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Best GMAT Focus Edition Mocks | Free GMAT Practice Test -2024

Best GMAT Focus Edition Mocks | Free GMAT Practice Test -2024
A 13 min read

Navigating the GMAT preparation journey is no small feat. Amidst this challenging path, GMAT Focus Edition Mock or Practice Test emerge as a vital tool, promising aspirants a glimpse into their preparation’s efficacy and the real exam’s rigor. They also identify key gaps in their preparation, enabling applicants to create improvement plans. However, all GMAT practice tests are not created equal and the true challenge lies in identifying which GMAT practice tests are worth your time and how to use them effectively.

We’re excited to share the latest addition to GMAT Focus prep – our GMAT Focus Edition mocks. These mocks are designed to be fully adaptive, mirroring the actual exam’s structure, to offer a realistic practice experience. We believe the best way to get a feel for the GMAT Focus Edition is to experience it firsthand.

Best GMAT Focus Edition Mocks

Here, we chart our journey through this article with three clear goals:

  • Defining the Makings of a Quality Mock Test: First, we seek to outline what makes a GMAT practice test truly beneficial for your GMAT preparation. What should you look for? How do you know it’s a good practice tool? We’ll break down the essential characteristics of a solid GMAT practice test, ensuring that you can make informed choices in your prep journey.
  • Highlighting the Best GMAT Focus Mock Providers: Firstly, we aim to cut through the noise and guide you towards the most reliable GMAT Focus Mock Test provider ( , e-GMAT, GMAC). Amidst the available, we’ll spotlight those that stand out in terms of accuracy, reliability, and user feedback, offering you a clear path in a typically cluttered landscape. Among these, e-GMAT GFE mocks are fully adaptive, mirroring the actual exam’s structure to offer a realistic practice experience. Understanding the GMAT Focus Edition through firsthand experience with these high-quality mocks can be instrumental in preparing effectively for the exam.
  • Guiding You on When and How to Use Mock Tests: Lastly, our focus will shift towards strategic use. Mock tests are powerful, but only if used correctly and at the right times in your preparation. We’ll provide insights into when to take your mock tests and how to utilize the results to enhance your study plan effectively.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through these critical aspects, ensuring your path towards GMAT mastery is not just well-informed but also strategically nuanced. With actionable advice, data-driven insights, and clear strategies, we’ll help you navigate through the often confusing world of GMAT Focus practice Tests, ensuring your steps towards your MBA dream are as effective and efficient as possible. Let’s dive in, demystify the complexities, and pave the way towards a triumphant GMAT journey. So, lets get started!

What Does a Good GMAT Practice Test Do?

Embarking on the journey towards GMAT mastery demands more than just preparation; it necessitates precise, insightful, and reflective practice. A robust mock test is not merely an emulation of the GMAT but a detailed, reliable, and diagnostic tool that refines your preparation and strategies. Let’s delve deeper into what a good GMAT practice test encapsulates.

  • Provides a Trustworthy Score Estimate: A stellar GMAT mock test doesn’t just gauge; it predicts. It should proficiently offer a score that falls within a close approximation of your actual GMAT ability, specifically within a 30-point range. For instance, if your mock test touts a score of 705, a reliable test would place your actual GMAT score in the vicinity of 685 to 715. This score isn’t merely a metric but a snapshot of your current proficiency, offering a lucid perspective of where you stand in your GMAT journey.
  • Illuminates Your Preparation Gaps: An efficient mock test shines a light not just on your weaknesses, but also carves out a path for refinement and enhancement. It meticulously identifies not only sections but also subsections where your ability might be waning, preventing you from achieving your target GMAT Focus score. Whether it’s a specific question type in Quant or a particular skill set in Verbal, the mock test should illuminate specific realms that need your focused attention, thereby ensuring that your preparation is incisively targeted and efficacious.
  • Exposes Strategy Shortfalls: Even candidates fortified with knowledge can find their performance faltering due to strategic missteps. An exemplary mock test transcends mere content evaluation, leveraging analytical and AI capabilities to unveil both your underperformance and its underlying causes. Rather than merely pinpointing errors, it should decrypt your test-taking approach, exposing if time mismanagement or specific question formats are jeopardizing your score. By elucidating the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind every error, it ensures your strategies are as refined as your knowledge base.

