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How to register for the GMAT in 7 steps (Explained with pictures) | Updated 2020

Taking the GMAT is an essential part of the business schools application process. The first step towards taking the GMAT is registering for the test. In this article, we’ll explain the complete GMAT registration process and what documents you need to keep handy during the GMAT registration process. Here is the outline of this article on how to register for GMAT:

how to register for the GMAT | gmat registration process

GMAT Registration – When can you register for the GMAT?

You can register for the GMAT anytime between 6 months and 24 hours before your planned date. However, in reality, you won’t be able to find a slot at the last moment. Therefore, you should try to register at least 2 to 3 months in advance of your tentative test date. After you have made the investment of US $250, you might feel more motivated towards preparing for the GMAT and will have enough time to do so.

Information you’ll need handy for GMAT registration process

To complete the GMAT registration process, you’ll require the following information:

  • Full name as mentioned in your passport
  • E-mail address
  • Address for correspondence
  • Phone number
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Payment information (Debit/ Credit card)
  • Educational history (optional)
  • Work history (optional)
  • Native language (optional)

You’ll need around 10 to 15 minutes to complete the GMAT registration process if you do not fill up the optional information.

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GMAT registration – How do you register for the GMAT

There are 4 ways to register for the GMAT

  1. Online
  2. Phone
  3. Postal Mail
  4. Fax

How to register for the GMAT online in 7 steps

Most people register online for the GMAT. Here is how you can register for the GMAT in 7 steps:

  • Step 1: Sign up on mba.com
  • Step 2: Start the GMAT registration process
  • Step 3: Enter your personal information
  • Step 4: Enter optional information
  • Step 5: Verify Your Profile
  • Step 6: Schedule your GMAT exam
  • Step 7: Pay the GMAT registration fee


Step 1 – Sign up on mba.com

Log on to mba.com and click ‘sign up’ located on the top right corner. It will redirect you to the sign-up page where you’ll have to enter the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail address
  • Password

GMAT registration process in 7 steps

You can also set your communication preferences and opt to receive additional information on financial aid, school recruiting, GMAT, management education and other offers from business schools and GMAC.

Once you agree to GMAC’s terms of use and privacy, your account is created and you can start the GMAT registration process.

Step 2 – Start the GMAT registration process

To start registering for the GMAT, click on the Exams tab on the top of the page and you will be redirected to the page as shown below:

GMAT registration process in 7 steps | how to register for gmat

Click on ‘Register Now’ and you will be taken to the profile creation page. It will look like this:

GMAT registration process in 7 steps

You have to make sure that your name, date of birth and nationality exactly matches your identification proof. (Passport should be your most preferred Identity proof).

On this page you’ll be asked to fill up the following information:

  • Title (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr.)
  • First Name
  • Middle Name(s)
  • Last Name/ Surname/ Family name
  • Suffix, if applicable (Jr., Sr., II, III, IV)
  • E-mail address

Once you fill all the above information, click on ‘Next’ to fill up your personal information.


Step 3 – Enter your personal information

On this page, you will have to fill up your personal information. You have to provide the following information:

  • Country/ Region of residence
  • Address
  • Primary telephone number
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Correspondence language

Once you click ‘Next’, the next page will ask for more personal details from you. Some information is compulsory and other information is optional. So, you can choose not to answer the optional information. First, it will ask you for demographic information i.e.

  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Country of citizenship
  • First or native language (optional)
  • Second language (optional)
  • Third language (optional)

GMAT registration process in 7 steps

Next page will ask for your communication preferences. It will ask if you want to

  • connect with graduate business schools, scholarship organizations, and strategic partners of GMAC who participate in the GMASS® service
  • receive the information via Phone or SMS/ Text
  • receive additional information

GMAT registration process in 7 steps | register for gmat

All the above information is optional and you can choose not to select any communication preference.

Step 4: Enter Optional Information

The information asked here by GMAT is completely optional and you can choose to skip it. On these pages it will ask you the following academic information:

GMAT registration process in 7 steps

  • Highest level of education attended
  • The institution from where you got your degree
  • Month and year of graduation or expected graduation
  • Undergraduate major or primary field of study
  • Undergraduate secondary field of study
  • Overall undergraduate GPA (GPA conversion table is provided)


It will next ask you to enter the following information related to your work experience.

