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What is a good GMAT score for NYU Stern School of Business

What is a good GMAT score for NYU Stern School of Business
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World-renowned faculty, a collaborative community and a location at the bustling centre of global business- New York, all together make up the unfailing formula for success at NYU Stern. This esteemed institute takes pride in selecting some of the most energetic, intellectual and entrepreneurial individuals. NYU stern emphasises on building a thriving vibrant community which so many aspirants from around the world want to be a part of.

However, it takes much more than hopes and wishes to be able to successfully secure an admission offer from NYU Stern.  With an acceptance rate of just 21 %, NYU Stern is quite literally stern in selecting candidates from the huge number of applications it receives each admission season. You can go through the application requirements for Stern here.

What is a good GMAT score for NYU Stern

Stern evaluates candidates on the basis of IQ+EQ. For IQ, the first assessment factor for Stern is a good GMAT score. We have elaborated the importance and weightage of GMAT scores in an application in one of our previous articles.

So, what is a good GMAT score for NYU Stern? This article will attempt to answer this question by analysing current and past trends from actual data points received from previous applicants to NYU Stern School of Business.

Here’s what you will read next:

5-year GMAT score trend for NYU Stern

The first step to narrow down a good GMAT score for any top B-school is to look at its 5-year trend report of average GMAT scores of the incoming classes. Here’s a 5-year summary of average scores at NYU Stern:

Year 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
NYU Stern GMAT Score 717 714 710 720 721

The average GMAT score at NYU varies from year to year and lies between a range of 710 to 721. Next,  we adopt an easy 5-step approach which can guide us in approximating a good GMAT score for NYU Stern. The same approach can be used for determining a good score for other leading B-schools as well.

When we follow this process for NYU Stern, we add 20 points to the average GMAT score of the latest batch (~720). Hence, as per this process, 740+ should be a good GMAT score for NYU Stern. We will further verify our estimate by conducting a deeper analysis of scores of recent applicants and admitted students for a more accurate inference.

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How to decide a good GMAT score for NYU Stern: Methodology

In this article, we will refer to the actual data available from several recent applicants to Stern. For ease of analysis, we have listed the number of applicants, interviewees and admitted candidates corresponding to each GMAT score. In order to determine a good GMAT score for NYU Stern, we will refer to the Stern decision tracker page on gmatclub.

NYU Stern Decision tracker class of 2021

Here is where candidates who applied for the class of 2021 have updated their application status.

GMAT Score Applications Interview Invites Admitted
780 1 1 0
770 2 2 1
760 9 6 5
750 9 9 5
740 12 7 6
730 12 8 7
720 23 17 14
710 17 8 5
700 11 4 3
690 5 2 2
680 4 2 1
670 0 0 0
660 7 0 0
650 1 0 0
640 2 1 1
620 0 0 0
610 0 0 0
590 1 0 0

good GMAT score for NYU Stern


What is a good GMAT score for NYU Stern e-GMAT

  • Maximum applicants have GMAT scores in the range 700 to 740
  • GMAT score 720 registers the highest number of interview invites. A whopping 17 out of 23 applicants were called for interviews out of which 14 finally received the admission offer
  • GMAT score 750 registered a 100% invite rate with all 9 applicants being invited for interviews. 5 of them were finally admitted
  • The interview rate is nearly 60% or more for all scores above 720. A range of 720 to 760 witnesses an appreciable conversion rate. Below 720, the conversion rate drops noticeably
  • GMAT scores 730 and 740 register a high conversion rate of above 85% with all but one interviewee being offered admission to Stern for both the scores.
  • With the exception of one candidate with GMAT score 640, no student below a score of 680 received an interview invite.


NYU Stern good gmat score

From the above observations, we can say that a score in the range of 720 to 760 is a good GMAT score for NYU Stern. This range witnesses a noteworthy invite rate (~60%) as well as a conversion rate above 80% (except for GMAT score 750).

The admission to application ratio is also 50% for scores in this range. Hence, if you score in this range, getting a foot in the door becomes easier.

The next step is to ensure that your profile is crafted in a way to give you an edge over other candidates in the same range.

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To make our analysis thorough, we will also present a summary of scores of waitlisted candidates and see if GMAT scores have a role to play in helping conversions.

GMAT Score Waitlisted Admitted from waitlist
780 0 0
770 0 0
760 1 0
750 0 0
740 5 0
730 0 0
720 4 2
710 2 0
700 5 0
690 1 0
680 1 1
670 0 0
660 1 0
650 1 0
590 1 0

5 candidates from the waitlist got confirmed with scores 730 (1),720 (2), 680 (1) and score of one candidate not known. While candidates with higher scores were also waitlisted, they were unable to make the cut.

Hence, although a good GMAT score can help you get noticed by the admissions committee, it is essential for you to perform well in all aspects of the application to be able to secure an admission at NYU Stern.

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 What is a good GMAT score for NYU Stern

730 or more a good GMAT score for NYU Stern

Taking all factors discussed above into account, our recommendation of a good GMAT score for NYU Stern is 730 or higher.

Scoring in the range of 720 to 760 can be considered ideal. Any applicant scoring 730 or higher should begin diligently preparing for the next rounds of the application process.

A good GMAT score for NYU Stern is just the first filtering criteria and it is imperative to showcase excellent performance in interviews and have a well-rounded profile to be able to secure your place at this prestigious institute.

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What is a good GMAT score for Indians applying to NYU Stern?

The Indian applicant pool is highly competitive but is also significantly over-represented in terms of the number of applicants top B-schools receive from a particular country.

Securing an admission at NYU Stern, hence is even more challenging for Indian candidates. We will particularly look at the number of Indian applicants and admitted Indian candidates from the latest applicant pool, to be able to figure out a good GMAT score for Indians applying to Stern.

GMAT Score No. of Indian applicants No. of interview invite Admitted
770 1 1 1
760 5 3 2
750 5 5 4
740 4 0 0
730 3 0 0
720 2 0 0
710 2 0 0
700 1 0 0
690 0 0 0
680 1 1 0
670 0 0 0
660 0 0 0
590 1 0 0

Good GMAT score for Indians to get into NYU Stern e-GMAT

  • 25 Indians applied
  • 10 received an interview invite (Score of 1 student not known)
  • 7 received admit with scores 770 (1), 760 (2), 750 (4)

No Indian with a score below 730 received an invite, while no Indian having score below 750 received an admission offer. However, for candidates with scores of 750 or more, the chances of conversion are extremely high. Hence, a good GMAT score for an Indian candidate applying to NYU Stern is a score of 750 or higher.  

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