In essence, a good GMAT Practice test stands as a triad of a predictive tool, a diagnostic instrument, and a strategic advisor, amalgamating accurate score estimation, detailed preparation gap analysis, and insightful strategy review to pave a sturdy path towards GMAT triumph. As we proceed, we will explore the intricacies and challenges behind crafting such a mock test, guiding you not only with actionable knowledge but also enabling you to wield it adeptly in your GMAT voyage.

Start your GMAT Focus journey with our free GMAT Focus mock test to gauge your baseline score, and then create a personalized study plan. Dive into our free trial for targeted prep. Trusted by thousands with 2700+ reviews on GMAT Club, E-GMAT is your partner in mastering the GMAT. Contact us at for expert guidance.

How to access Free GMAT Focus Mocks

1) How to access free mocks from

This video will provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to successfully navigate and access the official essential study tools. We aim to remove any barriers you might be facing, ensuring a smoother, more effective preparation journey for your GMAT. Write to us at if you have questions.

High-level Overview of the Steps to navigate Free GMAT Focus Mocks

The list below provides a high-level overview of the steps.

  1. Log into your You should land on your account dashboard.
  2. From the dashboard, locate and click on “GMAT Focus Edition Prep.”
  3. Click on “Purchase GMAT Focus Prep.”
  4. You’ll land on a screen listing all available products. Look through the list until you see the GMAT Focus Prep.
  5. Instead of clicking on “Access,” click on “Learn More” beside the GMAT Focus Prep (GMAT Focus official Starter Kit + Practice Exams 1 & 2).
  6. This will lead you to a new screen containing a description and options to access Practice Exams 1 and 2. Click on the relevant section.
  7. You will be redirected to another page where you can start your GMAT Focus Exam 1 or Exam 2.

Please remember to log in to your account before you start this process. This guide is aimed to provide an easy way to access GMAT Focus Mocks. If you have any further questions or need more guidance, please write to us at

2) How to access free e-GMAT mocks:

It’s an exciting time for us as we take a step ahead in providing the GMAT Focus prep resources. After considerable research and a deep dive into the dynamics of the GMAT, we’ve introduced the GMAT Focus Edition mock tests. These mocks are designed to be fully adaptive, mirroring the actual exam’s structure, to offer a realistic practice experience.

What truly sets these mocks apart is the attention to detail in question difficulty and the precision in scoring—designed to provide you with meaningful insights into your performance. We believe the best way to get a feel for the GMAT is to experience it firsthand, and we’re here to make that possible.

You can access free e-GMAT mock from here:

Ready to tackle the GMAT Focus Edition? e-GMAT offers a Personalized Study Planner and top-notch Free GMAT Focus mock exam to help you prepare effectively. As the most reviewed GMAT prep company on GMAT Club with 2600+ reviews we’re here to support your GMAT journey. Take advantage of our free trial with the best quality content. Start your path to success today!

Challenges in Creating a Good Mock Test

Crafting a reliable GMAT Focus Edition mock test is akin to assembling a complex jigsaw puzzle, where each piece – from the algorithm to the question bank – needs to seamlessly fit together to form a coherent, accurate reflection of the test-taker’s abilities. Let’s delve into the significant challenges that creators encounter in this intricate process.

1. Replicating the Computer-Adaptive Algorithm: The GMAT Focus isn’t merely computer-adaptive; it employs a meticulous question-level adaptive algorithm. This signifies that the test doesn’t just adapt section-wise but fine-tunes the difficulty of each subsequent question based on your responses to all preceding questions. Therefore, a veritable mock test should incorporate a similar question-level adaptive algorithm to simulate the genuine testing environment and ensure that score estimates are congruent with the GMAT Focus. Crafting such an algorithm that accurately adapts to a test-taker’s ability level at each juncture is an intricate and challenging task.

