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How Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has impacted GMAT Testing

How Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has impacted GMAT Testing
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Updated: June 16, 2020 

GMAC has suspended the GMAT at various test centers across the globe after the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a global health emergency. In the interest of health and safety, GMAC has also decided to conduct the interim GMAT (Now called GMAT Online), where you’ll be able to take the test from your home.

In China, the GMAT test was suspended in February, which is now extended until June. However, in many countries, the GMAT test centers are being resumed.

Many cities in India have resumed the GMAT testing at the Center, including Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi. However, the available slots are less. Similarly, countries like France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and many more have resumed the GMAT testing at the Center for a few locations.

In this article, highlights the GMAT Test centers that are closed as well as the countries where GMAT testing is resumed at the Center.

Here is the outline of the article:


Effective immediately, GMAC has temporarily waived all GMAT exam reschedule fees.  No matter your test center location, you can reschedule to another date or location, without getting charged. 

Here is an article on how to reschedule your GMAT Appointment step-by-step explained with pictures. 

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Coronavirus: Latest News on Interim GMAT Exam – Online


Due to many test center closures happening around the world, beginning in mid-April, GMAC will launch an online proctored alternative to the GMAT exam. The test will offer a comparable structure, time, and scoring as the exam delivered in the test centers. The Verbal, IR, and Quant will have the same number of items and time for completion.

The security protocols and check-in will be modified to accommodate online delivery, and remote proctors will be used to manage test integrity. The online GMAT test will be available in impacted markets, outside of mainland China.

GMAC is working closely with the Chinese government authorities to present an alternative solution for test-takers in mainland China.

Also, the interim solution will be offered at a lower price point than the standard GMAT exam to support the test takers and schools during this time.

Keep an eye on our article on the interim GMAT Exam for updates. 


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GMAT Test Centers that have been closed due to coronavirus outbreak

Here is the list of test centers that are closed for GMAT

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GMAT Test Center Closures due to COVID-19 Outbreak


Suspended Through


Argentina – Buenos Aires – ICANA June 26, 2020
Porto Alegre July 1, 2020
Rio de Janerio July 1, 2020
Brasilia July 1, 2020
Fortaleza June 22, 2020
Bolivia – La Paz July 13, 2020
Bulgaria – Sofia August 31, 2020
Columbia – Bogata July 1, 2020
Chile – Santiago June 16, 2020
Dominican Republic July 1, 2020
El Salvador – San Salvador July 1, 2020
Guatemala July 1, 2020
Honduras – Tegucigalpa July 1, 2020
Jamaica – Kingston July 13, 2020
Mexico – Guadalajara  July 13, 2020
Panama July 1, 2020
Peru – Lima July 6, 2020
Uruguay – Montevideo July 3, 2020
Trinidad and Tobago – San Fernando September 1, 2020
Venezuela – Caracas June 22, 2020
South and Central Asia
Nur Sultan September 1, 2020
Almaty – High Tech for Human July 1, 2020
St Petersburg June 18, 2020
Novosibirsk July 26, 2002
Moscow June 15, 2020
Bangladesh – Dhaka June 16, 2020
The Asia Pacific and East Asia
Australia – Toowoomba October 30, 2020
Indonesia – Jakarta  July 1, 2020
China – Mainland Testing suspended through June
Malaysia June 16, 2020
Mongolia – Ulan Bator August 16, 2020
Bulgaria – Sofia August 31, 2020
Croatia – Zagreb June 13, 2020
Hungary – Budapest June 16, 2020
France Testing suspended until further notice
Trento – Trento University September 4, 2020
Latvia – Riga Business School June 1, 2020
Amsterdam July 1, 2020
Krakow – Compendium September 1, 2020
Romania – Buchares April 1, 2020
Germany Testing suspended until further notice
St Gallen University June 20, 2020
Ankara – TOBB July 3, 2020
Ankara – Yildirim Beyazit University June 15, 2020
France – Nantes July 31, 2020
Middle East and Africa
Bahrain – Manama July 1, 2020
Afghanistan – Kabul May 31, 2020
Cote d’Ivoire – Abidjan July 1, 2020
Cairo – American University of Languages June 15, 2020
Cairo – Global Knowledge June 14, 2020
Abuja August 8, 2020
Lagos – UKEAS June 16, 2020
Kuwait City June 21, 2020
Muscat – National Training Institute June 1, 2020
Islamabad June 16, 2020
Qatar – Doha
Qatar University August 27, 2020
Al-Attiya Computer & Technology Testing suspended until further notice
Saudi Arabia
Dammam – Al-Bassam Institute (Male candidates) July 1, 2020
Jeddah – Topaz System (male) June 21, 2020
Jeddah – Topaz system (Female) June 21, 2020
South Africa
Cape Town – CTU Training solutions June 17, 2020
Tanzania – Dar Es Salaam March 23, 2020
Sharjah September 1, 2020
Dubai – The exam preparation and Testing House FZCO July 1, 2020
Morocco – Rabat May 21, 2020

Read our article on How to select GMAT test center?

