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MIT Sloan MBA Essays 2019-2020 – Analysis and Tips

The MBA application for MIT Sloan School of Management is quite different from other business schools. While most business schools have a 500-1000 words long dedicated MBA essay component (or sometimes 2 or 3 as in the case of Stanford MBA essays) in their applications, this isn’t the case with MIT Sloan. They do not have an application component that specifically reads ‘MIT Sloan MBA essays’ However, there are two important components that serve the same purpose as served by MBA essays in other business school applications. Those components are:

  • Cover letter
  • Video statements

Previously, there was one 200-word optional essay. However, with the 2019 application for the class of 2022, MIT Sloan has discontinued its optional essay component.

In this article, we are going to present some insights on what the admission committee looks for in your MIT Sloan MBA essays (cover letter, video statement). We will also provide tips on how you can use these components to improve your chances of an admit to the MIT Sloan MBA program.

MIT Sloan MBA essays analysis and tips

Here is an outline of this article:

MIT Sloan cover letter

MIT SLoan MBA application cover letter

MIT Sloan asks you to write a cover letter on the following prompt:

MIT Sloan seeks students whose personal characteristics demonstrate that they will make the most of the incredible opportunities at MIT, both academic and non-academic. We are on a quest to find those whose presence will enhance the experience of other students. We seek thoughtful leaders’ unconventional dilemmas with cutting-edge ideas. We demand integrity and respect passion with exceptional intellectual abilities and the drive and determination to put their stamp on the world. We welcome people who are independent, authentic, and fearlessly creative — true doers. We want people who can redefine solutions to conventional problems and strive to pre-empt.”

Taking the prompt mentioned above into consideration, you are required to write a cover letter for your MIT Sloan MBA application that convinces the admission committee that you belong in their upcoming MBA class. Through this cover letter, the admission committee seeks a sense of your experiences and personality. They want to see whether you fit with the school’s core values. This is their way of understanding your past behaviors and actions, and how well they align with the opportunities that MIT Sloan’s MBA program has to offer.

Before we move ahead to some tips on how to develop a compelling MIT Sloan cover letter essay, let’s have a look at the official guidelines set out by MIT Sloan for the cover letter.

Guidelines for MIT Sloan cover letter

MIT SLoan Cover letter guidelines

MIT Sloan sets out some minimal guidelines that you must follow while framing your cover letter essay:

  • There is a 300-word limit to your MIT Sloan cover letter essay, excluding the address and salutation
  • The cover letter essay must be addressed to Assistant Deans of Admissions, Rod Garcia and Dawna Levenson
  • Your cover letter must conform the standard business correspondence


e-GMAT tips for MIT Sloan cover letter

e-GMAT tips for MIT Sloan cover letter

Abide by the Prompt of the cover letter

The cover letter prompt looks quite like the questions asked in other business school essays, and some applicants make the mistake of copying a career-goal type essay they wrote for another program. To avoid this kind of plagiarism, MIT Sloan asks its applicants to write their ideas in a cover letter format, which makes it easier for them to filter out reused material.

Also, it is easy to get distracted from the actual prompt of the cover letter while you approach the assignment. Read the prompt provided in the cover letter question carefully and align your response to MIT Sloan’s unique opportunities. You can divide the question of the MIT Sloan cover letter essay into the following three aspects:

  • Your most significant attributes and skills
  • What interests you the most about MIT Sloan MBA
  • And, what contributions do you think you can make during the program

Support your answers with examples

MIT Sloan asks the MBA applicants to support their answers about their accomplishments through professional examples. It may be tough to sum up your cover letter within 300 words while also stating examples to support your answer. But it is recommended that you include at least one professional example that justifies your accomplishment.

Follow a three-paragraph structure

To comply with the 300-word limit while making sure that you don’t miss out on anything important, can be tough. With the limit constraint, you must answer precisely. You will roughly have three short paragraphs to cover information on who you are, your accomplishments, your career goals, and your fit with the MIT Sloan MBA program.

You can keep the first paragraph small and explain who you are and what contributions you think you can make to the program. Then, you can use the second paragraph to brief about your career aspirations and how your past experiences have shaped them. Include a small example in the second paragraph supporting your accomplishments. In the third paragraph, you can talk about how the unique opportunities at MIT Sloan can help you achieve your career aspirations.

