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Crack the GMAT Exam: Best GMAT Books and Online Resources 2020

Most people believe that a typical MBA journey starts with acing the GMAT. But what if I tell you there is one step before acing the GMAT, which will impact your career trajectory for years to come. That step is choosing the right GMAT preparation resource. This article provides information regarding the best GMAT books in 2020 and other online resources available.


There are various resources available for GMAT preparation, making it challenging to understand which book or resource is useful. The first thing that comes to anybody’s mind is to opt for the GMAC Official GMAT Guide. But is this resource good enough to achieve your targeted score?

In this article, we provide you with a list of best GMAT books in 2020 and talk about available online GMAT resources. Here is a brief outline of the article:

List of Best GMAT Books 2020

Here is the list of best GMAT Prep books in 2020:

Best GMAT Books 2020
GMAT Books Price Pros Cons
GMAT Official Guide 2020 $81 3 Books + Online Questions bank.


Over 1700 questions from past GMAT exams.


Detailed answer Explanation.


Questions indexed and organized in order of difficulty.


Follows the actual GMAT test Pattern.

It does not contain any strategies.


Mostly low and medium difficulty questions.



Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guide Set $150 Ten guides of 1912 pages + one-year access to online computer-adaptive question banks


Include a strategy guide for all the sections of GMAT.


The sentence correction strategy guide is favorite among Indian and International students.


Fewer Practice questions.
Kaplan GMAT Complete 2020 $100 2000+ Practice questions with explanation.


One-on-one support from Kaplan faculty via Facebook.


Updates are lacking.



PowerScore Bible (Verbal total) $70 Consists of concept files and explanations. Explains a detailed methodology. Doe does not contain practice questions.
Veritas Prep $250 Twelve dedicated guides and an in-depth overview of GMAT subjects.


More practice questions than Manhattan.


Includes difficult and unique practice questions.

Only one online adaptive test.



They are purchased through the Veritas website only.




GMAT for Dummies Approx. $20 Text + Strategy (360 pages)


Covers Verbal section, critical reasoning, mathematize, and analytical writing.


Provides information on how to prepare for GMAT, what areas to focus, timing strategies, etc.



It is used as a reference book.


More strategies that practice questions.



Note: The Pros and cons based on GMAT Club reviews.

The GMAT books mentioned in the list above have both pros and cons. Thus, it is essential to understand what makes an excellent GMAT Prep Book?

Here are a few points that you should keep in mind before buying GMAT Books:

    1. It should include strategies: After going through the book, you should be able to frame a strategy to solve the GMAT exam. Also, concepts related to a section should be explained so that it provides you with a foundation. Thus, look for books that provide you with a detailed explanation
    2. Make sure that the book is of good quality. Check for reviews on Amazon and then place your order
    3. Look for books that provide you with good quality of practice questions, which are not repetitive and are updated
    4. Make sure that the book follows the GMAT pattern
    5. Some books are known for its Verbal section, such as Manhattan and PowerScore, and some for its Quant (Kaplan). Some include only practice questions, whereas others include the only strategy. Thus, depending upon your study plan, select your GMAT books.
    6. And most importantly, don’t just depend on one resource. Consider other study tools such as online GMAT preparation courses, Forums, flashcards, etc.

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Other GMAT Preparation Resources


You can ace the GMAT by choosing various resources such as books, online courses, forums, etc. The two most prominent ways to prepare for GMAT is through – GMAT books or Online GMAT courses. As we have covered the best GMAT prep books, let’s look at other available online GMAT courses.

Here is a list of Top GMAT Online Resources. The list is in decreasing order of the number of reviews on GMATClub.

    1. E-GMAT
    2. Veritas Prep
    3. Manhattan Prep
    4. Economist GMAT Tutor
    5. Magoosh
    6. EMPOWERgmat

The table below provides the pricing and features for the online GMAT preparation courses:

Online GMAT Preparation Courses
Course Price Features
E-GMAT $349 6 months of access


90+ hours verbal and 70+ hours Quant Video lessons


1000 + Practice questions


24-hours GMAT strategy and doubt clearing


Personal study plan creation

Veritas Prep $699 1-year access


5000+ practice problems


Interactive video lessons

Manhattan Prep $549 35+ interactive video lessons on demand


Includes books and online resources

Economist GMAT Tutor $590 6 months of access


6 Practice exams + Ask-a-tutor questions


4 live 1 to 1 session


500+ Practice questions


Magoosh $199 1-year access


1000+ practice questions and Email assistance


340+ video


Self-study plan without tutoring or guidance.


EMPOWERGMAT $349 3 months of access


1,2, or 3 months of study plan


Email support and 100+ videos


1000+ Practice questions

Many GMAT takers are initially confused between choosing GMAT books or online preparation resources. In our experience, most go for GMAT books but eventually opt for GMAT online preparation courses. We talked to numerous GMAT takers to understand why they prefer Online preparation courses over GMAT books.

GMAT Books vs. GMAT Online Resources – Which is better?


Here are five reasons why GMAT online resources are better to prepare from than GMAT books:

  1. Less time to consume

If you are preparing from a data-driven online resource, you’ll need 7 hours for every 10-point improvement on the GMAT. Studying from books take 12 hours to do the same. Why? Look at the next point.

  1. Easier to focus

Audio-visual content is four times more interactive and hence effective. It is easier to focus, and therefore you require half as many revisions to reach a higher competency level. The result is that you learn more in less time.

Adam scored a dismal 490 and 530 in his first and second attempts. The reason for his failure – he studied from an old book in his first attempt and again used GMAT books to prepare for his second attempt. For his third attempt, he used e-GMAT’s interactive online preparation resource and scored a 700 on the GMAT.

  1. Online content is more up to date

Online content always keeps updating according to changes and trends. Recently GMAC changed the GMAT format with a reduced number of questions and test duration. To adapt to the change, the online content of GMAT preparation updates within a day or two. However, you cannot expect the same to happen in the case of books. Books will only be updated when reprinted.

  1. GMAT is an online test

Since GMAT is an online test, it is better to train yourself on a computer during your preparation. If you prepare only from books, you’ll have to transition yourself from books to preparing on a computer, which will take up your precious preparation time. In turn, you can use this time to work on your GMAT Ability and Time Management.

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  1. GMAT is a computer adaptive test

A computer adaptive test adapts itself according to the test taker’s performance. GMAT will throw different difficulty level questions at you during the test. The difficulty level will depend on how well you are doing during the test.

When you prepare using books, you miss this vital part: preparing yourself for the adaptive nature of the GMAT.

List for GMAT Forums

Forums such as GMATClub, Beat The GMAT, Pagalguy offers a massive amount of free study material. You also get to interact with like-minded people and GMAT experts to help you solve the problem.


You can use forums to post your queries or doubts and get responses quickly online.

Apart from forums, you can also join Facebook groups that provide you practice questions, information on GMAT, MBA admissions, etc. to gain more knowledge.

A good GMAT score can open doors to numerous opportunities, not limited to just admission to your dream business school. Therefore, scoring high on the GMAT becomes important. Kick start your GMAT preparation by Signing for our Free Trial today and get access to quality online content and GMAT resources.

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