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Texas A&M Mays MBA Class Profile | Employment Reports | Notable Alumni

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Founded in 1917, Mays Business School is the business school of Texas A&M University. This business school educates 6,400+ undergraduate, masters and doctoral students in management, management information systems, finance, marketing, accounting and supply chain management.

Texas A&M Mays Business School - Mays MBA Programs - Class Profile _ Notable Alumni _ Employment Reports

If the Mays Business School is one of your target B-Schools, this article will help you in researching its full-time MBA program and class profile.

Trivia on Mays Business School

  • Mays Business School was among one of the five schools from the USA, offering a trading center, the Reliant Energy Securities & Commodities Trading Centre to provide students with hands-on training to the tools utilized by commodities and currency traders.
  • In 1972, the Business school was accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business.
  • In the same year, 1972, the college began awarding Ph.Ds. as well.
  • In the next several decades, the Mays continued to grow, established several centers, including the Centre for International Business Studies and the Centre for Human Resources Management, also implemented new bachelor’s degrees.
  • In 1995, the College of Business shifted to the newly built Wehner Building on the western edge campus of Texas A&M University.
  • In 1995, the College was funded by Lowry Mays, founder of Clear Channel Communications, and it was renamed Lowry Mays College & Graduate School of Business, in his honor.
  • Later, the school name was more simplified to Mays Business School.
  • Various departments are developed in the Mays Business School including accounting, finance, information & operations management, management, and marketing.

General information about Mays Business School

Location – Texas, United States

Dean – Eli Jones

Admissions Office – 383 Wehner Building, 4216 TAMU, 210 Olsen Blvd, College Station, TX 77843

Phone: 979-845-1998

Social media – FacebookTwitterLinkedIn

Mays Business School MBA Program – Class Profile, Cost of Attendance & Median Salary

Check out below details on the MBA program’s class profile, cost of attendance & median salary. The Mays’ MBA  is one of the most affordable MBA programs in US and also offers scholarships and fellowships to defray the cost of attendance.

S. No. Mays Business School Numbers
1 Average GMAT 643
2 GMAT Middle 80% Range 570 – 700
3 Average GPA 3.33
4 GPA Middle 80% Range 2.7 – 3.9
5 Work Experience (Average) 5.17 years
6 Work Experience (Middle 80% range) 2 – 8 years
8 Average Base Salary $101,878

Mays MBA Program: Incoming Class Profile 2018

Following are some statistics of the Incoming class of 2018 at Mays Business School

S. No. Title Number
1 Total Enrolled 69
2 Men 86%
3 Women 14%
4 US Military 29%
5 Underrepresented Minorities 12%

Mays MBA Programs: 2018-2019 Application Deadlines

Following are the application deadlines for the various rounds of admission to the Mays MBA Program.

Round # Deadline Date
Round 1 October 17, 2018
Round 2 January 9, 2019
Round 3 (Final round for International Applicants) March 6, 2019
Round 4 April 17, 2019

Mays Business School: MBA Program Employment Report and Salaries

The maximum number of Mays’ MBA graduates has selected their employment in Consulting, Financial Services, Energy, Government sector, etc. The average base salary for Mays’ graduate is $101,878 with an average signing bonus of $13,774. The following charts and tables contain detailed information

Mays MBA – Employment by Industry

Mays Business School - Mays MBA Program - Employment by Industry

Industry Percentage
Consulting 18%
Consumer Packaged Goods 2%
Energy 10%
Financial Services 10%
Government 10%
Healthcare (including products & services) 2%
Manufacturing 20%
Technology 31%
Other 8% 

Mays MBA Program: Employment by Function

A majority (and equal number) of Mays MBA graduates opted for careers in Marketing & Sales and Consulting(21%). Other major functions chosen by Mays graduates are Finance/Accounting (20%) and Operations/Logistics, etc. Find more detailed stats below:

Mays Business School - Mays MBA Program - Employment by Function

Consulting 21%
Finance/Accounting 20%
General Management 2%
Human Resources 0%
Marketing/Sales 21%
Information Technology 2%
Operations/Logistics 20%
Other 14% 

Mays MBA – Employment by Location

53.90% of Mays’ graduates are employed in South-West of North American sub-regions. Detailed information about employment by region is given below.

Mays Business School - Mays MBA Program - Employment by Location

Location Percentage
North America
Southwest 53.90%
South 21.28%
Midwest 7.80%
Northeast 6.38%
West 6.38%
Mid-Atlantic 2.13%
Asia 2.13%

Mays Business School MBA Program: Major Employers

In Mays Business School, almost all top companies visit for hiring. Companies who visited in 2018 are listed here:

  • Dell Inc.
  • Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • USAA
  • North Highland Worldwide Consulting
  • ExxonMobil
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
  • Infosys Limited
  • The Hershey Company
  • Gartner Consulting
  • Toyota Financial Services
  • Bank of America
  • Essilor of America
  • Humana
  • Intel Corporation
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Nutrabolt
  • Hewlett Packard (HP)
  • ABL Space Systems
  • AT&T
  • Amazon

Mays School of Business – Notable Alumni

Mays Business School - Mays MBA Program Notable Alumni

Mays Business School’s global alumni community includes thousands of members across countries, some of its notable alumni are listed below:

  • Bruce D. Broussard (CEO of Humana)
  • David M. Cordani (CEO of Cigna)
  • Darren Woods (CEO and chairman of Exxon Mobil)
  • Jeff Miller (CEO of Halliburton Co.)
  • John R. Blocker
  • P. Wiley, Jr.
  • Rogers Rainey, Jr.
  • Donald A. Adam
  • Bookman Peters
  • H. (Ted) Dinerstein
  • Mike Baggett

Other MBA programs you should consider

Here are some other options that are a close match to Mays Business School in terms of GMAT and GPA, age and work experience. We have listed the programs by stretch, match, and safety. Note that these options are presented on the basis of the schools’ brand image and ranking status as a general yardstick.

Stretch Schools: Purdue Krannert, ASU W.P. CareyUniversity of Notre Dame (Mendoza)

Match Schools: University of Florida (Warrington), UT Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management

Safety Schools: Babson (F.W. Olin GSB), Rutgers Business School

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