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GMAT 740 (V40, Q50) – a 200-point score improvement – Pritam’s success story

GMAT 740 (V40, Q50) – a 200-point score improvement – Pritam’s success story
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The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war – Pritam

A 200-point score improvement on the GMAT is a thing only some people can dream of. Pritam made that happen through his hard work, diligence, and consistency. Let’s find out how a student who started from a 540 and a 39th %ile in both Quant and Verbal crossed the 90th %ile in both sections.

Like a lot of GMAT aspirants, Pritam was initially very confident about preparing for the GMAT himself and, therefore, went through the OG’s and some free resources. However, when he appeared for the exam, he scored 540. That is when he realized that he needed proper guidance. Following a friend’s recommendation, Pritam signed up for the e-GMAT course.

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Areas where e-GMAT helped Pritam score a 740

Course Structure

Pritam: The course structure of e-GMAT was the first thing that helped me. I started with the Quant course. First, there are concept files that explain the concept in a detailed manner. Second, application files teach you how to apply the concepts to GMAT-style questions. And then, there are practice quizzes to check whether you have understood the concept thoroughly.

After going through the Quant course entirely and following the step-by-step process suggested by mentors, my score increased from 540 to 700 in 3 weeks — Pritam


The second thing that helped immensely was Scholaranium. It is a lovely product. Its detailed analysis helped me find out which topics I was weak or strong in. For instance, I found out that Number properties was one topic I was very weak in. Therefore, I could focus more on it and less on the topics I was already strong at. The step-by-step feedback and the quality/quantity of questions in Verbal Scholaranium helped me a lot in my preparation. It helped me in analyzing ‘why’ I choose the answer I chose. It helped me understand where I went wrong and where I had to correct my understanding.

One of the strongest points in Pritam’s preparation was that he took time to analyze every quiz he gave in stage 1 and stage 2 levels of preparation. This is very important if you want to understand why you made a mistake and how not to repeat them going forward.

While practicing Verbal section, Pritam also found out that he was scoring 100%ile in SC and the mistakes were only happening in CR.

How the Scholaranium quiz feedback helped Pritam

Pritam: In Scholaranium quizzes, the topic of every question is mentioned. So, I could figure out a trend on which topics I was getting most questions incorrect.  Then I would go back and revise those topics. This helped me strengthen my Quant and Verbal.

In Sentence Correction, I felt the need to revise Verb Tenses, as it became difficult when past perfect came into the picture, and Modifiers.

What was the difference when you prepared using the Official Guide and when you took the course 

Pritam: Interesting question! Earlier it was like shooting in the dark. I just went through a bunch of formulas and concepts and then tried to answer the questions. I had no idea there were strategies and approaches to answer these questions. I learned that after using this course. In Quant, the questions are very tricky, and I had no idea about such aspects. Only when I followed the step-by-step process used in your course, I was able to crack those questions as well. This helped me get to a Q50!

Pritam’s recommendations to potential candidates

Take up the e-GMAT course and follow it diligently

Even if you are starting from a Q20, you can reach your target score by using this course and by following the processes it advises. Just trust the methods!

Reviewing the quizzes in Verbal

When you talk about Verbal, don’t just look at the right answers but also figure out why the incorrect ones are incorrect. That way this course will help you in reaching your target score.

Practice more and more

One should practice a lot so that one can understand the question type and answer correctly. It takes time to get to that level of clarity and this is only possible when you make proper utilization of Scholaranium. It has an ample number of questions to help you succeed.

Pritam believes a lot in practicing more and more to ace the GMAT. For someone like Pritam, one needs a large number of questions in his question bank, and this is one of the many things the e-GMAT course provides you. As it is rightly said, ‘If you practice hard, you can win every battle.

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