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Schulich MBA Program – Class Profile, Employment Report | Schulich MBA in India

Based in Canada, Schulich School of Business is the business school of York University and is ranked #1 in Canada by CNN Expansion, Corporate Knights, and Forbes. The Schulich MBA program provides you the ability to customize your MBA by offering an option to complete your MBA in either 16 or 20 months or study part-time.

Also, if you have the requisite work experience with an undergraduate degree, you may qualify for the eight-month Accelerated MBA! And that’s not all. Schulich is the first major business school to provide a dual-campus, internationally recognized two-year MBA program with the first year in Hyderabad and second year in Toronto.

Schulich MBA program

In this article, we will be sharing important information about the full-time MBA program at the Schulich School of Business, such as its class profile, eligibility criteria, cost of attendance, employment report and salaries as well as alumni testimonials. This article will cover the following:

Schulich School of Business: General Information

Address Information:

The Schulich school of business Location:

111, Ian Macdonald Boulevard, Toronto, ON, Canada M3J 1P3

Contact Information

Phone: (416) 736-5060

Email: admissions@schulich.yorku.ca

Working Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, YouTube


The Schulich full-time MBA program is available at 3 locations:

  • York University’s Keele Campus: 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON, Canada, M3J 1P3
  • Miles S.Nadal Campus: 222 Bay St. #500, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5K 1K2
  • Hyderabad Campus: Beside GMR Aviation Academy, Near GMR Aero Towers, Shamshabad, Hyderabad 500409

Trivia about Schulich School of Business MBA Program


  • The program offers 18 areas of specialization across industry sectors and management functions.
  • It offers its students the option to switch between full and part-time enrolment
  • Students at Schulich gets  real-world experiential learning by including a two-term strategic consulting project where the students work on real business problems and provide solutions to clients
  • The program helps in enriching your MBA with opportunities to work and study around the world through their exchange programs.

Schulich MBA in India

The Schulich MBA in India is similar to the international Schulich MBA program. The only difference being that students spend the first year or eight months of its MBA program at the Hyderabad campus, and the second or the remaining terms in Toronto.

You learn from the same Schulich faculty and get access to the same career service and alumni relations. Since you get support from the same career development center, your employment opportunities remain the same, with the advantage of a reduced cost of living.

The program also offers an opportunity to pursue a Graduate Diploma in culture, communication, and leadership in Canadian business. This program helps students in understanding the cultural differences, conventions, and business practices to succeed in a Canadian business environment.

The Schulich MBA program is accredited by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

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Schulich MBA Class Profile (Class of 2019)

Schulich MBA Class Profile

A majority of students in the batch 2019 are from Engineering/ Math/ Science background (45%), followed by 33% in business/economics, 15% in Humanities/Social Sciences, and 7% others.

420 students enrolled out of which 40% are females, and 60% are males. The average GPA of the students in the MBA program is 6.4 (B+) with an average GMAT range from 550 to 750.

Schulich Class Profile for Full Time MBA 2019

Class Size 420
Male Students 60%
Female Students 40%
International Students 47%
Average GPA 6.4
Average GMAT Score 550 – 750
Average work experience 5 years

 Undergraduate Degree Backgrounds for MBA 2019

Engineering/Math/Science 45%
Business/Economics 33%
Humanities/Social Science 15%
Others 7%

Schulich School of Business – MBA admission information 2021

Schulich school of business reviews your application holistically. Thus, each component of your MBA application is crucial. The following section will cover the eligibility criteria, application process, deadlines, waivers, and cost of attendance.

Eligibility criteria

You need to fulfill the following eligibility criteria to enroll in the Schulich MBA program:

    1. An undergraduate degree with a minimum average grade of B in the final 2-years of the degree. (Applicants with a 3-year degree need one year of work experience beyond the minimum requirement)
    2. GMAT/GRE score: The average GMAT score is 670 for the class of 2019. The Schulich MBA program does not mention a minimum GMAT score for admission.