Sample MIT Sloan cover letter

Here is a small sample on how an MIT Sloan cover letter should look like:

“Dear Mr. Garcia,

I am writing this letter to convey my wholehearted interest in MIT Sloan’s MBA program.

Since graduating from _____, I have had a great interest in technology, especially in the security sector. During my five years of tenure at IBM as a blockchain specialist, I was involved in developing and implementing a high-level and secure platform for procurement and strategic sourcing to help solve complicated supply chain loopholes.

Beyond the projects, I have lent my skills to assist and jumpstart another supply chain management start-up trying to integrate different business functions. I am highly interested in the recent advancements MIT Sloan has brought to its curriculum by incorporating blockchain studies. I wish to learn, grow and share my experience with MIT classmates and direct my career towards leadership in this field.

I thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely _____”

Note: This is just a sample cover letter written precisely to give you an idea of how you can frame one for your own application.

For detailed analysis and tips on how you can use your MIT Sloan MBA essays to convince the admission committee, you can refer to the following article: MIT Sloan MBA Essays: Cover Letter Analysis and Tips.



MIT Sloan MBA application video statement

MIT Sloan MBA essays video prompt

Video prompts are increasingly becoming an integral part of the MBA application of some of the elite business schools like INSEAD, Kellogg, Yale, and MIT Sloan. The purpose of video essays is to help the admission committee assess you in action and analyze your confidence, presentation, and language skills.

The theme for your video essay prompt for MIT Sloan is the following:

Please take a minute to introduce yourself to your future classmates via video. Include a bit on your past experience and why MIT Sloan is the best place for you to pursue your MBA. Videos should be a single take (no editing) lasting no more than one minute and consisting of you speaking directly to the camera.”

As you can see that MIT Sloan is quite precise about what it wants you to include in the video statement. They ask you to record the video in one take, without any kind of editing. There are three simple and straight-forward questions in the video prompt: an introduction to your future classmates, a brief of your past experiences, and why do you think MIT Sloan is best suited for you to pursue an MBA.

Before we move towards tips on how to ace the MIT Sloan video statement, let’s have a look at some official guidelines set out by MIT Sloan for their video essay prompt.

Guidelines for MIT Sloan MBA application video statement

MIT SLoan Video Essay Guidelines

Here are some official guidelines set out by MIT Sloan for their MBA application video statement:

  • Your video statement must not be more than one minute in length
  • Your video statement must be recorded in one take, without any editing
  • Upload your video statement in any one of the following formats: .avi, .flv, .m1v, .m2v, .m4v, .mkv, .mov, .mpeg, .mpg, .mp4, .webm, .wmv
  • Use a modern web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to upload your video statement to avoid any issues.


e-GMAT Tips for MIT Sloan MBA application video statement

e-GMAT tips for MBA essays video prompt

Avoid repeating your accomplishments from your cover letter or resume

You are allowed just one minute to make an impact through your video statement. You would want to avoid repeating any achievements, professional or personal, that you might have already included in your resume, cover letter, or any other part of your application. Take the risk, be vulnerable, and try to create an emotional connection with the admission committee by including something personal in your video statement.

Emphasize on just one experience

It can be tough to wrap up your introduction, your past experiences, and your motives to join MIT Sloan within one minute. So, you would want to select just one experience/accomplishment that covers as much from all the aspects of the video statement prompt as possible. Consider an experience that will support your narrative from the overall application.

Be confident yet humble

The video statement reveals more about you than other parts of your application because your action is being recorded, and you have the pressure of covering a lot within little time. The video statement is going to reveal how confident you are, your language skills, and how good you are at creating an impact in a pressure situation. Thus, you ought to be confident in your tone and body language, and yet be humble enough while highlighting your experiences and accomplishments.

The following article discusses the analysis and tips related to MIT Sloan video statement in detail. Have a look! 4 tips to ace MIT Sloan video statement.

You can also refer to the following article for insights on how to make an impressive MBA application video essay: Make an impactful MBA Application Video Essay.


That was all about MIT Sloan MBA essays. Here are a few other that can help you with your MBA application essays:


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