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SIGma-X Mocks: Enhanced with connectivity resilience

SIGma-X Mocks: Enhanced with connectivity resilience
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With the launch of SIGma-X mocks we empowered students to personalize their plan using the precise insights generated. However, taking a mock test requires more than 2 hours of uninterrupted internet connection and there are times when your internet connection may be interrupted during the test.

We have taken care of such scenarios by building in connectivity resilience for the mock tests. Connectivity Resilience is a feature that allows you to continue normally even in the face of internet faults or disruptions.

The feature has been explained in detail below.

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Allow switching connection

In the event of a loss of connection, you will get a total of 5 minutes to reconnect to your network or switch to a different network. If you are facing a problem with your LAN connection or Wi-Fi, you can work with your mobile data as well. The platform is light enough to run smoothly on mobile data.

Connect to an active network without closing the browser.

Internet connection lost

Once the connection is established your test will resume from the question you left off.

Internet connected

Test Duration remains intact

While you take care of re-establishing the connection, we keep the mock timer on pause so that you can complete the test without panicking and get a true estimate of your ability.

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Ensure the feature is not misused

Taking deliberate pauses while taking a mock test will not give you an accurate estimate of your ability. Even if a student pause the test intentionally the question will not be visible to him on screen. The question will be visible only when the connection is re-established, and the timer starts running. This will help the student stay true to the purpose of the test.

The maximum number of disconnections allowed is 2. On the third disconnection, your test will get abandoned.

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