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Leverage Analytics to Identify your Weakness


So you have taken a verbal ability quiz.  You got your verbal ability score.  What do you do next?

The first thing you do is compare the SC, CR, RC ability scores and find the section that you are the weakest in.  In this example, SC is the weakest section so this is the first section you should focus on.

Next to figure out what exactly to focus on in SC, you should take an SC Ability Quiz and analyze the skill data for SC.  In this case, given the data you will first focus on Comparisons, then Parallelism, and then Verbs.

So now, for the next 3 days, you will utilize e-GMAT SC Course to revise these topics in the given order.  Remember that you need to not only learn the concepts but also the approach to solve questions.

Once you do that, you will take another SC Ability Quiz to confirm your ability improvement.  So Ability Quizzes along with Skill Data Analytics help you hone in your top 3 weak areas, which you then improve upon with the help of the modular e-GMAT Course.

Hence, in three days, Scholaranium can help you reach your target ability.

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