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SIGma-X mocks – GMAT practice tests – Driving your personalized study plans

SIGma-X mocks – GMAT practice tests – Driving your personalized study plans
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SIGma-X mocks – GMAT practice tests

GMAT is the test of your ability – your quantitative ability and your verbal ability – each of which is composed of sub-sectional abilities.   When a student begins preparing for GMAT, he/she may very well have different abilities in various sections.  So, it is only obvious that each student should have her/his own personal path to the target GMAT score.  And to identify one’s starting abilities, what better way to do other than take a SIGma-X mock test – the only GMAT mock test in the world that provides key insights that even official mocks do not provide.  Not only that – as the student progresses through the personalized charted-out path – SIGma-X mocks provide key insights that enable the student to refine the plan with the aim to reach the target score in the most efficient manner.

In this article, we will collate all the articles that will enable you to UNDERSTAND SIGma-X mocks so that you can utilize them completely and prepare for GMAT in the most efficient manner – after all, time is the most precious commodity.

GMAT practice test sigmax mocks

Here is the list of articles that you should read.  We recommend you read through them in the order in which they are presented below.  But feel free to jump around if you want!

Insights from SIGma-X Mocks

  1. What ability related insights does a SIGma-X mock provide? (with a video explanation)
  2. How can I use the ability related insights provided by SIGma-X mocks to create my personalized study plan?
  3. What other factors can impact my performance in SIGma-X mocks?
  4. What corrective actions do I need to take so that lack of “Warm-Up” does not impact my GMAT score?
  5. How do I ensure that I do not have any “Missed Opportunities” in the GMAT?
  6. How can I use insights from SIGma-X mocks to refine my preparation in the later stages of my preparation?

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