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Babson College – F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business MBA Program – Class Profile | Employment Reports | Notable Alumni

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Part of the fabled Babson College, the F. W. Olin Graduate School of Business offers a range of graduate degrees, including a One-Year MBA Program, a Two-Year MBA Program, a 42-month Evening MBA and a Blended Learning MBA. Often referred to as the “Entrepreneur’s College”, Olin GSB is renowned for immersing its students in the entrepreneurial lifestyle and culture. The Babson MBA program has been ranked #1 for entrepreneurship by the U.S. News for 25 consecutive years.  Every entrepreneurship course in the Babson MBA Program is taught by professors who have either started, sold, bought, or run successful businesses. The school’s mission is to educate entrepreneurial leaders who create economic and social value.

Babson College - Babson MBA Program - Class Profile, Employment Reports and Notable Alumni - Broad School of Business

If entrepreneurship is your calling, this article will help you in researching the class profile and employment reports of the Babson MBA program. Below is a brief outline of this article:

  • Trivia about the Babson MBA Program
  • General Information about Babson F.W. Olin GSB
  • Babson MBA Program: Facts and Figures
  • Pre-MBA Industries: Incoming class of the Babson MBA Program
  • Babson MBA Program: Application Deadlines
  • Babson MBA Program: Employment Report and Salaries
    • Employment by Function
    • Employment by Industry
  • Major Employers Hiring from the Babson MBA Program
  • Notable Alumni
  • Other programs to consider

Trivia about the Babson MBA Program

  • Former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Rob Enrico, graduated from Babson College in 1965, and as a mark of solidarity, Babson carries Pepsi products on its campuses.
  • With campuses in Wellesley (MA), Boston (MA), San Francisco (CA), Miami (FL) and Dubai, Babson looks to continually enhance the entrepreneurial landscape of the school.
  • Babson MBA has been ranked #1 in U.S. News & World Report for Entrepreneurship for 25 consecutive years (1994 to 2018).
  • Babson was ranked #3 program for Career Progress and #6 Global MBA Program for Entrepreneurship by Financial Times in 2018.

General Information about Babson F.W. Olin GSB

The adherence to the mission of educating entrepreneurial leaders who create both social and economic value is reflected in the Babson MBA Program curriculum. While most schools teach entrepreneurship as a concentration, Olin GSB imbibes entrepreneurship into each aspect of the program. Babson’s core curriculum – that accounts for a third of the course – is divided into three modules, each conditioning you to identify opportunities in an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial manner and develop these ideas with well-defined frameworks. The rest of the course focuses on market aligned electives, allowing the student to truly make the Babson MBA experience his own.

Location: 231 Forest Street, Babson Park, MA 02457

Dean: Dr. Keith Rollag

Acceptance Rate: 63%

Admissions Office:

Phone:  781-239-4317

Social Media: LinkedIn        Facebook        Twitter        YouTube         Instagram

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Babson MBA Program – Facts, Cost of Attendance, Median Salary

Presented below are the statistics for Olin GSB’s Two-Year Full-Time MBA program. Olin GSB’s focus on entrepreneurship means that the class heavily comprises of members with past entrepreneurship experience, ties to family businesses or future entrepreneurship aspirations. The school shows a strong preference for do-ers – who are streetwise but not necessarily academic over-achievers – and this explains the lower average GMAT and GPA scores. The Babson MBA is one of the most culturally diverse programs in the USA with 80% of the class comprising of international students.

Sr. No. Babson School of Business Stats
1 Average GMAT 619
2 Average GPA 3.06
3 Class Size 128
4 Work Experience (Average) 5 years
5 Tuition Cost (per year) $69,520
6 Average Age 29
7 % Employed after graduation 83%
8 Median Base Salary USD 96,485
9 Median Signing Bonus USD 14,190
10 % of women in the class 33%
11 % of international citizens 80%
12 Applications received 577
13 Acceptance Rate 63%

Pre-MBA Industries of Babson’s Incoming Class of 2018

Diversity is paramount at Olin GSB – not just ethnic diversity but also professional diversity. Babson MBAs come from a broad range of pre-MBA industries. While a significant portion of the class has ties to family or self-run businesses, no preference is given to the industry. Babson strives to put the power of entrepreneurship as a force for economic and social value creation and it’s reflected in the school’s sector-agnostic approach to admissions.