2. Curating a Balanced and Representative Question Bank: The testing items, or the questions themselves, form the bedrock of the mock test. The questions should not only span various difficulty levels – Easy, Medium, Hard – but also maintain a balanced representation of all areas tested on the GMAT Focus. In Quant, for instance, ensuring a judicious mix of Arithmetic and Algebra is paramount, while similar diligence must be applied to other sections like DI. This equitability ensures that the GMAT Practice test is an accurate microcosm of the actual GMAT Focus, testing a breadth of skills and knowledge areas.

3. Ensuring Skill-Relevant Evaluation: Ensuring that the questions target the right skills is crucial to aligning a GMAT practice test with the actual exam. As GMAT has evolved, so have the skills it prioritizes. A poignant example from history is the shift from a grammar-centric evaluation to a meaning-focused approach in the Verbal section. Despite this, a reputable company continued to underscore grammar, thereby misaligning its mock tests and leading to imprecise score estimates, particularly at higher scores. Keeping the question design, skill evaluation, and scoring algorithms in sync with the actual GMAT Focus is a dynamic challenge that necessitates regular updates and rigorous quality control.

In conclusion, constructing a GMAT practice test that is reflective, accurate, and truly beneficial for the test-taker involves navigating through these challenges, ensuring that every aspect of the test, from its adaptive algorithm to the relevance of its questions, is finely tuned. Moving forward, we’ll explore the array of GMAT Focus mock test providers, scrutinizing how they tackle these challenges and comparing their offerings to guide you towards making an informed choice in your preparation journey.

Navigating Through GMAT Focus Edition Mock Test Provider

Navigating through GMAT Focus Edition mocks providers is pivotal to gaining a clear insight into your abilities and preparedness for the actual test. Three providers –, e-GMAT, and GMAT Club – are currently on the radar for their offering of computer-adaptive mock tests. Let’s delve deeper into the characteristics, strengths, and limitations of the mocks provided by each.

Best GMAT Practice Test

1) Mocks: The Pinnacle of Authenticity, as the progenitor of the GMAT, offers an irreplaceable testing experience that’s as close as it gets to taking the actual exam. Providing a suite of six meticulously crafted GMAT practice tests, two of which are free and the remaining available for $107.99, they promise a rare insight into the authentic GMAT testing milieu.

The official mocks unfurl a treasure trove of retired questions from actual past exams, delivering an unequivocal match in both content and challenge level to the live test. Every question is designed and vetted by the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), ensuring that they not only adhere strictly to the GMAT format and quality but also gauge the same skills and knowledge areas evaluated in the real GMAT. This approach guarantees that candidates experience the true breadth and depth of topics, question formats, and difficulty levels they will encounter on test day.

Moreover, these tests are engineered with a proprietary algorithm that mimics the real GMAT’s question selection mechanism, ensuring that each test-taker’s journey through the mock is tailored to their ability level, just like on the actual exam. This dynamic between question difficulty and test-taker performance on preceding questions ensures a score estimate that is remarkably reliable and predictive of actual GMAT scores.

On the scoring front, mocks provide granular insights, offering not just overall scores but also sectional and subsectional ability scores, diving deep into your strengths and areas needing improvement. However, while they excel at portraying a candidate’s current ability level and providing a near-perfect testing experience, these mocks do not furnish advanced analytics or leverage AI to pinpoint test-taking strategies or behavioural patterns that might inhibit peak performance.

The only conceivable downside of these official mocks might be encountered by candidates who have previously explored these questions on platforms like GMAT Club, where retired questions may be discussed, potentially impacting the freshness and diagnostic value of the test.

In essence, GMAT Focus Edition mocks stand out as an indomitable resource for those seeking an unfiltered, real-world GMAT experience, combining authoritative question quality with unmatched algorithmic sophistication, and thereby serving as a fundamental tool in the arsenal of any serious GMAT aspirant.

Summary Mocks
Number of Mocks6 (2 free, 4 paid)
Price for Paid Mocks$107.99
Test QuestionsRetired official GMAT questions
AlgorithmMimics the actual GMAT’s algorithm
Scoring & AnalysisProvides overall, sectional, and subsectional scores
ReliabilityHighly accurate and reliable
Additional InsightsNo advanced analytics or strategy improvement insights
Noteworthy LimitationPossible reliability concern if questions have been attempted previously on GMAT Club
Ideal Use-CaseBest for first-time test-takers and those unfamiliar with questions

2) E-GMAT Mocks: The Synthesis of Algorithmic Precision and Pedagogical Expertise

Entering the world of e-GMAT mocks, you’re stepping into a space crafted with precision, built on a solid foundation of GMAT expertise and real-world understanding. It’s not just a test – it’s a mirror reflecting your GMAT strengths and weaknesses with sharp accuracy.

