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GMAT 570 to 740 – 170 points improvement in 4 months

GMAT 570 to 740 – 170 points improvement in 4 months
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Getting a GMAT 740 (Q50, V41) is not everyone’s cup of tea, and when you score a 570 on your official GMAT Mock Test, crossing that 700+ mark seems farfetched. However, with sheer determination and the right kind of GMAT Resources, you can achieve a 700 plus on the GMAT.

This article shares Kartik’s GMAT Journey from scoring a 570 to 740 within four months. You can also watch his video debrief below:

Here is the outline of the article:

GMAT Preparation through Official Guide – Is it enough?

GMAT Preparation - Official Guide

In early 2019, Kartik decided to take the GMAT, starting his preparation with Official Guide. He started practicing the questions and realized that having a physic degree helped him understand the Quant section. Also, he had a good grasp of English, which made him think that taking the GMAT would be relatively easy.

However, when he took the Official Mock test, he scored a 610 in the first mock test and a 570 in the second. After hours of practicing, Kartik realized that just regular practicing wouldn’t help him achieve a 700+ score.

He then shifted to a more interactive way of preparing, where he could get frequent feedback points based on data, to help him improve in his weak areas.

Kartik: After analyzing my performance, I realized that my verbal scores were terrible. Also, I was plateauing on my GMAT Quant section. After a friend recommended me e-GMAT’s verbal course, I started preparing for it. Try out our Free Trial and get access to 10+ hours of video lessons, 400 practice questions, and a Sigma-X mock test. 

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Online GMAT preparation: e-GMAT Verbal Course

Kartik: Honestly, I fell in love with it immediately because everything started to make sense. I loved the fact that there is a quiz at the end of every module. The answers were well explained, which helped me avoid getting tricked by correct looking answer choices. I was able to differentiate between right and wrong answer choices.

Another thing that I found useful was Scholaranium. By leveraging the data points from Scholaranium, I was able to target my weak areas.

Take a look at the features of Scholaranium and what you can do with it. 

Online GMAT preparation:  e-GMAT Quant course

Kartik: After using Scholaranium, I realized that my performance in Quant was plateauing. So, I purchased the e-GMAT’s Quant course as well to centralize all my learning on one platform.

e-GMAT Online Prep Course vs. Official Guide

We asked Kartik about the difference in learning through the Official Guide vs. e-GMAT’s Online course. Here is what he said:

Kartik: Let’s say I encountered a Sentence correction question on the Official Guide. My approach was to read the question and answer what sounds right. Generally, anybody who prepares through GMAT OG follows this approach.

e-GMAT’s course made me realize that sounding right isn’t always the correct answer. I should ask myself if it makes sense logically.

So, I started looking at sentences not just as a language but as an algorithm. There is a code-behind sentence that must be followed. Once that code was kind of revealed to me through the e-GMAT’s process, I was able to find out what was wrong with a sentence.

Kartik’s Approach towards GMAT Verbal Section – From V27 to V41

GMAT Verbal Score improvement from V21 to V41

The two areas where Kartik improved his score were – GMAT Sentence correction and Critical reasoning. Here is how he improved his GMAT Verbal score from V27 in GMAT Mock to V41 in the Official GMAT Exam:

Sentence Correction Section

Before taking e-GMAT’s Verbal course, Kartik thought his English was good. He has a strong academic background and reads a lot of books. However, he realized that many sentences he was writing and a lot of the same that people around him were writing were incorrect.

Kartik: I realized that GMAT is looking for the right meaning and the correct grammar. So, if I can get that right, I can increase my verbal score.

Thus, understanding the importance of Meaning plus Grammar helped a lot.

Critical Reasoning Section

Kartik: For someone who was taught physics as an undergraduate, I thought I had an excellent grasp of logic. But language has a way of manipulating your mind, and GMAT is particularly good at using language to fool you into thinking that you’ve got the right answer.

Before jumping into the answer, stop for a second and think about what the question asks.

Just that extra 5 seconds that e-GMAT trains you to think about were enough for me to crack the CR section.

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Leveraging Feedback points from Scholaranium

Kartik: The amount of data that Scholaranium captures and the kind of actionable insights it gives you was what I was looking for in my preparation. What I liked about Scholaranium was not the questions it had (because I could get those anywhere), but its ability to synthesize all the answers I am giving and point out my weak areas.

For instance, I loved taking the “Ability quizzes” on e-GMAT’s platform. After I scored a 570 on my GMAT mock test earlier, I got reluctant to take the exam. Ability quizzes helped me overcome it because it acted as my training ground, where I went to deal with specific questions.

Learn more about Ability Quizzes here.

So, this gave me the confidence to retake the mock tests.

Kartik improved his GMAT Mock test score from 570 to 690 after completely almost half of the e-GMAT’s course.

After scoring a 690, it gave me confidence that if I complete the entire e-GMAT course, I can cross that 700-score mark.

Take a look at this video on how you can boost your GMAT Preparation by using Scholaranium: 

How Kartik scored a Q50 in GMAT Quant?

Kartik: I went through the entire e-GMAT Quant course, and It took me a month to complete it. What e-GMAT’s Quant course does the best is it helps you understand the foundational level of Math. It’s not tricks but a basic understanding of concepts.

For example, once I knew what prime numbers are, why they exist, and what they do, I could better understand the question. Thus, the course helped me in developing the foundational understanding of concepts and their implementation.

I took a lot of notes and engaged with each module’s theory, which helped me a lot.

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GMAT Exam Experience At-the Center During COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a mask while taking the GMAT at-center is mandatory. We asked Kartik about his experience, and here is what he said:

Kartik: When I found out about wearing the mask while taking the GMAT at the center, I started practicing at home. So that is how I got my mindset into it. Also, the slots were available quickly. I reached half an hour before my timing and started the exam early because the seats were empty. I do not think a lot of people are going to the center now.

Learn the difference between GMAT at-home and In-center exams.

Kartik’s Post – MBA Plans

Post MBA Plans of GMAT 740 scorer

Kartik worked for Deloitte Consulting as a Business Analyst for almost a year and is now working with ReNew Power as an Assistant Manager. He has a passion for working in the renewable energy sector.

Some of the schools suggested by Rajat to pursue an MBA for Kartik were MIT Sloan, Berkeley Haas, and Tuck.

Post-MBA Goals

Kartik wants to work in the strategy team of a start-up, where he has decision making power. He wants to start his renewable energy firm in the long-term.

Rajat’s Advice to Kartik on MBA Admissions

Positing his profile for MBA

Rajat: To position your profile with your background is easy. You have made choices that align with your plans, and your story is very consistent.

Many people change their location or industry, or job function when they plan to pursue an MBA—for example, going from Tech to the Marketing function. However, for you, the most significant change would be a change in geography.

It is not a big change that the admissions committee will have questions. Thus, positing your MBA profile would be easier.

Also, make sure that you can get a good recommendation from your current boss.  Your recommendation letter should show progress within your current job. Here are some MBA recommendation letter tips for 2021 admissions.

“For you, the key thing should be to make sure that in your current job, your achievements are very tangible, and you position it well.”

MBA Consultant recommendations

Rajat: In terms of Indian MBA Consultant, I can recommend a few:

  1. Poonam Tandon from My Essay Review
  2. Karthik P. from August academy
  3. Nupur Gupta from Crack the MBA

Do not apply to all top business schools at one go. Leave at least one business school for round 2. If you are planning to send your MBA Application to TUCK, apply in Round 1. If they say no, they will give you feedback on the same, which will help you improve your application for Round 2.

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