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GMAT Focus Success: 715 in 40 days | 98th percentile in Data Insights

GMAT Focus Success: 715 in 40 days | 98th percentile in Data Insights
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Achieving a top GMAT score is a formidable challenge, one that fewer than 1% of test takers surmount. Siddharth Singh is among this elite group, not only achieving a remarkable score of 715 but doing so in just 40 days—a rarity on this rigorous exam. With a perfect Q90 in Quant and an impressive 98th percentile in Data Insights, Siddharth’s journey to an incredible GMAT Focus Success stands as a beacon of strategic preparation and determination.

  • How did he manage to achieve a score of 715 in just 40 days?
  • What strategies led to his significant improvement, particularly achieving an 84th percentile in Data Insights?
  • How did he navigate his way from repeated setbacks to such exceptional results?
  • What can you learn from his experience to elevate your own GMAT preparation?

In this article, we delve into Siddharth’s methodical approach, underpinned by e-GMAT’s robust support, highlighting how structured preparation and resilience paved his path to GMAT triumph.

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Initial Challenges and Decision to Pause GMAT Preparation

Siddharth Singh’s initial GMAT attempts were marked by common yet formidable challenges: persistent exam anxiety and ineffective study habits that left his scores far below potential.

Siddharth reflects, “After my score plateaued at a disheartening 700 in the GCE, despite my rigorous efforts, I made the tough decision to take a strategic break from the exam to step back and reassess my approach.”

This period of reflection and structured preparation with an improved study plan was crucial in building the foundation for Siddharth’s renewed and more focused efforts to achieve his GMAT Focus Success.

Resuming Preparation with a New Focus for the GMAT Focus Edition

Reinvigorated by his break and with a clear direction from e-GMAT, Siddharth returned to his GMAT studies with a renewed strategy, especially geared towards conquering the newly introduced “Focus Edition” of the exam. This version of the GMAT posed new challenges but also played to Siddharth’s strengths by removing sentence correction—a component he had struggled with previously.

Leveraging e-GMAT’s comprehensive preparation materials, Siddharth adapted quickly to the changes. The platform’s updated resources and tools were crucial in helping him understand and master the new sections, particularly Data Insights, which now held increased weight in the exam. Siddharth acknowledged that, “e-GMAT’s focused study plans and practice questions mirrored the actual exam’s structure, enabling Siddharth to practice efficiently and effectively, thus maximizing his study time and boosting his confidence as the test day approached. Siddharth’s dedicated efforts could be seen by his diligence in the preparation of the GI & TA of the Data Insights section as shown below, where he scored straight A’s in GITA after completing 90% of the course.

Fig 1: GI-TA journey view shows diligence of Siddharth with straight  ‘A’ grades

Refining Verbal Skills: A Turnaround with Strategic Prep

Siddharth’s verbal preparation journey marks a significant turnaround from his previous attempts. Initially, verbal sections were a persistent challenge, contributing to lower than expected scores. Recognizing this, Siddharth and e-GMAT focused on enhancing his verbal strategies, particularly in Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension.

Enhancing Reading Comprehension Skills

A key element of Siddharth’s verbal strategy was improving his Reading Comprehension (RC) skills. Facing challenges with long and complex passages initially, he employed targeted reading strategies to better manage these difficulties. Using e-GMAT’s approach, Siddharth practiced extensively, working through a variety of challenging passages to enhance his comprehension and analytical skills which later translated to his GMAT Focus Success.

Fig 2: Siddharth’s RC Hard Accuracy progression from 60th to 75th %ile

These practice sessions were crucial, enabling him to improve his understanding rapidly. e-GMAT’s approach, which included timed practice sets, helped Siddharth reduce his reading time to an average of less than two minutes per question, while also lifting his accuracy rate to go above 75% This significant improvement in both speed and accuracy was vital in boosting his overall verbal score.

Fig 3: Siddharth’s RC Hard Accuracy Increased to a 80th %ile and Average Time transition reduced below 2mins

With e-GMAT’s specialized verbal resources, Siddharth adopted the “Pre-thinking” method, a strategic approach to anticipate answers before scanning the options, which is particularly effective in CR questions. This technique helped him streamline his thought process, reducing time spent on each question and increasing accuracy.

