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GMAT Official Guide 2023-2024 , Focus Edition – What’s New?

GMAT Official Guide 2023-2024 , Focus Edition – What’s New?
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The GMAT Official Guide (OG) 2023 is tailored for the new GMAT Focus Edition, making it an indispensable resource for aspirants worldwide. Preparing for the GMAT requires comprehensive study materials, and one of the most trusted resources is the GMAT Official Guide (OG). Recognized as an essential companion, the GMAT Official Guide offers a collection of real past GMAT questions, reflecting the exam’s format and difficulty.

In this article, we’ll explore the major enhancements in the GMAT OG 2023-24 and evaluate the benefits of purchasing it, helping you decide if it’s worth the investment.

GMAT focus official Guide

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Overview of GMAT Focus Edition

In response to the evolving business landscape, Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has announced a major test change and introduced the GMAT Focus, designed to assess higher-order critical reasoning and data literacy skills essential for future success.

The new GMAT Focus edition Syllabus introduces several significant changes to the exam. These include the elimination of the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section, improvements to both the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative sections, and the addition of a new section called Data Insights.

To align with this new test format, the GMAT Official Guide (OG) 2023- 24 has been meticulously crafted to better prepare test-takers for the challenges and demands of the GMAT Focus edition.

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GMAT Focus Official Guide 2023-24 || What’s new? 

New Data Insights Review chapter

This new chapter in OG 2023 describes the Data Insights section of the GMAT Focus exam, explains what it measures, discusses the five types of Data Insights questions, and offers strategies for answering them. Combining Integrated Reasoning and Data Sufficiency question types, it measures digital and data literacy, highly sought-after skills in the modern business world.

Quant Review and Verbal Review chapters in Official Guide 2023-24

To help students build their foundational learning, Quant and Verbal review chapters are added to the Official Guide 2023-24 in line with the GMAT Focus Edition.

Here is a table showcasing the number of questions in the Math Review and Verbal Review sections in OG 2023 online question bank.

 eBookExtra Questions in Online Question Bank
Benefit from 150+ extra questions (only available in the Online Question Bank) in addition to the questions from the Book

The Quant review chapter includes formulas you should be familiar with, whereas the verbal review chapter helps develop skills that will help you analyze and evaluate written texts and ideas.

Topics Included in Quant Review:

GMAT Focus OG Quant Section

In addition to this, the Quant review also incorporates a quick quantitative reference sheet to review basic formulas and key concepts. This comes in handy as a quick refresher when trying to revise and revisit quant concepts.   

Topics Included in Verbal Review:

GMAT Focus OG Quant Section

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GMAT Official Guide 2023-24 || Is it enough to prepare for the GMAT?   

In our experience, you should use other GMAT Prep materials alongside the GMAT Official Guide. The GMAC also recommends not to depend upon the Official guide completely.   

In the GMAT, the ability to apply skills in a logical manner is crucial beyond simply knowing the concepts. However, it is important to acknowledge that individuals have varying starting abilities, influenced by factors such as work experience, innate talent, and prior GMAT exam preparation.

Considering the limited number of questions in the GMAT Official Guide (OG)/e-book, using all the available OG questions for learning purposes may result in a shortage of questions for practice purposes.

Section (e-book)EasyMediumHard
DI (only Data Sufficiency questions in e-book)403331

Currently, the data insights section in the physical book/e-book has only DS-type questions. For the remaining, you must access the online question bank.

Data Insights online question bank in Official Guide 2023

  • Multi-Source Reasoning
  • Table Analysis
  • Graphic Interpretation
  • Two-part analysis
  • Data Sufficiency
Data Sufficiency (online exclusive)172
Multi Source Reasoning121714
Table Analysis11108
Graphic Interpretation10168
Two-part Analysis14219

Read this article to understand about the GMAT Official Prep content – What is it & How to use it.

GMAT Official Guide 2023 -24 || Should you buy it? 

The GMAT Focus edition brings notable changes to the exam, including an enhanced Verbal  Reasoning section and Quant section, and the introduction of a new Data Insights section. To align with this new test format, the GMAT Official Guide (OG) 2023 has been strategically created to better prepare test-takers for the challenges and demands of the GMAT Focus edition.

If you are planning to give the GMAT Focus Edition, then buying the OG 2023 is worth  it. The Official Guide 2023-2024 is available at GMAC’s official site for $47.99

GMAT Focus Official Guide 2023- 2024

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FAQ – GMAT Focus Official Guide

What is GMAT Official Guide? 

GMAT Official Guide (OG) is a comprehensive collection of questions that have been asked in previous GMAT exams to reflect the actual exam’s format and difficulty level.

Where can I buy GMAT OG 2023? 

You can buy the e-book from Amazon, or GMAC Official site for $47.99.

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