GMAT Test Center Resumed

Here are the locations where GMAT Testing is been resumed. Check out the test center availability here:

GMAT Test Center Resumed  


    • Bahamas: Nassau
    • Brazil – Curtiba and Belo Horizonte
    • Canada – Burnaby, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Regina, Saskatoon, Surrey, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg
    • Costa Rica – San Jose
    • El- Salvador – Quito
    • Ecuador – Quito, Pichincha
    • Guam – Tammuning
    • Mexico – Mexico City, Monterrey
    • Paraguay – Assuncion
    • United States – Most of the test centers resumed


    • Austria – Vienna
    • Belgium – Mechelen, Brussels
    • Czech Republic – Prague
    •  Denmark – Hvidovre
    • Finland – Espoo
    • France – Villeurbanne, Wasquehal, Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Montreuil
    • Germany – Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg
    • Greece – Athens, Thessaloniki
    • Iceland – Reykjavik
    • Ireland – Dublin – The exam center Dublin north and new horizon Ireland
    • Italy – Milan, Rome
    • Lithuania – Vilnius
    • Macedonia – Skopje
    • Netherland – Diemen, Nieuwegein, Utrecht
    • Norway – Oslo
    • Poland – Warszawa
    • Portugal – Porto, and Lisbon
    • Romania – Bucharest
    • Spain – Barcelona, and Madrid
    • Sweden – Stockholm, Gothenburg
    • Switzerland – Zurich, and Lausanne
    • UK: Sutton Coldfield

South and Central Asia

    • India
    • Kazakhstan – Almaty – Kazah British Study Center M&K
    • Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek
    • Mauritius – Quatre Bornes
    • Myanmar – Yangon
    • Sri Lanka – Western Province
    • Ukraine – Kiev
    •  Uzbekistan – Tashkent
    • Armenia – Adelaide
    • Georgia – Tbilisi

Asia Pacific and East Asia

    • Australia – Adelaide, Box Hill, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Northbridge, Parramatta, Perth, Sydney, St. Lucia, TheBarton
    • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    • Indonesia – Jakarta – University of Indonesia, Surabaya
    • Japan – Chiyoda-ku, Osaka-shi, Shinjuku
    • Manilla – Makati City
    • New Zealand – Auckland -Northland Polytechnic,  The University of Auckland, Wellington
    • Philippines – Makati City, Metro Manila, Cebu city
    • Singapore
    • South Korea – Daegu-Si, Seoul, Busan
    • Thailand – Bangkok, Chiang Mai
    • Taiwan – Kaishiung, Taipei City
    • Vietnam – Hanoi City

The Middle East and Africa

    • Azerbaijan – Baku
    • Botswana – Gaborone
    • Cameroon – Bonapriso
    • Cyprus – Nicosia
    • Ethiopia – Addis Ababa
    • Ghana – Accra
    • Israel – Ramat Gan
    • Jordan – Amman Specialized Technical services
    • Kenya – Nairobi
    • Lebanon – Beirut (IT Grammar and New Horizon C.L.C.)
    • Liberia – Congo Town
    • Namibia – Windhoek
    • Nigeria – Lagos (Bellaz Education Services)
    • Oman – Muscat (Gulf college)
    • Pakistan – Lahore, and Karachi
    • Qatar – Doha (Family Computer Center)
    • Republic of Cyprus – Nicosia
    • Saudi Arabia – Dammam and Riyadh
    • State of Palestine – Bethleham, and Gaza
    • South Africa – Cape Town (International Business Training college
    • Tanzania – Dar Es Salaam
    • Tunisia – Tunis
    • UAE
      • Abu Dhabi (New Horizon CLC and The UAE Academy)
      • Dubai (New Horizon CLC and the exam preparation and testing house)
    • Uganda – Kampala
    • Zimbabwe – Harare

Coronavirus – What to do if your GMAT exam is scheduled at a test center that is closed?

  • The GMAT test at any of the test centers mentioned above is either being rescheduled or canceled. A full refund of the test fees will be given if your appointment is canceled or rescheduled. This also includes any rescheduling and cancellation fees refund.
  • The test takers who are impacted by the closure of the test center will get information via email about their test appointment cancellation or rescheduling
  • If your appointment has been canceled, it will not automatically be rescheduled. You will have to schedule a new test-taking appointment. Here is how you reschedule your appointment. NOTE: NO PAYMENTS REQUIRED.
  • While rescheduling your appointment, please keep in mind that other countries are placing travel restrictions on those in affected areas. Thus, it’s recommended that you check it, before scheduling a new appointment in a different state or city

For further information, contact the GMAC Customer service Center. The call center fees will be waived for affected test takers.


Check the availability of testing center near you by visiting:

Can you reinstate your canceled GMAT score without a fee, if you have previously canceled your score with the intent to re-taking it again, but now the GMAT test centers are closed?

GMAC has temporarily waived GMAT exam score reinstatement fees as of March 25, 2020. Rescheduling a GMAT appointment is challenging during the coronavirus outbreak and can delay your ability to finalize your school applications. Thus, you can reinstate your canceled GMAT exam score at no cost to you.

To reinstate, you need to log in to your account and select the “Reinstate Score” link located next to your most recently canceled score with NO FEE. The score will be active within 5-7 days. However, the reinstated scores cannot be canceled after activation.

When to expect your Refund, if your GMAT appointment is canceled?

If you have paid through your credit card, the refund amount will be automatically refunded within 3-5 days of receiving the cancellation confirmation email.

For GMAT Test Takers in China

If you have paid using a bank transfer through NEEA, you need to follow the following instructions on requesting a refund from NEEA. It will take 4-6 weeks for refund processing through NEEA.


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