Mastering Quant: A Data-Driven Approach to Perfection

“When I returned to my GMAT preparation, I knew I needed a strategic mindset to excel in the Quant section. It’s typically a stronghold for engineering graduates like me, but it really demands precision and speed,” Siddharth explained.

Using comprehensive Quant resources, Siddharth tackled a variety of complex problems, gradually improving his accuracy. Initially grappling with a 60% success rate in advanced algebra and geometry questions, Siddharth boosted his accuracy to 90% through targeted practice. This improvement was not just about solving problems correctly but also about enhancing his speed, a critical factor during the actual GMAT. By the time of his exam, Siddharth had not only mastered Quant concepts but also developed the ability to handle pressure, ensuring a perfect Q90 score translated to his GMAT Focus Success.

Conquering Data Insights: Harnessing New Challenges

As the GMAT evolved, so did its challenges, introducing the Data Insights section—a new hurdle for many, including Siddharth. With e-GMAT’s resources at his disposal, Siddharth navigated this unfamiliar territory with a strategic and structured approach. The platform’s in-depth resources on Data Insights provided not only the foundational knowledge needed but also advanced strategies tailored to the nuances of this new section. The data shown below represents his DI ability to be above 80% equivalent to a 98th %ile on the GMAT.

Fig 4: Siddharth’s DI Scholaranium  stats showing 80th %ile ability which translates to a GMAT 98th %ile score

Through e-GMAT‘s analytical tools, Siddharth tracked his performance closely, putting his diligent practice, guided by comprehensive Data Insights exercises, led to significant improvements. By focusing on a variety of question types and utilizing e-GMAT’s extensive question bank, he raised his accuracy dramatically. As mentioned, his final score in the Data Insights section reached an impressive 98th percentile, reflecting his mastery over the material and his ability to apply it under exam conditions. This dramatic improvement was a testament to the effective combination of the curriculum and Siddharth’s dedicated effort. The GI&TA and TPA cementing quiz data shown below reflects a 80% ability which is equivalent to a 98th %ile on the actual GMAT predicted by e-GMAT’s analytics translated to his GMAT Focus Success.

Fig 5: Siddharth’s Hard Cementing  stats in GI-TA showing 80th %ile ability which translates to a GMAT 98th %ile score

Fig 6: Siddharth’s Hard Cementing stats in TPA i.e., 80th %ile ability which translates to a GMAT 98th %ile score

Last Mile to Success: e-GMAT’s Last Mile Push Program

As Siddharth approached the final stages of his GMAT preparation, e-GMAT’s Last Mile Push (LMP) Program played a crucial role in fine-tuning his skills and strategy. This program is designed to offer personalized guidance and strategic insights in the critical weeks leading up to the exam, ensuring that students are not only ready but also confident.

Fig 7: Snippet of DI section from Siddharth’s LM Study Plan

Siddharth benefited significantly from the targeted support provided by the LMP Program. With personalized mentoring sessions, he was able to focus on specific areas that needed the most attention, especially under time constraints. The program helped him develop a tactical approach to the exam, reinforcing his strengths and addressing any lingering weaknesses. Data from his performance in the LMP Program showed a notable increase in his efficiency, with Siddharth improving his time management in solving complex Verbal and Data Insights problems, which played a pivotal role to achieve a high score of 715.

Conclusion: Lessons from Siddharth’s GMAT Journey

Siddharth Singh’s journey to a 715 on the GMAT is not just a testament to his personal dedication but also underscores the value of structured, strategic preparation provided by e-GMAT. His success story highlights the importance of adaptive learning and targeted practice. Starting with a score below expectations, Siddharth utilized e-GMAT’s comprehensive resources to methodically improve his skills, particularly in the newly emphasized Data Insights section where he jumped from the 50th to the 98th percentile.

This story serves as a powerful reminder for all GMAT aspirants: with the right guidance and a commitment to applying data-driven strategies, substantial improvements are achievable. Siddharth’s experience shows that overcoming initial setbacks with the help of expert support and personalized study plans can lead not only to achieving but surpassing one’s goals on the GMAT.

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