Babson Olin GSB - Babson MBA Program - Pre-MBA Industries
Industry Pre-MBA work experience
Financial Services 13%
Manufacturing 11%
Technology 11%
Consulting 9%
Consumer Products 5%
Healthcare 5%
Others 46%

Babson Full Time MBA Application Deadlines

Admissions to the Babson MBA are accepted from October through April, across 4 rounds. As international students form a large part of the Babson MBA class, it is best to apply by round 3 to avoid visa conflicts. A detailed breakdown of the application dates is shown below:

Round Application Deadline Final Decision Release 
Round 1 Oct. 22, 2018 Dec. 11, 2018
Round 2 Jan. 4, 2019 Feb. 17, 2019
Round 3 Mar. 1, 2019 Apr. 9, 2019
Round 4 Apr. 12, 2019 May. 14, 2019

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Babson MBA Program: Employment and Salaries

Unlike other MBA classes, in which most pursue Finance or Consulting opportunities post-MBA, Babson’s entrepreneurial class, owing to Babson’s Entrepreneurial Thought and Action methodology that prepares students of entrepreneurial challenges, pursues entrepreneurial opportunities of impact fresh out of MBA school.

Employment by Job Function

Olin GSB attracts non-traditionalists, namely those with strong entrepreneurial aspirations whose ambitions don’t conform to the typical career arcs. As a result, the Olin GSB employment report reads differently than that of the typical MBA programs, with most graduates accepting Marketing/Sales roles. A detailed breakdown can be seen below:

Babson FW Olin GSB - Babson MBA Program - Employment by Job Function
By Job Function Percent
Marketing/Sales 44%
Finance/Accounting 16%
Information Tech. 13%
General Management 11%
Operations 8%
Others 8%

Employment by Industry

Babson’s sector-agnostic admissions approach, along with the flexible curriculum, yields a class that is evenly spread out across all industries, pursuing opportunities to make an impact across the industry spectrum. The detailed breakdown has been shown below:

Babson FW Olin GSB - Babson MBA Program - Employment by Industry
By Industry Percent
Technology 20%
Financial Services 20%
Consumer Products/Retail 14%
Manufacturing 11%
Real Estate 10%
Other 25%

Major Employers hiring from the Babson MBA Program

Babson MBAs succeed at organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to dynamic start-ups. A sampling of Full Time Babson MBA employers include:

  • Accenture
  • Boston Children’s Hospital
  • CVS Health
  • Deloitte
  • Examity
  • Huntington National Bank
  • Ocean Spray
  • Partners Healthcare Innovation
  • PwC
  • Sensata Technologies
  • Staples
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Babson MBA Program – Notable Alumni

Olin GSB’s diverse class lends diversity to its substantial alumni base, with more than 41,000 alumni spread across 119 countries. Some of these include:

  • Roger Enrico, former CEO of PepsiCo
  • William D. Green, former CEO of Accenture, board member of Dell Technologies
  • Gustavo Cisneros, Venezuelan billionaire and Chairman of Grupo Cisneros
  • Peter Boss, professional race car driver, American Le Mans Series
  • Stephen Spinelli Jr., co-founder of Jiffy Lube International
  • Mir Ibrahim Rahman, co-founder, and CEO of GEO TV Network
  • Matt Chatham, former NFL linebacker, New England Patriots and New York Jets
  • Bob Davis, former CEO of Lycos
  • Geoff Molson, CEO, and co-owner of Montreal Canadiens
  • Vincent E. Boles, Major General in the US Army
  • Ruthie Davis, founder, and president of the luxury shoe brand, Ruthie Davis
  • Dean Metropoulos, owner of Hostess Brands and former owner of Pabst Brewing Company

Other programs you may consider

Other schools that are a close match to the Babson MBA with regards to competitiveness of selection process, rankings, employability of graduates and brand image are:

Stretch Schools: Foster School of Business (University of Washington), Olin Business School (Washington University), Owen Graduate School of Management (Vanderbilt University)

Match Schools: Carroll School of Management (Boston College), Questrom School of Business (Boston University), Eli Broad College of Business (Michigan State University)

Safety Schools: Marriott School of Business (Brigham Young University), Carlson School of Management (University of Minnesota), Simon Business School (University of Rochester)

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