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The most efficient way to study is to learn a section, master it to a reasonable degree, and then repeat the same with every section till you complete the Verbal or Quant part of the test.  The problem is – how do you ensure that you master a section to a reasonable degree and avoid writing the following on a forum.

“I have been studying for three months and I just took my first mock test and scored 590. My goal is to score 730+. I am not sure what to do next or how can I get there.”

The solution is – Studying Using Scholaranium

Study for a section, say SC, CR, or RC using e-GMAT course or books. Then take the corresponding ability quiz in Scholaranium to measure your ability.  If you do reach your desired proficiency level then you can move on. Let’s say that you don’t. Simply take a couple of custom quizzes and look at the skill data section to isolate the areas you need to improve on. Work on those areas in the e-GMAT course for the next three days and then come back and take another ability quiz to confirm your score improvement.

Hence, in three days, Scholaranium can help you reach your target ability.

By leveraging ability quizzes during your preparation, you can ensure that.

  • You reach your target ability early on in your preparation.
  • You refine and improve right when you prepare for a section – which is when the refinement is most efficient and permanent.
  • You are prepared and confident even when you take your first mock test. If you follow this approach, you will  score higher while putting in considerably less effort.

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