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GMAT ESR or Enhanced Score Report | Who should buy it in 2020?

Susan just left her test center after scoring a 670 on the GMAT. Disappointed with her performance, she started thinking about her strategy for a retake. A few hours later, she receives a mail from GMAC informing her about the GMAT ESR (Enhanced Score Report) and how it can help her improve the GMAT score. Many GMAT aspirants like Susan who wish to improve their GMAT score, don’t know the basics of an ESR or Enhanced Score Report. If you are one of them, keep on reading to answer the main question – “Is GMAT ESR worth purchasing?” and to understand the following:

1.   What is a GMAT ESR (Enhanced Score Report)?

ESR or Enhanced Score Report presents you with post-exam diagnostic information. In simple words, it tells you how you performed while taking the GMAT and provides data-driven insights on how you can plan your preparation to reach your target GMAT score. It answers questions such as:

  • Did you perform well in one section and not so well in the other?
  • Which sub-section did you struggle the most during the exam?
  • Did you end up wasting your time on questions you answered incorrectly?

In addition, it helps you analyze your accuracy level, the difficulty level of questions you answered, and the time taken to answer the questions. With this information, the ESR provides insights into your GMAT performance.  Overall, it gives you unparalleled insights into your performance.

2.   What information does an ESR provide?

An ESR provides you with the following information-

gmat esr enhanced score report | is gmat esr worth purchasing

  • Total GMAT score and percentile
  • Sectional scores and time management
  • Sub-sectional scores and time management
  • Accuracy level during the test
  • The average difficulty level of questions you answered correctly and incorrectly
  • Average time per response for both correctly and incorrectly answered questions

This information will help you craft a better strategy to ace the GMAT if you plan to retake it.

Retaking the GMAT? Read this article on how to create a winning GMAT retake strategy

3.   Has GMAC released a new ESR? How is it different from the old one?

To give the GMAT takers more insight into their test performance, GMAC has introduced a new ESR with an additional section. The section is ‘Performance by Fundamental Skills’. This section tells your accuracy according to the questions which test the following skills in Verbal and Quant sections.

New GMAT ESR – Performance by Fundamental Skills

Verbal Quant
Sentence Correction Geometry
·      Grammar Rates/Ratio/Percent
·      Communication Value/Order/Factors
Critical Reasoning Equalities/Inequalities/Algebra
·      Analysis/Critique Counting/Sets/Series
·      Construction/Plan
Reading Comprehension
·      Identify Inferred Idea
·      Identify Stated idea

GMAC also recently changed the format of GMAT. It is now 30 minutes shorter. Learn more.

4.   How to analyze an ESR?

There are 3 aspects of analyzing an ESR

  1. Identifying the structure of ESR
  2. Understanding your ability and progression
  3. Path to improvement

To know the process of analyzing an ESR in details, read our article on Analyzing ESR – The e-GMAT way.

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5.   Is GMAT ESR worth purchasing in 2019?

While the ESR is an invaluable tool for most students, there are two scenarios in which the ESR is not worth the investment.

gmat esr enhanced score report should you buy | is gmat esr worth purchasing

  • Firstly, if you score high enough which means you don’t plan to take the test again. For example, if you score a 760 (which is a 99%ile score) and you do not want to retake the GMAT, the ESR won’t be useful for you.


  • The second scenario is if you performed poorly in GMAT (less than 550). For students with extremely low scores, the ESR will generally show that the student needs to prepare both the sections – something that can be inferred from the scaled Quant and Verbal scores. In such cases, the  ESR does not provide many useful insights.


  • However, if you score 550 or higher and plan to retake the GMAT, the ESR will provide you insights on your strengths and weaknesses. It will also give you valuable information on average time spent on correct and incorrect questions and which fundamental skills and sections you need to improve upon.

This information will help you make a customized, efficient, and trackable study plan to ace the GMAT on your retake.

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6.   If I buy the ESR, how will it help me in the next attempt?

There are 3 categories of assessment in the Enhanced Score Report

gmat esr | is gmat esr worth purchasing

  1. Performance by sub-section
  2. Performance by fundamental skills
  3. Performance progression

Performance by sub-section

 This section provides you information on sub-sectional percentiles (CR, RC, and SC in Verbal and PS, DS and Arithmetic, Algebra/Geometry in Quant) along with response time per question.

  • Scope of improvement for a retake

ESR will tell you which sub-section is your weakest and on which sub-section you spend the most time. Once you know this information, it will be much easier for you to improve your weakest sub-section along with mean response time per question.

Performance by fundamental skills

This is the new section added in the new ESR. GMAT tests various fundamental skills during the test and in this section, it highlights your performance in questions testing a particular skill.

  • Scope of improvement for a retake

With this information, you improve your weak skills by practicing relevant questions.

Performance Progression

This section provides information on accuracy level, the average difficulty level of correctly and incorrectly answered questions, and average response time per correctly and incorrectly answered questions.

  • Scope of improvement for a retake

This section highlights your ability level. It also gives you insight into the role of mental fatigue in your GMAT score.

7. Some FAQs on GMAT ESR (Enhanced Score Report)

7.1   Is GMAT ESR available in languages other than English?

As of now, GMAC only provides ESRs in English.

7.2   Do I have to pay extra for the GMAT ESR? If yes, what is GMAT ESR cost?

gmat esr enhanced score report purchase | is gmat esr worth purchasing

Yes, for the ESR you pay an additional amount. Since the launch of the new ESR, this price has been increased to US $30 as compared to the previous price of US $25. So, the cost of GMAT ESR is $30.

Do you know how much does it cost to take the GMAT? You can save up to US $619 (INR 43,000) in your GMAT preparation.

7.3   How do I purchase the ESR?

You can purchase the ESR before or after taking the GMAT from mba.com store. You’ll receive a confirmation mail and an activation code within 24 hours of purchasing the ESR. However, once you have taken the GMAT, it could take up to 72 hours for your ESR to be available.

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7.4   Is the GMAT ESR available even if I cancel my score?

Yes, the ESR is available even if you have canceled your score. You can apply the ESR authentication code to the canceled GMAT score. Read the next point for more details.

7.5   How long do I have access to ESR after my exam? | Validity of GMAT ESR

The authentication code that you’ll receive is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase. However, you have access to your ESR for as long as the GMAT score is valid.

The validity of a GMAT score is one aspect you must know. There are other important aspects of a GMAT score as well. Read this article on ‘Understanding GMAT score’ to know more.


7.5.1  I took the GMAT 3 years ago, can I get an ESR for that attempt?

Yes, you can get your ESR for the GMAT you took 3 years ago. However, you’ll have access to your ESR for the remaining 2 years. In short, you have access to ESR as long as your GMAT score is valid.

Takeaways – is GMAT ESR worth purchasing?

  1. If you plan to retake the GMAT, buying the GMAT ESR (Enhanced Score Report) is beneficial.
  2. GMAT ESR will help you make a focused strategy to improve your score
  3. You will also be able to devise a fool-proof study plan. Read about the benefits of a study plan

If you need help with the analysis of your GMAT ESR, write to us at acethegmat@e-gmat.com


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