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    3. Minimum 2 years of full-time work experience.
    4. Online application
      • Essays (2 written, one-timed written, two videos)
      • Resume
      • Two references
      • Transcripts of the undergraduate institution(unofficial)
      • GMAT /GRE score (unofficial)
    5. English language proficiency: only required if English was not the official language of instruction.
      • IELTS (Academic Test): 7.0 overall score with 6.5 minimum on each dimension.
      • TOEFL (B710): 100 iBT(minimum 23 on each dimension)

Note: If the applicant falls short in English proficiency but has a strong application then he/she will be considered for admission with the condition of completing an MBA/Specialized Master’s preparation program by York University specialized in English language proficiency.


Application deadlines 2021 Intake

There are two intakes starting in January and September for Schulich full-time MBA program. There are four rounds of admissions in each intake where the applicant can apply:

Schulich Intake 2021 January 2021 Intake September 2021 Intake
Round 1 05- June- 2020 29-October- 2020
Round 2 29-July-2020 29- January-2021
Round 3 10-September-2020 10-March-2021
Round 4 06-November-2020 30- April-2021

Note: For international students, it’s advisable to apply by Round 2 as it will allow you enough time to apply and recieve the study permit.

Cost of attendance 2020-2021

The program fee for Schulich MBA full time for domestic students is $17,973 per term. For an international student, the fee is $26,722 per term.

Schulich MBA in India also has the same fee structure with an advantage of the low cost of living. The course has to be taken in two locations, i.e., India and Toronto, students will have a lower cost of living in India as compared to Toronto.

Below is an estimated cost of living in Toronto and India provided by Schulich school of business:

Estimated Cost of Living Toronto India
Food $1,600 $500
On-campus accommodation $3,500 $900
Books and course materials $800 $500
Local public transportation $400 $100
Entertainment/ personal items $1,000 $250
Total Estimated Cost $7,300 $2,250

Note: The average completion time for the full-time MBA program is four academic terms and for full-time accelerated MBA is two terms. Thus, the fees are subject to change depending upon your choice.

Admission Process for the 2020 intake

The admission process for the Schulich MBA consists of three steps:

  1. Create Profile: The first step towards the application process is to create your online profile. Once you submit your profile page, you will receive an email to generate a password for your application. It is advisable to save the email as it contains a permanent link to your application portal.
  2. Upload your materials: Once you have created a new password, you need to fill out the application form and upload all the required documents. The documents include your profile, video essays, a written essay, transcripts, recommendations, and resume.
  3. Pay and submit (CAD $150): Before submitting your application, you need to pay CAD $150 via credit card as the application fee.

It takes about 4 -6 weeks for a decision to be made after reviewing the applications.

Here is the video of Sanjay Dhingra, associate director of Schulich school of business where he talks about the MBA program highlighting key factors and features of the Schulich MBA.

      • 3:04 to 4:53: Sanjay talks briefly about the different MBA programs at Schulich School of Business
      • 13:39 to 15:24: Sanjay talks about what to expect in Schulich Essays
      • 18:22 to 20:00: Sanjay talks about the Schulich written Essay and Timed Video Essay
      • 22:22 to 24:40: Sanjay talks about the accommodation facilities at Schulich
      • 24:40 to 26:20: Sanjay talks about Schulich MBA in India
      • 26:51 to 28:00: Sanjay talks about the employment statistics of the MBA program

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GMAT/GRE and Application Fee waiver

The waiver is only applicable for students who have graduated from Schulich within the last five years.

  • GMAT/GRE waiver: the applicant should have achieved a B+ or better GPA during undergrad or cumulatively across the Master of Management program.
  • Application Fee waiver: $ 150

Schulich MBA Employment Reports & Salaries

The Schulich MBA program has an 89% employment rate within three months of graduation for the class of 2019. This is made possible with the help of its in-house Career development team that offers personalized mentoring and coaching and other resources.

