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IIM Executive MBA placements report and statistics

We have received several queries related to IIM Executive MBA placements, and also if the IIM executive MBAs are worth spending your valuable time and money. To help you decide, we have compiled the information from the latest employment reports for the Top 6 the IIM Executive MBA Programs.

IIM Executive MBA Placement reports

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But first, let us clarify the common interpretations that people have when they hear about executive MBA. It may refer to part-time MBA meant for working professionals, as well as a full-time MBA program for professionals with minimum work experience ranging from 2-5 years. In this article, we are going to discuss the latter.

You might have noticed that the recruiters are increasingly showing a keen interest in hiring graduates from executive MBA programs. The reason being, the students from the executive MBA programs, already have robust work experience up their sleeves before they enter the program. They come intending to assume leadership roles in the industry, and that’s what the recruiters look for in the candidates – leaders.

If we look at recent IIM executive MBA placements trend, the highest salary (INR 1.25 crore) ever recorded by an IIM graduate came from IIM Calcutta’s executive MBA program. We think the figures speak for themselves.

For better understanding, let’s have a detailed look at the recent placement statistics of some of the top IIMs.

IIM Ahmedabad PGPX Placements

The IIM Ahmedabad PGPX is one of the most sought-after executive MBA programs– both by the students and the recruiters. At IIMA PGPX, you will find professionals with at least four years of work experience, looking to hone their leadership and management skills.

IIM Ahmedabad executive mba placements report

Talking about IIMA PGPX’s 2019 placements, the highest international package offered was USD 109,666. This year’s highest international salary was almost USD 40,000 north of previous year’s highest international salary. The highest domestic salary offered during 2019 placements was INR 60 lakhs.

The table below shows a detailed overview of IIMA PGPX 2019 placements:

Total # of students eligible for placements 137
# of Students who opted out of on-campus placements 20
# of Students placed on-campus 117
# of students who accepted the offers 114
Highest domestic salary INR 60,00,000
Highest international salary USD 109,666
Average salary INR 30,35,708


IIMA PGPX 2019 industry-wise placements

For the IIMA PGPX 2019 batch, the highest number of offers were made by the IT industry, followed by banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industry. The graph below depicts the industry-wise distribution of IIM Ahmedabad’s PGPX placement 2019:

IIm Ahmedabad Indutry-wise placement report

IIMA PGPX function-wise placement statistics

The highest number of IIMA PGPX 2019 graduates were hired for IT and General management functions. The chart below shows the function-wise distribution of IIMA PGPX 2019 placements:

IIM Ahmedabad Executive MBA Function-wise placement report

For details on IIM Ahmedabad PGPX class profile, admissions, application deadlines, eligibility criteria, cost of attendance and placement reports, refer to the following article: IIM Ahmedabad PGPX Class Profile.


IIM Bangalore EPGP Placements

IIM Bangalore executive MBA placement report

IIMB EPGP has been ranked among the top 35 in the FT global ranking 2019. And, this fact should convince you if IIM B EPGP is worth going for or not. Its placements have gradually become better year after year. The average salary offered during the IIMB EPGP 2019 placements season was INR 26.28 lakhs, which was a 13% jump from the previous year’s average salary offered.

The table below highlights details about IIM Bangalore EPGP 2019 placements:

Class Intake 73
Number of interviewing firms 73
Number of offers 64
Number of students who remained unplaced 08
Average salary offered INR 26.28 lakhs
Median salary offered INR 25.00 lakhs


IIMB EPGP 2019 industry-wise placement report

The IIMB EPGP 2019 placements season saw the highest number of students going to the consulting industry, followed by the IT industry.

The pie chart below highlights the industry-wise placement reports for the IIM B EPGP class of 2019:

IIM Bangalore Executive MBA industry-wise placements

For details on IIM Bangalore EPGP class profile, admissions, application deadlines, eligibility criteria, cost of attendance and placement reports, refer to the following article: IIM Bangalore EPGP Class Profile.


IIM Calcutta PGPEx placements

IIM Calcutta executive MBA placements report

IIM Calcutta’s PGPPEx batch of 2019 recorded one of the best placements seasons in the history of IIM MBA executive placements. The average salary secured by IIM C PGPEx graduates was INR 27.18 lakhs, which is approximately an 11 percent increase from previous years average salary. Moreover, there was a rise of almost 40 percent in the highest salary secured by IIM c PGPEx graduate, as compared to the previous year.

