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What are Ability Quizzes? Short Answer


Ability quiz is our Cutting Edge Tool designed to help determine your skill level on the GMAT. In other words, when compared to a population, ability quizzes give you an estimate of where you stand.


Let’s understand the relationship between your GMAT Score and Ability.  A score of 760 implies that you are at 99 percentile.  A score of 700 implies that you are at 89 percentile.  Thus, your GMAT score is a measure of how you perform compared to the population that takes the test.  In other words, your GMAT Score gives you a measure of your ability.

Yet, while practicing for the GMAT, a number of students focus on accuracy i.e. how many questions they got correct.  What they don’t understand is that accuracy is a very flawed measure on the GMAT. Two students with the same accuracy, can have vastly different scores.

Ability Quizzes take accuracy out of the equation and give you a true estimate of your proficiency. The best thing – you can take an ability quiz in as little as 30 minutes and figure out where you need to focus next for maximum impact. Moreover, the vast question bank ensures that you can take multiple ability quizzes to track your improvement.

Overall, ability quizzes will help you score higher (40 points) while cutting about 30 hours from your prep time.


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