To achieve this, e-GMAT leans into a rich algorithmic understanding (thanks to a co-founder with a storied background in algorithm design and 4 patents) and its team, decorated with top-rated experts on GMAT Club and a decade of deep GMAT experience.  While the official algorithm remains proprietary, e-GMAT, utilizing a sophisticated question adaptive engine, is confident of providing a reliable ability estimate.

Every question is much more than a hurdle to jump over. It’s a carefully constructed challenge, designed over 10 diligent hours, to ensure it taps into the same skills and difficulty levels as those you’ll face in the GMAT Focus Edition. Our experts, each one a seasoned creator of thousands of GMAT-like questions, ensure each problem you face evaluates a critical skill tested at your abiltiy level.

In an e-GMAT mock, you’re not just answering questions; you’re interacting with a carefully constructed, although not exact, replica of the GMAT’s own algorithm. This ensures your journey mirrors the GMAT’s challenges and reliefs as closely as possible.

But, we go a step further than just testing you. Our AI-driven system dissects your performance, spotlighting not just the mistakes but also the why behind them. Did you spend too long on a question? Rush a bit too much, perhaps? e-GMAT doesn’t just point out; it explains, ensuring every mock is a step forward in your preparation.

With e-GMAT, you’re not just practicing; you’re evolving, sharpening your skills with every GMAT practice test. And with five mocks ready, e-GMAT is more than a tool. It’s your ally in your GMAT journey, ensuring every step you take is sure, informed, and confident.

Featuree-GMAT Mocks
Number of Mocks5 (1 free , 4 paid)
PriceIncluded in e-GMAT Subscription
Test QuestionsCrafted by e-GMAT experts
AlgorithmDeep question adaptive engine, based on extensive research and simulations
Scoring & AnalysisProvides overall, sectional, and subsectional scores and percentiles
ReliabilityHigh reliability, although exact match with the official algorithm is not claimed
Additional InsightsAI-driven engine that identifies gaps in test-taking strategies and areas that need improvement
Creators’ BackgroundTop 4 experts on GMAT Club, possess deep understanding of GMAT algorithms
Validation of QuestionsApproximately 10 hours spent on creating and validating each question-solution pair
Quality AssuranceQuestions are rigorously vetted for skill and difficulty level alignment with GMAT Focus
Ideal Use-CaseSuitable for students who wish to analyze not only their abilities but also their test-taking strategies and patterns

3) GMAT Club Mocks: A Community-Driven Approach to Mastering the GMAT

The GMAT Club mocks are known, perhaps most notably, for their Quant section. Revered in the GMAT-prep world for its challenging and thoughtful questions, this section is not just a test but a tough drill, ensuring your Quant skills are not just polished but battle-ready for the real GMAT.

These mocks are likely to embrace an adaptive algorithm, tailoring your test-taking journey according to your responses. Though the specifics of their algorithm might not be an exact replica of the official GMAT’s, the adaptive nature ensures that your mock-taking experience is as close to the real deal as possible.

GMAT Club’s questions in Verbal and Data Insights might face some scrutiny, given the platform’s historic leaning towards Quant. The challenge for them is to ensure the same rigor, depth, and quality across all sections, providing you with a holistic, well-rounded practice. Note, their Verbal and DI questions are created by GMAT Club moderators, many of whom are neither GMAT Experts nor full-time content creators.