The salary range for the class of 2019 is between $48,000 – $240,000, with an average salary of $93,100.

Function-wise Employment report & Salaries (2019)

The table below presents the function-wise placement and salary for the Schulich School of Business MBA class of 2019:

Function-wise Salary report Average Salary Minimum Salary Maximum Salary
Finance and Accounting $94,218 $70,000 $254,000
Consulting $93,851 $48,000 $140,000
Marketing/Sales $88,313 $65,000 $130,000
General Management $87,164 $54,000 $120,000
Information Technology $85,800 $75,000 $100,000
Operations $96,545 $65,000 $200,000
Others $92,143 $64,000 $200,000

Note: The above information includes MBA/IMBA placement figures.

Industry-wise Employment report & Salaries (2019)

The table below depicts the industry-wise placement and salary for the Schulich School of Business MBA/IMBA program:

Industry-wise Salary Report Average Salary Minimum Salary Maximum Salary
Financial services $87,745 $70,000 $120,000
Consulting $97,004 $48,000 $140,000
CPG/Marketing $89,246 $72,000 $112,500
Healthcare $86,500 $65,000 $106,000
Manufacturing $98,000 $75,000 $140,000
Real Estate/Infrastructure $81,075 $65,000 $105,000
Technology $90,582 $64,000 $130,000
Retail $81,085 $54,000 $95,000
Government/ Non-Profit $82,570 $65,000 $103,000
Energy/ Mining $95,600 NA NA
Logistics/ Transportation $95,035 $68,000 $110,000
Law $95,000 $75,000 $254,000
Others $108,000 $85,000 $140,000

Note: The above information includes MBA/IMBA placement figures.

Major recruiters


155 companies hired Schulich MB/IMBA batch 2019. The following are some of the top organizations that hired graduates of the Schulich MBA Program.

    • CIBC
    • TD
    • KPMG
    • P&G
    • Mondelez
    • Amazon
    • YouTube
    • Deloitte
    • IBM
    • And More

Alumni testimonials

Let us have a look at what Schulich Alumni have to say about the program and their experience at Schulich school of business:

  1. Henry Le – MBA 2019: Associate development program-RBC 

He points out that the program is challenging and puts you out of your comfort zone, which helps in building you for the future. There are many opportunities presented in the MBA program such as capstone project, student council, and alumni mentoring that helped a lot.

  1. Shanu Utharan – MBA 2017: Senior Consultant, Deloitte

She says that coming from an engineering background with an analytical frame of mind, the MBA programs at Schulich helped in providing real-world learning and to look at the whole picture. The MBA taught her, not to jump at the solution but think about it. With a diverse class, people from all over the world made the program more interesting as you can get different perspectives towards a case study.

  1. JP Del Carmen -MBA 2016: Associate Marketing Manager- General mills  

He states that Schulich provides you with opportunities to join different clubs and exchange programs. The students in the MBA programs have a mature mindset and have thought about their career and where they want to go and being in an environment with such people is quite inspiring.

Schulich MBA in India Alumni Testimonials

  1. Shilpa Keswani- MBA 2012 Manager: Content partnerships (YouTube) 

She talks about how the program had Guest speakers where you can get the opportunity to have a one on one conversation with industry heads. A similar event leads her to gain an internship at Landor after having a conversation with Lulu Raghvan.

  1. Tej Kumar Mehta- MBA 2012 Client manager: HABC

He states that you have a rock-solid peer network and access to a helpful Alumni network and career development. Schulich MBA helps in making the thought process more structured and more defined and helps in understanding the organizational challenges based on the economy and regulatory environment it operates.

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In case of any questions please write to us at acethegmat@e-gmat.com

Getting into Schulich requires a good GMAT score. We can help you with a personalized study plan and give you access to quality online content to prepare. Write to us at acethegmat@e-gmat.com. We are the most reviewed GMAT prep company on gmatclub with more than 1950 reviews. Why don’t you take a free trial and judge for yourself?

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