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Here are three things that YOU NEED to DO WELL on a Mock test.  First you need to have the ability. To do well on the Verbal portion, you need to be proficient in Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. Similarly, to do well on the Quant Portion, you need to be proficient in Number Properties, Algebra, Geometry etc.


The second thing you need is STAMINA. A mock test is a 4 hour ordeal and you need to be able to stay focus to deliver PEAK Performance during this time. The third thing you need is CONFIDENCE – If you are not confident, you will go back and forth and check your responses and waste precious time. This will also avoid you from maintaining your composure throughout to the exam.  Bottom line,  you will do well on a mock test if you have the ability, are confident on the test and can sustain yourself through the test.

Let’s see how Scholaranium helps you in all these three areas.


Ability – Firstly, by providing you a realistic estimate of your sectional abilities, it informs you the sections that you need to work on. Then by pinpointing the areas that you need to work on, it helps you improve to the right ability levels faster.


You build stamina as you take quizzes. For example, a section ability quiz keeps you engaged for 30 minutes while the Verbal ability quiz lasts 70 minutes and simulates a very exam like environment. Taking multiple ability quizzes will help build stamina to do well in Mocks as well as the actual test.


Lastly, Scholaranium contains questions that have been created based on the latest developments in the GMAT world. Whether it comes to meaning based questions in Sentence Correction, or the most complex logic in Critical Reasoning,  you can be rest assured that you will have gotten ample practice on the same… and you will perform at your peak when you bring this confidence to the test.


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