The table below highlights details about IIM Calcutta’s PGPEx 2019 placements:

Class Intake 66
Number of students not sitting for On-campus placement 6
Number of firms 68
Number of offers made 61
Highest Salary offered INR 124.90 lacs
Average Salary INR 27.18 lacs


IIM Calcutta PGPEx 2019 industry-wise placements

A total of 68 firms made 61 offers to the 60 students attending the placements. Most of these offers were made from Information Technology and e-commerce industries (roughly 60 percent).

The image below gives a graphical representation of industry-wise offers made to IIM C PGPEx 2019 graduates:

IIM Calcutta Executive MBA industry-wise placements

IIM Calcutta PGPEx – Industry-wise average salaries

Here are the industry-wise average salaries secured by IIM C PGPEx 2019 graduates:

IT Consulting INR 23.77 lakhs
IT Products and Services INR 23.02 lakhs
E-commerce INR 58.58 lakhs
Manufacturing INR 20.95 lakhs
FMCG INR 20.00 lakhs
Banking INR 18.00 lakhs
Logistics INR 33.00 lakhs
Automotive INR 29.16 lakhs
Infrastructure INR 26.00 lakhs
General management INR 23.63 lakhs


For more information on IIM Calcutta’s PGPEx class profile, admissions, application deadlines, cost of attendance and placements, refer to the following article: IIM Calcutta PGPEx Class Profile.


IIM Lucknow IPMX Placements

IIM Lucknow executive MBA placements report

International programme in management (IPMX) is IIM Lucknow’s Noida campus’ flagship program.  The 2019 IPMX placements saw a rise in new recruiters looking to hire IPMX graduates. Since IIM Lucknow admits professionals with at least five years of full-time work experience into its IPMX course, most of the graduates got placed for mid to senior-level positions. IIM Lucknow follows a rolling placement process.

The table below highlights details about IIM Lucknow’s IPMX 2019 placements:

# of students 47
# of firms 75
% of new recruiters 31
Average salary INR 20.05 lakhs
Median salary INR 18.82 lakhs

IIM Lucknow IPMX 2019 industry-wise placements

IIM Lucknow’s IPMX 2019 batch witnessed 100 percent placements. 95 percent of the students were successful in achieving a higher role shift, whereas 84 percent of students managed to make their desired industrial shift.

The image below shows a graphical representation of IIM Lucknow IPMX 2019 industry-wise placements:

IIM Lucknow IPMX Industry-wise placements

IIM Lucknow IPMX 2019 function-wise placements

The image below shows a graphical representation of IIM Lucknow IPMX 2019 function-wise placements:

IIM Lucknow IPMX Function-wise placements

For more information on IIM Lucknow’s IPMX class profile, admissions, application deadlines, cost of attendance and placements, refer to the following article: IIM Lucknow IPMX Class Profile.


IIM Indore EPGP placements

IIM Indore executive MBA placements report

IIM Indore admits only professionals with a minimum of 5 years of full-time work experience into its EPGP. The placements season at IIM Indore EPGP is preceded by its international immersion program, which helps the students have a global point of view. For the 2019 EPGP batch, the recruitments were made for upcoming technologies, such as blockchain, AI, and IoT, and diverse functions such as Data Architecture, ERP and financial auditing, etc.

The table below gives an overview of the overall placements for IIM Indore’s EPGP 2019 batch:

Total # of students 66
# of students who opted out of placements 14
# of offers made 51
# of New Recruiters 22
Average Salary Offered INR 20.65 lakhs
Median Salary Offered INR 21 lakhs
Maximum Salary Offered INR 31.68 lakhs
Minimum Salary Offered INR 12.5 lakhs

IIM Indore EPGP function-wise placements

More than 90 percent of the IIM Indore EPGP graduates secured placements during the program. The IT industry dominated IIM Indore’s EPGP 2019 placement season with the highest number of recruitments. However, other sectors like power, consulting, and FMCG made a higher number of recruitments as compared to the previous years.

The image below shows a pie chart representation of IIM Indore’s EPGP function-wise placements:

IIM Indore EPGP industry-wise placements


IIM Shillong Executive MBA placements report

The latest information related to IIM Shillong’s PGPEx 2019 placements has not been revealed yet. The table below shows details about IIM Shillong’s PGPEx 2018 placements:

Class Intake 23
Students who opted out of placements 2
Went back to their previous employer 1
Students who participated in placements 20
Average salary INR 17.4 lakhs
Highest salary INR 27 lakhs
Median salary INR 17.8 lakhs

That was all about IIM executive MBA placements.

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