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How to Take an Ability Quiz


To take an ability quiz, log in to your e-GMAT account. Click on Scholaranium on the top right hand corner. This will bring you to the dashboard screen. Here click on the button “Take Ability Quiz”. Next select the type of ability quiz that you want to take. Let’s say we select SC Ability Quiz. This will bring you to the Instructions screen. Please read the instructions carefully. Once you are ready, click on “Begin Quiz” button.

After you are done with the quiz, you will be routed to Quiz Results screen. The score on the top right hand corner is the SC Ability as calculated by this quiz. You can see this number on the dashboard screen as well as shown. You can always get back to the results of your ability quiz by going to ‘Attempts’ and then by selecting the pertinent ability quiz in the quiz listing view and then clicking on results button. Here you will see performance for each question in the quiz. Take the time in reviewing the solutions for each question.

So this is how you take an ability quiz.

Now you may wonder – how many ability quizzes do I get access to. The answer is “plenty” and the more specific answer is “it depends on what kind of ability quizzes you take”. For example, you get 10 Verbal Ability Quizzes or you get 10 each of SC, CR, RC ability quizzes, or you get 5 Verbal Ability, 5 each of SC, CR, and RC Ability Quizzes.


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