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5 Reasons why the GMAT Exam is a Good Choice for Working Professionals

The GMAT exam is a standardized test used by business schools around the world for admission to MBA and other business master’s degree programs. Your GMAT Exam score is accepted by over 7000 programs at 2300+ graduate business schools in 100 countries. In fact, 9 out of 10 new MBA enrollments globally are made using a GMAT score. In this article, we cover the Top 5 reasons why the GMAT exam is a good choice for working professionals.

5 reasons why the GMAT exam is a good choice for working professionals

Here is a brief outline of the article:

GMAT Exam – The Basics

The GMAT is a computer-adaptive standardized test used by business schools for admission to MBA and other business master’s degree programs. At its core, the GMAT Exam is a test of quantitative and verbal reasoning skills. In its latest version, the test consists of 4 sections and is 3 hours and 7 minutes long. The four main sections of the GMAT are:

  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Analytical Writing Assessment

The following articles cover the basics of the GMAT Exam in detail:

Top 5 reasons why the GMAT Exam is a good choice for working professionals

Reason 1: Accepted for admission to Top Business Schools Worldwide GMAT exam is accepted around the world at 7000+ programs

The GMAT Exam was designed by business schools for business schools. It is taken by 200,000+ candidates every year for admission to MBA and other graduates business degree programs in 110 countries around the world.

The GMAT is accepted for admission to 7000+ programs at over 2,300 business schools and universities around the world including top MBA programs such as Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton.

Furthermore, the GMAT Exam is accepted for admission into the coveted IIMs (Full-time Executive MBA Programs) as well as other top business schools across India such as ISB. In fact, the GMAT exam is one of the 6 standardized tests recognized by AICTE for admission to PGDM programs.

You can view a full list of Indian Business Schools that accept GMAT scores here.

Thus, a good score on the GMAT Exam is the first step towards realizing your dream of pursuing a graduate management education abroad.

Reason 2: Flexibility

Available around the year with rescheduling and

Another reason why the GMAT is a good choice for working professionals is the flexibility that it offers. The GMAT exam can be taken up to 5 times in a year at over 600 test centers around the world. Besides the flexibility of taking the test multiple times a year, you can reschedule your GMAT appointment (for a fee) more than 7 days before the test date.

Thus, working professionals can not only reschedule but also retake the GMAT if they are not able to hit their target GMAT score in their first attempt.

Reason 3: Score ValidityGMAT exam score is valid for 5 years

Your GMAT score is valid for 5 years from the date of the test. Thus, if you are a working professional, once you take the GMAT you can focus your efforts on the other parts of your business school application such as essays, letters of recommendation, etc.

The 5-year validity of your GMAT score ensures that once you hit a good GMAT score for your target business schools, you do not have to worry about taking the GMAT again.

Reason 4: The GMAT Exam has a Well-Defined Syllabus

The GMAT aims to test quantitative and verbal reasoning skills and as such has a very well-defined syllabus and question types. Thus, working professionals with the help of a milestone-driven study plan can prepare for the GMAT exam in 3-4 months on average.

Ease of Preparation

The well-defined syllabus & question types along with the availability of online preparation resources make the GMAT a good choice for working professionals.

Here are a few success stories of working professionals who have prepared for the GMAT exam with full-time jobs.

Reason 5: Availability of Scholarships

Scholarships another reason why the GMAT exam is a good choice for working professionals

Scholarships can help in lowering the cost of attendance to your dream MBA programs. Your GMAT score plays a vital role in helping secure scholarships and fellowships at your target MBA program.

Read this article to learn more about the GMAT exam score and MBA Scholarships.

Key Takeaways

  • The GMAT is accepted worldwide for admission to top MBA and other business master’s degree programs
  • The GMAT can be taken around the year and provides much-needed flexibility for working professionals in terms of scheduling.
  • The 5-year score validity of the GMAT score lets working professionals focus on other parts of being a successful business school applicant once they’re done with the test.
  • The well-defined syllabus and question types, as well as the ease of preparation due to the number of resources available, is another reason which makes the GMAT a good choice for working professionals.
  • A good GMAT score helps not only in getting an admit to your target MBA program but also opens doors for scholarship opportunities which reduce the financial burden of attending a top business school.

If you are a working professional targeting the top MBA programs the GMAT is the first step in pursuing your career aspirations. We can help you with a personalized study plan and give you access to quality online content to prepare. Write to us at acethegmat@e-gmat.com. We are the most reviewed GMAT prep company on GMATClub with more than 1960 reviews.


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