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INSEAD MiM Program – All you need to know

INSEAD MiM Program – All you need to know
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INSEAD business school has launched a new Master in Management (MiM) program for young graduates interested in business but with little or no work experience. According to INSEAD, “the accelerated 10-month full time MiM programme will empower the next generation of well-rounded and agile thinking individuals to make a positive impact in society and deliver value in a digital world.”

INSEAD MiM Program

This article contains all the information you need to know about the INSEAD MiM programme. Following is a brief outline of the topics we will cover:

Is the INSEAD MiM Programme right for you?

The INSEAD MiM programme is designed for fresh graduates interested in a management education having little or no work experience. The programme is open to students from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds with a clear interest in management. The MiM admissions team at INSEAD is looking for the following attributes in candidates:

  • Academic Performance (Undergraduate GPA and GMAT/GRE Scores)
  • Ability to Contribute (Assessed through Interviews and Written Application)
  • International Motivation (Adaptability and Flexibility in Multicultural environments)

Here is a video by the INSEAD admissions team with application tips for Master in Management program candidates.

INSEAD MiM Programme – Facts & Figures

INSEAD will accept the first inaugural cohort of 80 students in September 2020. The duration of the programme is 14 – 16 months. The average age of the class is 22 years and the tuition cost for the program is € 47,500. Following are a few more statistics related to the INSEAD MiM Programme.

INSEAD MiM Programme Numbers
Duration 14 to 16 Months
Class Size 80 Students
Tuition Fee € 47,500
Average Age 22 Years
Work Experience Range 0-2 Years
Application Fee € 180

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INSEAD MiM Programme – Application Process and Application Deadlines

INSEAD MiM Application Process

The application process to the INSEAD MiM program consists of 5 distinct stages, starting with the online application. The 5 stages are:

  • Online Application
  • Video Interviews (Recorded)
  • Optional Interview with Admissions representatives or Alumni
  • Admissions committee evaluation
  • Final decision

The complete application process may take up to 7 weeks (from the application deadline) to complete. The application fee of 180 is to be paid during the submission of the online application in Stage 1. The following documents need to be submitted with the online application in stage 1:

  • CV
  • 2 Recommendation letters
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Motivation Essay
  • GMAT/GRE Score

Once you submit the online application form, you will be provided with a link to record video interviews online. This link will also be visible in your application dashboard. After your video interview and online application is reviewed, you will receive a status email from the admissions officer within a week.

Additionally, an optional interview with an admission representative or alumni may be required. All the application material along with the interview feedback is presented to the admissions committee for evaluation. A final decision is provided via email.

INSEAD MiM Program – Application Deadlines

There are 5 application rounds and within each round applications are reviewed on a rolling basis (as they are submitted). The online application is open approximately 2 months before each round 1 application deadline. Following are the application deadlines for the September 2020 intake:

INSEAD MiM Programme Deadline Decision
Round 1 9th October 2019 13th November 2019
Round 2 11th December 2019 22nd January 2020
Round 3 12th February 2020 1st April 2020
Round 4 15th April 2020 3rd June 2020
Round 5 3rd June 2020 22nd July 2020

INSEAD MiM – Academics and Curriculum

The MiM Program consists of 5 academic periods of 8 weeks duration. Each academic period concludes with an exam and professional development component. Out of the 8 weeks in each period, teaching and career/skill workshops take up 5 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of experiential practical blocks.

Students get to apply what they learnt in the 5 weeks in these practical blocks to further reinforce concepts learnt in core courses. There are 12 core courses and students can choose from up to 10+ electives in the final period of the program.

Here is an image which provides a succinct overview of the curriculum.


The program includes 4-6 months of professional exposure where graduates join organizations either as interns or full-time employees. This allows graduates to build work experience and evaluate the industry they have joined.

INSEAD MiM – Careers and Salary

Since the first cohort of the program will start in September 2020, currently there is not much data available about career prospects and salary for graduates. However, if the INSEAD MBA program is anything to go by, the MiM program should provide graduates a solid foundation and effective take-off in terms of pursuing their dream careers.

The career development center at INSEAD partners with students at every stage of the job search process. They engage with students through career courses, electives, workshops and individual sessions. The CDC also organizes career treks to various locations throughout the year.

Here are a few more articles related to MiM Programs that you may find useful:

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