  • Work experience
  • Job function and industry
  • Your military experience, if any
  • Current or last company

It will next ask you information related to your plans for business school

  • When you plan to start a graduate management program
  • Region where you plan to pursue
  • Kind of graduate management degree you want to pursue
  • Which specialization you want to pursue
  • Which job and industry you plan to work after graduating


Step 5 – Verify your profile

GMAT registration process in 7 steps

It will then ask you to verify your profile. Once you click on ‘save profile’ it will give you the following information.

If you already have an account on mba.com then you don’t have to go through the above process. You can start directly by scheduling your GMAT exam.


Step 6: Schedule your GMAT exam

To schedule your GMAT exam you’ll be asked to select up to 3 test centers nearest to your preferred location. In the image below, we have typed our location as ‘Phoenix, AZ’ and it gives us a list of 5 test centers in descending order of the distance.

GMAT registration process in 7 steps | how to register for gmat

You can select the city in which you wish to appear for the GMAT and select up to three test centers.

Selecting the right test center is important if you want a glitch free test experience. Learn the factors required to choose a test center.

Once you click next you’ll be asked to choose a date for the test. To illustrate the process, we selected 29th April 2019.

GMAT registration process in 7 steps

Click on the next button and the website will show the available dates around your preferred date for each test center. In our case, we got this. If you don’t find your preferred GMAT date then you can change the selected test center and search for your preferred date.

Learn how to choose an ideal test date

If you find your preferred date then click on it and the screen will ask you to select the appointment time as well. You can choose the available morning or afternoon time.

GMAT registration process in 7 steps

Once you have selected your test location, date, and time you’ll move on to the final part of the GMAT registration process.

Learn in this article about the actual cost of taking the GMAT

Step 7 – Pay the GMAT registration fee

You’ll be asked to verify the appointment details and you will have 15 minutes to complete your order. Click on ‘complete your order’ and the next page will ask you to agree to policies as shown below.

GMAT registration process in 7 steps

Click next and you’ll move to the payments page. Complete the payment and once it is completed you will receive the ‘Official GMAT Exam Confirmation’ e-mail from GMAC.

GMAT registration process in 7 steps

The GMAT Registration process is complete and we hope you’ll ace your test on the exam day. If you wish to reschedule your GMAT, you can do so by clicking on ‘reschedule exam’ and paying a US $60 rescheduling fee.

You can register by phone and mail as well. To know their process, take a look at this article.


How to register for GMAT by phone

In this process, you’ll ask a customer service representative to fill the registration form for you. Below is the contact information and hours of operation for different regions



Phone Number


Americas Region (toll-free): +1 (800) 717-GMAT (4628) or +1 (952) 681-3680 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT
Asia-Pacific Region +852-3077-4926; In India: +91 120-439-7830 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. AEST; 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Indian Standard Time
China +86-10-82345599 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. China Standard Time
Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) Region +44 (0) 161 855 7219 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. GMT



GMAT Registration by postal mail

Fill up the GMAT Appointment Scheduling Form. For payment, you must fill in your credit card information or enclose a money order, personal check or a cashier’s check. The amount must be payable in US dollars and drawn on a US bank. Compile all the documents and send to the below address.

Pearson VUE

Attention: GMAT Program

PO Box 581907, Minneapolis, MN 55458-1907, USA

GMAT registration process for the differently abled

If you believe that you won’t be able to take the GMAT in standard conditions because of a disability, you may request GMAC by filling out this GMAT exam accommodations request form and sending it with medical documentation by fax or as a hard copy (not by e-mail). View the contact information.

GMAT makes certain accommodations when it comes to taking the GMAT as a differently abled person. Read our article on GMAT accommodations to learn more.



  • The best way to register for the GMAT is online
  • Keep an ID and a credit/ debit card handy before starting the GMAT registration process
  • Write down your password and keep it safely once you create an account
  • Make sure the information you enter during the GMAT registration process matches the information in your Identification.
  • Do some research before choosing a test center. You might find some online reviews of the test center you are planning to choose. Learn how to choose a test center.
  • Select the GMAT appointment time based on your circadian rhythm. If you are a morning person pick the morning slot and same goes for the afternoon slot.

All the best for your GMAT.

Images have been taken from mba.com

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