Insights and feedback from GMAT Club mocks might fall a bit short when compared to or e-GMAT, especially in providing detailed subsectional scores or deeply analytical insights. This platform is expected to offer at least 5 full-length adaptive tests, providing ample practice opportunities

In a nutshell, GMAT Club mocks present a solid, community-backed resource for GMAT aspirants, particularly shining in Quant preparation

Comparing the three mock providers

Feature/ProviderMBA.come-GMATGMAT Club
Adaptive AlgorithmYes, precise and provenYes, deeply developedYes, general adaptive
Question QualityHigh; official, retired questionsHigh; crafted by top-rated expertsHigh in Quant; Varied in Verbal and DI
Question Creator ExpertiseGMAC experts4 top-rated expertsCommunity members and moderators, varying levels of expertise
Number of Mocks Available6 (2 free, 4 paid)5 (1 free , 4 paid)At least 5 expected
Price$107.99 for 4 testsNot specified$99.95
Insight DetailDetailed sectional and subsectional scoresDetailed sectional, subsectional scores, and AI-driven insightsExpected sectional scores, potentially developing further
Test-Taking Strategy AnalysisNoYes, with AI analysisNo
Community/Peer InsightLimitedNot specifiedRich, through GMAT Club platform
Strength AreaReliable estimate, Real-world GMAT experienceIn-depth analysis, test-taking strategyQuant section, community feedback
Potential WeaknessNo test-taking strategy analysisNot specifiedLess proven Verbal and DI quality, may lack deep insights
Unique Selling PointClosest experience to real GMATComprehensive insights and analysis with proprietary algorithmsStrong community and Quant preparation

Comparing Mock Test Availability for GMAT Focus vs. the Classical GMAT

The landscape of available mock tests between the Classical GMAT and its contemporary counterpart, the GMAT Focus Edition (GFE), exhibits a noticeable contraction in terms of accessible preparatory resources.

Classical/previous GMAT: A Vast Repository of Practice Opportunities

In contrast to the GMAT Focus Edition, the Classic GMAT featured a broader range of GMAT practice test providers:

  1. – A robust and reliable choice, offering deep insights with 6 mock tests.
  2. e-GMAT – Expert-driven approach, providing meticulously crafted mocks with 5 tests available.
  3. GMAT Club – Noted particularly for its Quant sections with 5 mocks accessible.
  4. Manhattan GMAT – Known for its comprehensive and thorough mocks, Manhattan GMAT provided 5 tests.
  5. Kaplan – Offered a well-rounded preparation experience with 6 available mock tests.
  6. Princeton Review – Catered to exhaustive practice by offering a rich set of 10 mock tests.
  7. 800 score – With 5 mocks, they provided a balanced blend of various question types and difficulties.

With a robust arsenal of 42 available mocks spread across various prep companies including, e-GMAT, GMAT Club, Manhattan GMAT, Kaplan, Princeton Review, and 800 score, aspirants of the Classical GMAT found themselves enveloped in a wealth of practice material. Each company, with its unique strengths, delivered diverse mock experiences, aiding test-takers to explore, understand, and adapt to varied question types, difficulty levels, and testing algorithms.

GMAT Focus Edition Mocks Providers

Despite the updated format, GMAT Focus Edition aspirants have a similarly structured offering from three key mock test providers:

  2. e-GMAT
  3. GMAT Club

Note, as of Oct 13, 2023, none of the remaining providers listed above has announced GMAT Focus Edition mocks on their respective websites/portals. Also note, that this may change in the future.

The GMAT Focus Edition, whilst continuing to leverage the expertise of, e-GMAT, and GMAT Club, only affords aspirants 16 mocks in total. Though it may seem like a significant tapering, it’s pivotal to note that these mocks are carved and fine-tuned, aligning closely with the GMAT Focus’ distinctive format and testing mechanisms.

Implications and Adjustments

While, e-GMAT, and GMAT Club maintain a consistent offering between the GMAT editions, the disappearance of additional providers from the Focus Edition landscape implies a shift in strategy for aspirants. Here, the reliance on a finite set of mock experiences mandates a careful, introspective approach to utilizing each practice test, ensuring that learnings are deeply internalized and applied progressively throughout the preparation journey.

Ready to tackle the GMAT Focus Edition? e-GMAT offers a Personalized Study Planner and top-notch Free GFE mock exam to help you prepare effectively. As the most reviewed GMAT prep company on GMAT Club with 2600+ reviews we’re here to support your GFE journey. Take advantage of our free trial with the best quality content. Start your path to success today!

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