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GMAT Official Guide 2022 reviewed – OG 2022 vs. OG 2021

GMAT Official Guide 2022 reviewed – OG 2022 vs. OG 2021
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The GMAT Official Guide (OG) 2022 is here, and it comes with a few new enhancements. The Official Guide for GMAT is the most widely used study resource for GMAT preparation and includes retired questions that have appeared in the past on the actual GMAT test. The OG for GMAT is a question bank of more than 1000 questions that have been asked in previous GMAT exams. They are the closest to the real questions asked on the GMAT.

Every year GMAC introduces a new edition of OG. A few questions would probably be going on in your mind about the major enhancements made in Official Guide 2022, how it fares against Official Guide 2021, and whether OG 2022 is worth buying.

GMAT Official Guide (OG) 2023 has been released.

The release of the GMAT Official Guide (OG) 2023 was a highly anticipated event, especially considering the release of the new GMAT Focus Edition.  Preparing for the GMAT requires comprehensive study materials, and one of the most trusted resources is the GMAT Official Guide (OG).

Here is the detailed article explaining – GMAT Official Guide 2023-2024

GMAT Official Guide 2023-2024

To help you make this decision, we compared OG 2022 and OG 2021, and have come up with our conclusion. You can also watch the video where we compare GMAT Official guide 2021 vs. 2022:

GMAT Official Guide 2022 – What’s new?

GMAT OG 2022 has four new additions:

  • Two New review chapters, one each for Quant and Verbal 
  • Assigned difficulty level for every question 
  • Exclusive access to online diagnostic evaluation  
  • Enhanced solutions for official questions  

Let us look into each of the above points in detail.  

It takes more than the GMAT official guide to ace the GMAT. No dought the OG is required, but it should not be the only resource you use. Why don’t you try out our free trial that gives you access to more than 400 questions, more than seven webinars conducted by top instructors on GMAT Club, and one free mock test? We are the most reviewed online GMAT Prep company with 2200+ reviews on GMATClub.

Two New review chapters

To help students build their foundational learning, Quant and Verbal review chapters are added to Official guide 2022; this was not available in OG 2021.   

Both the chapters test your conceptual knowledge and consist of 25 practice questions categorized into easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels.    

Here are the number of questions in Math and Verbal review based on the difficulty level of the question:

Chapter    Easy    Medium    Hard    
Math Review    11   10   4   
Verbal Review    10   8   7   

The Quant review chapter includes formulas you should be familiar with, whereas the verbal review chapter helps develop skills that will help you analyze and evaluate written texts and ideas. Here are the topics that are covered under each chapter:

GMAT Official guide 2022 - Math and Verbal review chapters

In addition to this, the Quant review also incorporates a quick quantitative reference sheet to review basic formulas and key concepts. This comes in handy as a quick refresher when trying to revise and revisit quant concepts.   

The next addition is difficulty-based segmentation of questions.  

Assigned difficulty level for every question 

While the older versions of the Official Guide presented questions of varying difficulty levels without disclosing what those levels were, the OG 2022 assigns one of "Easy," "Medium," or "Hard" difficulty levels to every single question in the guide. 

This helps test-takers tailor their GMAT preparation by enabling them to select and solve questions of difficulty levels that are aligned with their own degree of preparation.

In total, there are 333 Easy, 307 Medium, and 355 hard questions.  Here is the split for each question type:

Question Type    Easy    Medium    Hard    Total    
Problem Solving    99   68   95   262   
Data Sufficiency    86   78   76   240    
Reading comprehension    41    48    60    149    
Sentence correction    52   59    67    178    
Critical reasoning    55   54   57   166   
Total    333   307   355   995   

As you can see, OG 22 has a total of 995 questions, a number which is slightly lower than that in OG 21, which had 998 questions. But, with the addition of two new chapters in Quant and Verbal, OG 22' offers 50 additional questions, bringing the total number of questions to 1045.  Here is a comparison between the question type for GMAT OG 2022 vs. GMAT OG 2021:

Question Type    GMAT OG 2022   GMAT OG 2021   
Problem Solving    262   262   
Data Sufficiency    240    240    
Sentence correction    178   180    
Critical reasoning    166   167    
Reading Comprehension    149   149    
Math Review250
Verbal Review250
Total    1045998    

Please note that there are no "new questions" added to the 2022 guide. The questions have been taken from previous versions of the OG. 

So, the only advantage the new edition of the OG provides is the ability to select, sequence, and solve questions based on difficulty level; however, you would still need to invest considerable manual effort when selecting and sequencing questions to solve. 

