 applicants received an invite, only 5 were finally admitted to Booth
  • Maximum number of admissions can be found for scores in the range of 730 to 770
  • All applicants with a score of 780 or above received an invite from Booth. For a score of 780, 6 out of 6 applicants received an interview invite. 4 of these interviewees were finally admitted to Booth.
  • A score of 740 saw the highest number of interview-invites as well as the highest interview rate (81%) with 25 out of 31 applicants receiving an invite
  • The highest admission to application ratio conversion rate (admission to interview ratio) is for GMAT score 770 (71.4%) with 15 students receiving the coveted admit letter
  • After a score of 770, GMAT scores 740 and 730 stand out in terms of number of admissions, with 14 and 13 applicants respectively receiving the final admission offer
  • The admit rate drastically drops below a score of 710


Chicago Booth School of business good gmat score

  •  A score in the range of 730 to 770 increases one’s chances of receiving an interview call and eventually getting admitted to Booth School of Business.  Hence a score in this range can be considered a good GMAT score for Booth.
  • For those who are able to score in the ideal range of 730 to 770 for Booth, the chances of receiving an interview call are extremely high and hence, here are 10 ways to boost your MBA profile for standing out in other parameters of your application process.
  • Since the yield rate at Booth is around 52%, one might be able to observe some movement in the waitlist. This article analyses the GMAT scores of waitlisted candidates to understand this further:
GMAT Score Chicago Booth Waitlisted Admitted from waitlist
780 1 0
770 2 0
760 7 2
750 4 0
740 6 1
730 7 3
720 6 1
710 6 3
700 3 0
690 1 0
680 0 0
670 0 0
660 1 0
640 0 0
610 0 0

A total of 10 candidates from the waitlist made it to the admission list of Booth School of Business, with scores 710 (3), 720 (1), 740 (1), 760 (2). One should, however, note that no candidate below a score of 710 received an admit which further highlights the importance of GMAT scores in the admission process.

Here are some interesting ways to get off the MBA waitlist

What is a good GMAT score for Booth School of Business

730 or more good gmat score for Chicago Booth School of business

From the above analysis and observations, we recommend a score of 730 or higher as a good GMAT score for Chicago Booth School of Business.

With a volume of applicants in the 700 to 770 range, candidates have to ensure that they really stand out, and hence a higher score can play a crucial role in giving one an obvious edge over the competition. The next step is to prepare the other aspects of the application process and perform really well in the interview to be able to make a mark.


What is a good GMAT score for Indians applying to Chicago Booth

Over-representation of Indian candidates stiffens the competition for the Indian applicant pool. This is the reason why we further have evaluated the scores of Indian applicants to facilitate Indian students to determine a score that would help them secure admission in the Booth School of Business.

GMAT Score Chicago Booth No. of Indian applicants
780 0
770 2
760 3
750 3
740 5
730 4
720 3
710 1
700 0
690 0
680 0
670 0
660 0
640 0
610 0

good gmat score Chicago Booth School of business indians

  • 23 Indians applied (GMAT Scores of 2 Indians not accessible)
  • 10 received an interview invite (GMAT scores of 770,760,750, 750, 740,740,740, 730,720 Score of 1 student not known)
  • 2 received admits (GMAT score of 770,760)

For the class of 2020 as well, no Indian below a score of 750 received an invite. And hence, a good score for an Indian candidate applying to Chicago Booth is a herculean 750 or higher. Hence, if you are an Indian applying to Booth, pull up your socks and get ready for intense GMAT preparation.

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