Consulting firms - top 50

Top 50 Consulting Firms to Work for in 2021 [Reviewed]

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Consulting is one of the most highly sought-after post-MBA careers. Consistently outpacing finance and other evergreen industries at Columbia, Chicago Booth, and MIT Sloan. Moreover, consulting firms continue to hire over 30% of MBA graduates consistently at several M7 and other top business schools. The big four consulting firms that account for nearly 40% of

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Tech Companies that thrived during the pandemic hiring MBAs in record numbers

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Coronavirus pandemic has hit businesses hard and consequently affected their hiring. According to a survey of nearly 100 business schools by industry group MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance it has been a lackluster recruiting season at business schools as nearly half reported an overall decline in opportunities for students. According to an article by

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MBA in Marketing Guide

Why MBA in Marketing? Discover MBA marketing syllabus, fees, and salary

A 7 minute read

MBA in Marketing is generally a 2-year program that prepares you for careers in marketing. Some career options include marketing manager, brand manager, sales manager, and digital marketing manager. Pursuing an MBA in marketing is one way to develop your marketing skills and understand consumer behavior. It is a concentration or a specialization in MBA

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10 Best Marketing MBA Programs (2)

10 Best Marketing MBA Programs in 2021

A 18 minute read

At its core, Marketing is the process of understanding your customers. In today’s innovative and tech-savvy marketplace, employers want marketers who can thrive and adapt. Thus, you must be aware of the best marketing MBA programs that are keeping pace with the volatile marketing environment. Learn Why MBA in Marketing? Job and Career prospect with

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Best Investment Banks in 2020

Best Investment Banks to Work for in 2021

A 10 minute read

“Those who say don’t know and those who know don’t say.” – Micheal Lewis The above quote crisply summarizes why MBA graduates covet a career in Investment banking. Reserved for the brilliant few, only a handful (5%-10%) from even the Top MBA programs get an opportunity to make careers in Investment Banking. Such is the

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Consulting Salary 2020: How much a Consultant earns post-MBA?

A 7 minute read

Consulting organizations (particularly management consulting firms) are some of the biggest employers of MBA graduates. You don’t need to look further than the latest MBA employment reports to confirm this. Almost a third of the class at top MBA programs chose consulting as their post-MBA career in 2020. However, as the war for MBA talent

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Top Tech Companies with the Best Paying Jobs in 2020

A 9 minute read

As Artificial intelligence (AI) and Business intelligence (BI) have moved from concept to reality, top tech companies in every segment (e.g., Internet services, Hardware, Software, etc.) are offering exciting opportunities for MBA graduates. The average salary range of MBA graduates from the top business schools in the Tech is between $54,989 –$2,00,000, and the best-paying

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