Moving on, the next change in Official guide 2022 is a feature in the Online question bank.  

Exclusive access to Online diagnostic evaluation 

The new edition of the OG includes an online diagnostic evaluation for Quant, Verbal, and integrated reasoning; this has 84 questions – of easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels – which have been inherited from older editions of the Official guide but were not included in the 2021 edition.  

Here are the total number of questions in each category:

Online diagnostic evaluationQuantitative  Verbal  Integrated reasoning  
No. Of questions   40  36  8  

These diagnostic evaluations help GMAT aspirants assess their preparedness and help them to focus on their weak areas based on performance metrics.  

The diagnostics show you the percentage of correct answers, time taken on each question, the difficulty level of the question, and a detailed explanation about the questions solved.

Finally, the OG 22' includes detailed solutions to the questions in the guide. 

Enhanced solutions and explanations for official questions

The GMAT Official guide 2022 includes more in-depth and comprehensive explanations to help test-takers better understand concepts and the correct processes to leverage when solving official questions.  

Out of the 995 questions, 160 questions have updated answer explanations, and 63 have a new main idea summary:

  GMAT OG 2022Updated answer explanation   New main idea summary   
Problem Solving   46   Nil  
Data sufficiency   54  Nil   
Reading Comprehension   7   63   
Critical Reasoning   31  Nil  
Sentence correction   22  Nil   
Total   160  63  

If you look at the two questions presented below, you can see that OG 2022 has detailed answer explanations that can help you tackle questions methodically.

OG 2021

GMAT Official Guide 2021 answer explanation

OG 2022

GMAT Official guide 2022 answer explanation

In essence, the explanations for some questions in GMAT OG22' are more detailed. However, given the high quality of explanations available on OG Scholaranium and GMAT Club, some might consider this enhancement a minor upgrade.  

Moreover, no new questions are added to OG 22', and all questions have been inherited from older editions of the official guide.   


With two new additional chapters in Quant and Verbal and an online diagnostic evaluation that was not available in OG 21', 134 additional questions are available in OG 22'.   

  GMAT OG 21’  GMAT OG 22’   
Verbal section  496  493  
Quant section  502  502  
Math review chapter  Not available25  
Verbal review chapter   Not available  25  
Online Diagnostic evaluation   Not available   84   
Total   998  1129  

So, this brings us to the main question, should you purchase the OG 22?   

GMAT Official Guide 2022 – Should you buy it?

The answer depends. 

If you already have Official Guide 2021, you do not need to buy the latest version. You can access all the questions through Scholaranium and access other diagnostics that provide better insights with e-GMAT's online course.  

However, we recommend purchasing the Official Guide 2022 if you do not own any official guide. The OG 2022 is available at GMAC's official site for $47.99. You can also check other retailers like Amazon and Wiley, which offer the guide at a discount.

GMAT Official Guide 2022 - is it enough to prepare for the GMAT?   

Well, it's not. In our experience, you should use other GMAT Prep materials aside from the GMAT Official Guide. The GMAC also recommends not to depend upon the Official guide completely.   

You can continue your practice by registering for our Free trial that gives you access to more than 400 questions, more than seven webinars conducted by top instructors on GMAT Club, and one free mock test. We are the most reviewed online GMAT Prep company with 2200+ reviews on GMATClub.

GMAT OG 2020 vs. 2021

Take a look at this video on the comparison between GMAT OG 2021 and OG 2020:

FAQ - GMAT OG 2022

What is GMAT Official Guide?

GMAT Official Guide (OG) is a question bank of more than 1000 questions that have been asked in previous GMAT exams. They are the closest to the real questions asked on the GMAT.

Is OG enough for me to ace the GMAT?

For most test-takers, OG is not enough. The questions in the Official Guide are actually old retired GMAT questions and so, indeed the questions on the actual exam would be of a similar difficulty level. However, you need more prep resources to ace the GMAT. Here are 400 free GMAT prep questions.

Where can I buy GMAT OG 2022?

You can buy the e-book from Wiley's website, Amazon, or GMAC Official site.
More details here.

Which are the best books to prepare for the GMAT?

There are quite a few books and online resources you can use to prepare for the GMAT. Here is a comprehensive list.

What is the GMAT syllabus?

GMAT syllabus comprises topics from Quant, Verbal, AWA, and IR sections of the GMAT. Here is the list of topics, whose questions can be asked on the GMAT

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